“Everybody knows”

A sorry state of affairs, but could this occur near you. Everyone needs to be listened to and understood. Peace is always a best alternative and so is understanding the needs of others.


Everybody knows

(I will never understand why you would burn down your own city. If you are pissed off. Demonstrate. Government fear when the people gather as one. Violence gives the government reasons to pass the blame.)

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

I awoke pissed off today. Then my Poet of music Leonard Cohen set me off to describe my emotion.


(I borrow a few lines from Leonard Cohen.
Sometime we need to learn emotion and feelings
from people who lived a long life.)”Everybody knows”

Mr. President.

Did you see the riots in Baltimore? The world is going mad.
Poor people making minimum wage won’t be giving lunch money
to their kids.
Will be eating ramen noodles for lunch at work.
Must decide to fill gas tank or pay bills?

“Poor cities in the USA are getting the left over.”
Do you give a shit?
The bloody rich are getting…

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