Firstly what is excellence?

Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. It is also an aimed for standard of performance.

as quoted on Wikipedia.

So it can be a standard of performance which is aimed for.  In my view excellence it is about achieving standards and standards which are able to be achieved, so in theory they can be achieved.  So, logically excellence can be achieved, but once achieved what is next?

Do you just say ‘well that is it’ or do you go even further?  When you complete a questionnaire on achieving standards, you will, most likely have a choice of very poor, poor, satisfactory, good, very good and excellent or a combination of these. But excellent will always be one of the choices.  If you decide the organisation or service is excellent, does that mean the organisation or service is not required to do more, but just maintain to do what they have achieved.

If this is the case, how will anything progress, how will changes be made or contemplated. What about new ideas or changes be made due changing situations.

In my view everyone should strive for excellence or in other words, try to get it right first time. But while striving for excellence you should always be looking for ways to the extend the standards you are striving to achieve.