Religions, what are they for?

What is religion for, over the world there are many different religions and in many instances, over the years, many conflicts have been created in the name of some of these religions.

It is my belief that a religion is there to help its followers to progress through their life by stating a set of values on which its followers can live their lives by, a basis on how they conduct themselves.  The degree to which a follower becomes involved in their religion, should be down to each individual follower. In some instances a follower allows their religion to take over their life and then, for some, they become fanatical  in their beliefs and actions.

When the various media then report on these fanatical beliefs and the actions, the concept of the respective religions can become distorted, in that the media will, most likely have some agenda in how they report the events.  They will tend to generalise and then whether intentionally or not, will appear to suggest that it is the religion that is the cause of the actions and not the fanatical followers.  In doing so they will tarnish all supporters of the religion with the actions of the fanatics, when the fanatics may only be a tiny fraction of the total followers of the religions.  You see, many of the media would rather show violent acts, rather than peaceful actions, as they see the former as being more news worthy.

The following article shows them both; Muslim Rage or Not.

All religions have fanatical followers, but I believe that the focus should not be on the fanatics , but on the religions and the majority of its followers. After all, we are all Human Beings and irrespective of race, religion, culture and gender should show tolerance to each other, so that all can experience the joys of the benefits of life.

While I follow Christian beliefs to some extent, I do believe that everyone should be free to live their life as they wish, provided that they abide by the Laws  of the Country in which they reside.  While I hold, what I believe to be the Christian view, that you should care for others, I do not believe in all the teachings in the New Testament  or Christian Bible.

This is, to some extent, based on views and teaching of some of the 12 Disciples, however, not written by them or in their lifetime.  When you take into account some of the reported occupations  of the Disciples, you may feel that it would not be at all possible for some of them to be even able to write.  It may be, that to some extent, some parts of the New Testament, is based on hearsay.

I do not wish to belittle any religion, as I believe that most of them are there for the good their followers and to enhance the continuance of mankind. I do say that each and every religion should instruct its followers, that to ensure the continuance of mankind they should do everything possible to maintain peace with each other and to show understanding of each other.

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