India RAPE, could it happen in the UK?

Culture; India Rape

In response to the article ‘Culture; India Rape’ I have just made the following post:

‘In a so called civilised country, you would not believe acts of this nature could happen and with apparent frequency.  But this is what happens when for one reason or another, a certain person, whether by race, gender or religion are not respected.  It should be a stated Human Right, that all humans should expect to receive respect from their fellow beings. If this finds not to be so, then the forces of Law and Order should ensure anyone not showing this respect, be punished accordingly.  When the forces of Law and Order can not be expected to show this respect, then anarchy is the outcome.

One hopes that the outcome of this abhorant act is seen as the catalyst to a change for respect of others to be ensured in the India Society.’

But has made me think, could something similar happen in the UK.

Now lets see, in my view this abhorant act has occurred due to to the lack of respect females in India receive and has been compounded by how this lack of respect has been allowed to become, what appears to be part of the Indian culture, by way of inaction by the Indian authorities of Law and Order over many, many years to bring this to an end.

But in the UK we have Laws, which are upheld, to punish anyone found guilty of rape and thereby do respect the Rights of the female population.

But is this lack of respect shown in other ways?

Currently there is a major investigation under way with regards to alleged pedophile activity spread over the last 40 – 50 years, which it is alleged took place in some of the Establishments of the UK, namely, BBC, some hospitals, some mental institutions and children’s care homes.

There are also reports of abuse occurring in some of the care establishments involved in the care of our elderly, Winterborne view Hospital being only one.

In both of the above mentioned the practices or alleged practices had been ongoing for many years and the appropriate authorities at all the establishments had failed for one reason or another to act on reported comments of abusive acts taking place. This lead to the culture of abuse to continue unheaded, with the authorities, apparently condoning the committing of these acts of abuse. I say, condoning the acts of abuse, as in my view if  you are aware of allegations of abuse and you fail to act upon this information, you are actually condoning the act. Also, in my view, you are therefore as guilty as the perpreters of the abusive acts. The rights of the people being abused have not been respected.

So back to my original headline ‘India RAPE, could it happen in the UK?’.  While rape does occur in the UK, I hope it will never be allowed to manifest, as it as apparently has done so in India.  But if we do not all respect the Human Rights of each and every other person in the UK, other forms of abuse could continue to occur, with the perpreters being allowed to go unpunished.

When I mention Human Rights, as stated above, I am not relating to the Human Rights Act of 1998, as I believe this Act itself is the creator of many instances of injustice.  It is debatable, but why should the rights, for UK prisoners and illegal immigrants, as are interpreted from the Act, override the Rights of the citizens of UK. It is my belief, if you commit a crime you, as well as losing your freedom for the term of your prison sentence, you also lose your right to have Human Rights for this period. Also for illegal immigrants, how can they claim to have Human Rights to settle in the UK, if there came here illegally.

But that is something to consider for a further article.