Abortion Access Is Vital for People with Disabilities | Time

But people with disabilities are often left out of the fight for reproductive rights


“People with disabilities also have sex. They want to start families, they want to date,” Moonan says. But “people don’t see people with disabilities that way.”

This is so true and in many ways people don’t see people with disabilities at all.

Joy Moonan and others are ‘Experts by Experience’ and they all so need to be listened for the politicians and not experts in any field. It is just they have been voted into positions which gives them great power, but they use it so unwisely.

A blanket ban on abortions and some other medical interventions are so wrong as all cases should be viewed on their merits. Especially where lives are in question and with abortions in many other instances such as rape, incest, etc.

To not take into account the lives of women is justifying ‘Institutional Murder’, but, certainly in America and maybe in some other countries, politics has been allowed to run uncontrollably, as severe right or even left views need to be contained.

People should be the important factor and not just the views of the powerful or assumed powerful, for that is power by dictatorship, which can be readily seen in some, supposed democratically ruled countries, especially in some parts of America.

The abortion bans are an abuse of power, not respecting hard fought for Womens Human Rights, so disrespectful of women.

Source: Abortion Access Is Vital for People with Disabilities | Time

Breaking: Labour ‘faces multi-million£ bill’ as ICO kicks out Starmer attempt to pursue ex-Corbyn staff – SKWAWKBOX

Regime’s pursuit of former Corbyn staffers over ‘Labour leak’ report – instead of going after perpetrators of racism and abuse the report revealed – undermines next ge…


No wonder that politics and many politicans are not trusted no matter which party they are supposed to support,

It is debateable whether MPs should support any party, for the purpose of a MP is to support everyone of their constituents, no matter which party they voted for, if they did vote at all.

Whips in any form in politics should not be allowed for that is pushing party politics, when all MPs should be to the best of their knowledge acting on the beliefs and needs of their constituents.

For we should never follow the American model where money rules in every aspect of American life, let alone the Political structure.

Source: Breaking: Labour ‘faces multi-million£ bill’ as ICO kicks out Starmer attempt to pursue ex-Corbyn staff – SKWAWKBOX

Congressional Republicans divided on attacking Trump investigations – The Washington Post

The former president’s closest allies are working to discredit a potential prosecution by raising claims of politicization at the FBI and Justice Department.


How America and especially the Republican Party deal with the possible charges mounting against Trump will decide how justice is viewed in America and the standing of America in the World.

The wrong outcome could seriously affect Law & Order in America for many years to come, justice has to be seen to be the winner.

There is and has been much use of abuse of Power in America and for democracy to survive this abuse has to be countered.


Source: Congressional Republicans divided on attacking Trump investigations – The Washington Post

Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary – all the key moments and the 11 things we’ve learnt

Sussexes take swipes at Prince William, the King and the tabloid press in first three episodes of their new show


Yes, this is only one side of the story, but it is the truth as seen by both Harry and Meghan.

It is clear that Harry has and still is suffering from the life and death of his Mother, Princess of Wales. To exist in the Royal Family Institution one has, to a large extent, curb ones individual personality and the ability live their own lives without scrutiny from the Press, public opinion, and the rules and standing etiquete of the institution of the Royal Family. Not many of us would have the ability and will to do so. Those born into it have little choice other than to leave completely and with others who may join not really understanding what is required.

The Institution does need to change if it is to survive and over the years some change has been seen, but exceedingly slowly.

Harry has always been one who wished to go his own way which many second in-line have done, but not with the degrees of scrutiny of today with Social Media and many devices to record events, which previously would only have been done by the official news media.

Meghan also is one who wishes to live her life and really didn’t understand what was expected in joining the institution, similar to Diana, but more so. There are always difficulties in joining new families, but when in the ‘spotlight’ and restrictive practices of the Royal Family this was much harder and even more so under thed Lens of the Media. But the Royal Family also didn’t know how to deal with Meghan and in many respects was not willing to learn. Many in the Family have learnt what to do from a very early age and be compliant. Other Royal Families have learnt much more that the UK Royal Family and exist in a much watered down way or don;t exist at all.

