A week of Protests in Catalonia

In my view the Spanish Government is acting as a ‘Tin Pot’ dictator, rather than a democratic country and is using the legal system for political motives.

Granted the current protestors are themselves not acting legally, but they are not being listened to . When listening breaks down the forces not agreeing with the Government stand either give up or extend their protests in other ways. So when you appear to have exhausted the legal processes, it may be that illegal is the only way forward to make your opinions even more heard.

The Spanish Government should be respecting the views of Catalonia and while the numbers now supporting Independence are some what lower, the original views should have been respected.

In a wy this is similar to the Brexit movement in the UK, where the power is with Remain factions, while the country is more to Leave or was in 2016.

Is this an EU prespective where if an opinion is raised against an EU view point, the powers request that it be looked upon again, but not when the views are in agreement with them.

The are doing it with the UK Brexiteers and some years ago with Ireland, when they had a referendum on some issue and the issue was not upheld but a further vote was held which reversed the initial result.

This is not democracy where a vote, no matter what the result should be respected, for not to do so, beggars the question ‘Why have a peoples vote in the first place’.

So, while I abhor violence, in some respects, it would appear to be justified, if only as a ‘freedom of expression’.

This is not to say violence should be resorted to in every instance where there are disagreements, as in some instances there is a pressure group who have not resorted to find the views of the public, but assume their own views should be acted upon.

While I agree that there is ‘Climate Change’ no referendum or other such facility has been sort, so with ‘Extinction Rebellion’, while their ideals may be right their current actions are not because there has not been a public vote.

But with Catalonia there was a public vote and Independence became the majority view of those that bothered to vote, so that result should have been respected by the Spanish Government and not discountit and even bring legal action against the main supporters. That is using the legal process for political motives.

Josep Goded

– 200 detentions.

– 30 imprisoned.

– Around 600 injured.

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