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Chris Sterry has created other blogs, which further define his interests, these include:

Are you a carer for a relative with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism?

Do you at times feel you are alone, wishing to have support, unsure what to do and where to go and feel stressed?

If you are any of the above, then you need to obtain support and information.

LD Carers Butty Group this is a support group facilitated by Chris Sterry

For all carers in Sheffield UK there is the Sheffield Carers Centre

Wood Hill Lodge Engagement Group this is a support and engagement group to support carers who have their relatives at Wood Hill Lodge for respite stays.

Wood Hill Lodge incorporates a Learning Disability respite service for adults with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism to enable the family carers of these adults to have a break from their caring responsibilities.

However, due to the stresses and strains these carers are subject to during their caring roles there is a need for support groups to be available to support these carers with their caring responsibilities of which there are a number within Sheffield UK.  While a respite facility does relieve some of these stresses and strains there is also a need for these carers to have a support facility with regards to the respite service itself.

With this in mind Wood Hill Lodge Engagement Group has been formed, where regular meetings are being arranged for the carers of persons attending Wood Hill Lodge to meet and discuss their caring responsibilities, the caring being delivered at the respite service, any problems occurring regarding eligibility for respite and any other areas that the carers wish to discuss.

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