These days changes happen quickly, but the UK Royal Family are much slower to change if they really wish to, but for them to really survive change will need to be achieved.

With Meghan there were real opporunities for change, but that could now have gone forever.

Racial issues were always going to be a problem, for there are issues, no matter what is being said there arn’t. The whole fabric of the Institution was created through racial discrimination, from, perhaps, well before the Colonial years. While some changes have occurred more needs to change. Also, no matter what has gone before does not mean it should continue, so even though members of the Family have been dealt with in some ways, there is no reason why these ways should continue, especially with the changes already occurring in the wider Society.

Even the Comonwealth is changing as although it is supposed to be an alliance, at times it is very unequal and a number of countries are looking to leave or be members on different terms.

Change is not one sided and all sides need to be open to change, which I fear the Royal Family are not.


Source: Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary – all the key moments and the 11 things we’ve learnt

Teachers Should Put Their Political Flags Away At School

Why should teachers be permitted to display overtly political messages in what should be an apolitical learning environment?



Well, the simple answer is taht a teachers politics should have no bearing in the teaching of pupils, for there is a great power inbalance in the teacher to pupil relationship.

In general, pupils are not that experienced in many ways and so are very open to influence and teachers are there to teach and not express their views and opinions on vulnerable pupils. A balanced view needs to be given in all situations, so that pupils are allowed to gain their own views and opinions without any due influence, for pupils are gaining information from many sources and some that are very difficult to control, such as social media and some other news medias. But, teachers are just one part, even though in pupils pre 18 years are there for a large part of their pupils lives only exceeded by the time spent with parents and maybe siblings and other close pupil to pupil relationships.

Teachers are there to provide facts and theories, but not personal opinions, as because of the power inbalance of teachers to pupils undue influence can easily be given, innocently, lets alone deliberately.

Source: Teachers Should Put Their Political Flags Away At School

Roe v Wade: patients struggle to access drugs as doctors forced to take legal advice | The BMJ

State laws are causing confusion and problems for US patients trying to access drugs, even when they are not for abortions, following the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade,1 with some doctors seeking legal advice before treating patients.Since the reversal of the constitutional right to abortion on 24 June 2022, about half of the 50 US states are now severely restricting the right to abortion or plan to do so soon, including medication abortions.In a joint statement2 made on 8 September, the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Pharmacists Association, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the National Community Pharmacists Association warned …



This is what occurs when people meddle in politics and the Law and the Law follows political leanings instead of looking after all human rights and the due process of medcial procedures.

For Methetrexate and maybe other medications are now in short supply or medicals are not prescribing them due to fears of creating actions for which legal actions could be taken aginst them, even though the said medications are not being used in these instances, but in other instances they could be.

Methetrexate is a well known medication for treating some forms of arthritis, but as it can also be used in abortions, now it is not readily available for suffers of arthritis. This is causing so much harm and needs to be addressed urgeently.

Americans, especially Republicans desist venturing into areas that you have no comprehension of.



Source: Roe v Wade: patients struggle to access drugs as doctors forced to take legal advice | The BMJ

Odds stacked against it: how social care struggles to compete with supermarkets on pay | The King’s Fund

Pay is a key reason for the social care workforce crisis, says Simon Bottery. Nearly 400,000 careworkers would be financially better off working in supermarkets.


This articles states the state of how it is for care workers, especially on pay compared to supermarkets a hospital support workers. Pay for care workers is one of the major reasons why there is a distinct shortage of care workers in the UK. This leads to lack of capacity in social care, so many persons in need of social care are unable to receive it, thereby causing many health inequalities, thus causing more impact on the NHS, with conscequences of increasing the crisis in the NHS. This is due to more persons needing access to the NHS due to insufficiencies of social care and so hospital admission are increasing. However, the lack of social care is also affecting discharges, as where a patient will need home care of temporary care home access, there is an insufficiency, hence the discharge is delayed, thereby causing ‘bed blocking’. This then means A&E can’t move patients to wards due to beds unavailable, which in turn means ambulances can’t move patients in ambulances into A&E due to no A&E being full. This then means there is a shortages of ambulances to take new patients to hospitals causing ambulance staff and patients at home great concern that the required help is being considerably delayed, causing not only the distress to patients, but further increasing deteriorations to their health and in a number of instances their deaths.

