Esther McVey just dropped a DWP bomb on parliament then ran off for the weekend

Full answers need to be given and appropriate action taken to ensure all are given PIP who qualify.

If McVey and the DWP can not do this then find who can.

People and Departments have to be made accountable.

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Esther McVey just dropped a DWP bomb on parliament then ran off for the weekend

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has had quite a week, lurching from one crisis to the next. And on Friday 15 June, the secretary of state for work and pensions, Esther McVey, topped it all off by dropping a crucial written statement on parliament. She then effectively ran off for the weekend.

Another day, another DWP scandal

As The Canary previously reported, judges forced the DWP to admit it had been incorrectly interpreting its own guidelines for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The department’s climb-down was in relation to two court cases where it had previously denied two disabled people PIP. This was on the basis they did not meet some of its criteria for the “daily living” component of the benefit.

After tribunals disagreed and told the DWP it must give the two claimants PIP, the department was going to appeal. But on 30…

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No surprise that the only MP to object to making upskirting a crime is a Tory

This MP is a blight on the human race, the people of Christchurch should remember his action as a action to degrade any females within their families. He should forfeit the opportunity to stand at the next election as anyone who votes for him will show they have no respect for any female.

Stop UK lies & corruption

A bill to make upskirting a specific criminal offence punishable by up to two years in prison has been blocked in the House of Commons after a single MP, Sir Christopher Chope, objected to it.

Echoes of ‘shame’ could be heard around parliament in reaction to his objection.

The same Tory MP objected to making it a criminal offence to attack police dogs, horses, and prison officer dogs.

Chope is no stranger to controversy.  In 2009 he was exposed in the expenses scandal for claiming £136,992 including £881 to repair a sofa.  The same year, he called for the minimum wage to be abolished.

He came under fire again in 2013 for referring to some of the staff in the House of Commons as “servants”.  Later that year he voted against the legislation for same-sex marriage.

He is known for blocking and filibustering of bills including raising an eleventh-hour objection to the Hillsborough debate…

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Make social care free to save NHS, say ex-Labour and Tory ministers

As well as that being said further savings could be made by amalgamating Social Care and the NHS, for after all we now have one Minister over both areas, so it is the natural progression.

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Means testing rules can leave people with substantial needs paying hundreds of thousands for carePeers also call for ‘radical streamlining’ of damaging reforms under former health secretary Andrew Lansley. The government should make social care free to everyone who needs it to take pressure off the NHS, former Labour and Tory health ministers have said.

Conservative, Lord David Prior and Labour’s Lord Ara Darzi also called for a “radical streamlining” of NHS organisations to roll back the damaging reforms implemented by former health secretary Andrew Lansley.

Abolishing means testing of social care would end the scandal of people with significant care needs facing bills in the hundreds of thousands of pounds for care, they said.


Cuts to social care funding under the Conservatives have seen the numbers of people receiving state-funded care falling…

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Prevent avoidable deaths by making autism/learning disability training mandatory – Petitions


Prevent avoidable deaths by making autism/learning disability training mandatory

My son Oliver was only 18 when he died in hospital on 11 Nov 2016. I believe his death could have been prevented if his doctors and nurses had received mandatory training. He had autism and a mild learning disability, and they weren’t trained to understand how to make reasonable adjustments for him.


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Source: Prevent avoidable deaths by making autism/learning disability training mandatory – Petitions

Atos assessor told gay man he was ‘defective’ and needed to be cured by God

One more mark against ATOS and their assessors, how many more will it take for the DWP to admit the assessments and assessors are ‘not fit for purpose’.

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Keith Morgan head and shouldersA doctor working for the government contractor Atos told a gay disabled man she was assessing for his entitlement to disability benefits that his sexuality meant he was “defective” and that God needed to fix him like a “broken” car.

Atos was forced to pay Keith Morgan compensation after he was subjected to an experience at the end of his work capability assessment (WCA) that the company later admitted was “wholly inappropriate”.

