The government appears to be ignoring pleas to clamp down on significant areas of discrimination against disabled air passengers.

The concerns arose after the Department for Transport (DfT) issued a progress report on its new aviation strategy.

It included suggestions that it could “make flying more accessible for disabled passengers”, including improving assistance on planes and at airports, and “doing more to raise awareness of the assistance already provided at airports”.

The document says DfT is also working with the industry to offer better on-board facilities for disabled passengers, such as “priority wheelchair storage for quick access on arrival”.

Ministers are also examining how manufacturers could improve the design of aircraft to make them more accessible, for example by removing seats to allow passengers to travel in their own wheelchairs and ensuring that all aircraft install an accessible toilet and have an on-board wheelchair that can be used by passengers.

Another option being considered is a review of airport and airline performance standards, including looking at how long they take to provide disabled passengers with assistance boarding and leaving aircraft, and how these standards could be enforced.

This follows widespread media coverage of concerns raised by disabled passengers such as the BBC’s security correspondent, Frank Gardner, who was kept waiting on a plane for nearly two hours last month when he was told staff had lost his wheelchair.

He said on social media at the time that he was “utterly sick” of staff at Heathrow Airport repeatedly losing his wheelchair when he returned from foreign trips.


Source: Government set to ignore key air travel discrimination concerns | DisabledGo News and Blog


The Windrush controversy has placed the Government’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration under the spotlight.

Underpinned by legislation including the Immigration Acts of 2014 and 2016, ministers set out to introduce what then home secretary Theresa May described as a “hostile environment” for those in the UK unlawfully.

The approach was designed to deny illegal immigrants access to work, accommodation and vital services in anticipation this would encourage individuals to leave the country voluntarily.

Some immigrants from the Windrush generation have claimed they are facing deportation, or are being denied access to healthcare, or have lost their jobs, because they do not have official documents to prove their right to be in the UK.

The third reading of the Immigration Act 2014 was on 30 January 2014. A total of 311 MPs voted, with 295 in support of the bill and 16 against.

Source: How MPs voted on Theresa May’s 2014 Immigration Act, which took away the Windrush generation’s rights : i News

Cerebral Palsy is a gathering of scatters that influence adjusts, development, and muscle tone. “Cerebral” means the turmoil is identified with the mind, and “paralysis” alludes to the shortcoming or a muscle issue.

CP begins in the territory of the cerebrum that controls the capacity to move muscles. Cerebral paralysis can happen when that piece of the cerebrum doesn’t create as it should, or when it is harmed appropriate around the season of birth or ahead of schedule in life.

The vast majority with cerebral paralysis are conceived with it. That is called “innate” CP. Yet, it can likewise begin after birth, in which case it’s called “gained” CP.

Individuals with cerebral paralysis can have gentle issues with muscle control, or it could be severe to the point that they can’t walk. A few people with CP experience issues talking. Others have scholarly incapacities, while many have typical knowledge.


Source: What is Cerebral Palsy? | Umove Physio | Stay Fit!

Adderall is most commonly used to treat attention-deficient hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. According to research, many people who use Adderall drink alcohol while taking the medication.

2013 study found that 46.4 percent of students who used Adderall non-medically had simultaneously used alcohol within the past year.

Another study found that 19 percent of people surveyed, who were prescribed Adderall to treat ADHD, intentionally misused their medication while drinking alcohol.

Although many people do it, mixing alcohol and Adderall can be life-threatening, especially when people consume them at the same time.

Is it safe to drink while taking Adderall?


Source: Adderall and alcohol: What you need to know : Medical News Today

Peers have inflicted an embarrassing defeat on the government after voting in favour of remaining in a customs union with the EU after Brexit.

In a challenge to Theresa May’s flagship Brexit bill, members of the Lords backed several cross-party amendments supporting continued membership of a customs union with the bloc, and protecting people’s rights after Brexit.

The result will be embarrassing for the government, as ministers race against time to get the EU (Withdrawal) Bill through parliament in time to prepare for Britain’s exit for the bloc next year.


Source: House of Lords defeats government over EU withdrawal bill : Independent

Empathetic people are made, not born, new research suggests.

The largest ever study into the genetic basis of empathy, suggests that just 10 per cent of the variation between people’s compassion and understanding is down to genes.

It means, the vast majority of a person’s ability to recognise and respond appropriately to the needs and feelings of others, seems to be based on social factors, such as upbringing and environment.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge also confirmed previous studies suggesting that women are more empathetic than men, but found no genetic basis for the difference. And they discovered that genetic variants associated with lower empathy are also associated with higher risk for autism.


Source: Empathetic people are made, not born, new research suggests : The Telegraph

Shortly after US Ambassador Nikki Haley revealed that Russia would be slapped with a third round of sanctions on Monday for “enabling the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons in civil war,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said that further attacks on Syria by Western forces, “in violation of the U.N. Charter,” would send international relations into “chaos.”

In a telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, Putin and Rouhani agreed that the Western strikes had damaged the chances of achieving a political resolution in the seven-year Syria conflict, according to a Kremlin statement. –Reuters


Source: Putin Warns Of Global “Chaos” If West Hits Syria Again : The Daily Steeple

The petulant adolescent in the White House — who has replaced most of the adults around him with raging sycophants and has demoted his chief of staff, John Kelly, to lapdog — lacks adequate supervision.

Before, he was merely petty and vindictive. He’d tweet nasty things about people he wanted to humiliate, like former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Now his vindictiveness has turned cruel. After smearing FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe with unfounded allegations that he lied to investigators, the new Trump made sure McCabe was fired just days before he would have been eligible for a pension after more than twenty-one years of service.

Before, he was merely xenophobic. He’d call Mexicans murderers and rapists.

Now his xenophobia has turned belligerent. He’s sending thousands of National Guard troops to the Mexican border, even though illegal border crossings are at a record low.

And he’s starting a trade war against China.

China has been expropriating American intellectual property for years. But Trump isn’t even trying to negotiate a way out of this jam or build a coalition of other trading partners to pressure China. He’s just upping the ante — and, not incidentally, causing the stock market to go nuts.

But the most dangerous thing about the new Trump is his increased attacks on American democracy itself.


Source: Reich: The truth about an untethered President Trump : Salon

DWP boss Esther McVey struggled through a Holyrood committee meeting as the real life impact of Tory welfare policies was laid bare.

SNP MSP George Adam raised the case of a constituent who had been sanctioned after suffering a heart attack – but was met with a brick wall as Ms McVey insisted the system was working.

 After Ms McVey said that Universal Credit was fit for purpose, Mr Adam told her “with the greatest respect, that’s completely devoid from the real world.”

He continued: “In my constituency, I’ve got people who’ve been suffering constantly because of the roll-out. We’re not even a full roll-out area.

“What about people like my constituent, who ended up getting sanctioned because he had a heart attack and was in the Royal Alexandra Hospital?”


Source: ‘My constituent had his benefits sanctioned for having a heart attack’ : Welfare Weekly


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