The GP told him that when a car had a problem it had to be returned to the dealer to be repaired, just as he needed to be returned to God to be cured of his homosexuality. She then told him of a television programme that featured a gay man who had been “cured” in this way and now had nine children, and she gave him the man’s name and handed him the address of a Christian website that…

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Universal Credit ‘discriminates’ against disabled people, High Court rules : Welfare Weekly

Universal Credit rules which saw two severely disabled men miss out on £178 a month in vital benefits are unlawful and “discriminatory”, the High Court in London has ruled in a landmark legal case.

The two claimants, known only as TP and AR, were in receipt of the Severe Disability Premium (SDP) and Enhanced Disability Premium (EDP), which are designed to meet care costs for those without a carer, before they were required to claim Universal Credit after moving to a new area.

However, both the SDP and EDP have been scrapped under Universal Credit, despite reasurances from Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey that “no one will experience a reduction in the benefit they are receiving at the point of migration to Universal Credit where circumstances remain the same”.

TP is a former Cambridge graduate and worked in the finance sector, before being diagnosed with terminal illness – Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Castleman’s disease in 2016.

AR is 35 and suffers from severe mental health issues. He moved from Middlesbrough to Hartlepool in 2017 to escape the hated Bedroom Tax, but soon found himself facing the much criticised Universal Credit system and a serious drop in income.


Source: Universal Credit ‘discriminates’ against disabled people, High Court rules  : Welfare Weekly

Aldi forced to apologise after stopping mum from using NHS vouchers to buy baby milk formula

So Aldi are blaming technology, what has happened to common sense and human involvement.

A till can’t read the terms of the vouchers, but a human could and this could have been resolved by human override.

Or are we now so reliant on technology,that no one is prepared to do the right thing or are we just scared to challenge as this could cost someone their job.

There are too many rules and regulations that the openning for use of intuitive is now closed.

What a World we now live in.

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As if using milk tokens isn’t hard enough, then you get this! Imagine if the Tories got their way and we had a food stamps system [like the USA] source – you wouldn’t be able to shop in bargain stores,

Budget supermarket Aldi has apologised and blamed the incident at its Newcastle store on a “technical issue” which it says has now been resolved

A young mum has slammed budget supermarket Aldi after the store stopped her from using NHS vouchers to buy baby milk formula. Mary Crawford tried to use Healthy Start vouchers in the Newcastle store to buy two tubs of Mamia first infant formula for four-month-old son Marshall Holmes.

But the vouchers were rejected after the 23-year-old says she was told they could not be redeemed for soya-based milk. And when Mary, who shares her name with her mother and asked not to be pictured, complained to Aldi HQ…

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Hi Everyone

I have just received the below notification via email and I have contacted Talk Talk and it is not from them, THIS IS A SCAM, DO NOT log into 

Log into Rakuten TV

Just delete the email, if you have received it.

Please pass on.

Chris Sterry


UK to relax immigration rules for non-EU doctors and nurses – BBC says | Reuters

NHS managers have been complaining for a long time that an annual cap on the number of non-EU skilled workers who can immigrate to Britain was making it hard for them to fill positions.

The cap, introduced by Prime Minister Theresa May when she was interior minister, is currently set at 20,700 non-EU skilled workers per year. It was part of a broader effort by May to reduce immigration, in line with promises made to voters by the ruling Conservative Party.

Britain’s planned exit from the European Union is expected to result in restrictions on EU workers coming to the country, which could create further recruitment difficulties for the NHS.

The health service, which has relied on being able to recruit professionals from overseas for decades, currently has tens of thousands of vacancies.


Source: UK to relax immigration rules for non-EU doctors and nurses – BBC says | Reuters

Brexit latest news: Jeremy Corbyn humiliated as SIX frontbenchers QUIT | Politics | News |

Six MPs quit Mr Corbyn’s frontbench in protest at the hard-left leader’s plans to keep the UK inside the single market after Brexit.

Laura Smith, Ged Killen, Ellie Reeves, Tonia Antoniazzi, Anna McMorrin and Rosie Duffield all walked away from the Labour top team.

Their dramatic departures came as the House of Commons threw out a series of amendments to the historic Brexit Bill by unelected peers.

MPs voted against controversial plans to tie Britain to the European Economic Area (EEA) which would have meant the continuation of free movement.


Source: Brexit latest news: Jeremy Corbyn humiliated as SIX frontbenchers QUIT | Politics | News |