In all of this the blame is put on hospitals, A&E and ambulances, when the real blame on on non-listening and inactive Governments, being the current and all past Governments.

Put the accountability where it should be on the Government and the respective Government Ministers.

Duty of care is exceedingly important and hospitals, A&E and ambulances are doing all they can and maybe more, but this Government and all previous Governments have not taken on board their own Duty of Care, thus creating many safeguarding concerns which have to be dealt wit, even though there is the insufficiency of funding,, but safeguarding is a main priority and is first for funding. So, the lack of funding resources is being further depleated due to Government inaction and apparent non-concern.

Austerity cuts from 2010 are a major reason why Local authirities are not able to fund social care as it needs to be, which this and previous Government made the austerity cuts and will not reverse them, which is needed immediately and much more.

The deaths related to COVID were monitored, where is the monitoring of deaths from lack of social care, whic h will be far greater than from COVID.

This is abuse of Government power and a dereliction of human rights.

Source: Odds stacked against it: how social care struggles to compete with supermarkets on pay | The King’s Fund

US faces new era of political violence as threats against lawmakers rise | House of Representatives | The Guardian

Members of the House will now get up to $10,000 to upgrade their home security as experts warn such threats endanger the health of US democracy


It should be, without saying that violence of any nature should never be condoned and especially violence to anyone doing their job of work.

However, these days violence appears to be coming a ‘norm’, when it should never be. This appears to be occurring in all countries, be it left or right wing factions and everyone should be working against this trend continuing, especially those in some area of leadership and power of influence.

But, it appears America, to some extent, is an instigator of violence, with some persons in legislator areas, both past and present, actively encouraging violence to persons who don’t represent the same views of them without any apparent fear of arrest and prosecution. This only creates the impression to those whose reactions to be violent are their prime actions to do so. This has to be wrong completely and if allowed to continue will certainly lead to escalation of violent actions leading to eventual disintegration of Law and Order.

Yes, there is freedom of speech, but not to the extent of creating violence to others.

America holds the belief that it is the ‘land of the free’, but it should be free within restrictions so that the human rights of all concerned are respected and not just for the most powerful.

Democracy and Liberty for everyone not just a stated few.

Source: US faces new era of political violence as threats against lawmakers rise | House of Representatives | The Guardian

Nadhim Zahawi threatens 20% cuts to NHS and education in wave of Tory leadership austerity – Mirror Online

The multi-millionaire Chancellor said it would fund tax cuts – but Labour said he had exposed the cost of Tory tax jostling will be ‘dramatic cuts to the NHS, policing and schools’



As there is now a new leader of the Conservative Party contest it could well be that Nadhim Zahawi will not be the new Chancellor so his threat of more austerity cuts of 20% to the NHS and Education may not materialise.

However, whoever will be the new Chancellor needs to understand from 2010 to 2020 we already had 10 years of austerity cuts and then additional finance problems due to COVID, hence the state of the UK financially today with many areas in crisis and strikes materialising in virtually every sector.

So the, very last we will want is more austerity cuts, growth is what is required and for workers to have salaries on which they can survive while having services that are desperately needed without more cuts on them.

A reversal of the austerity cuts over the 10 year period is what is required so that Local Authorities, (LAs) have sufficient funds to ensure the cuts in services are also reversed and that their workers have salary income to enable them to live.

Without these reversals we can, effectively, say goodbye to many, if not all LA services which we all rely on, some more than others.

Other workers also need to have salary increases and inflation, which is steeply rising, to also be reversed, it is not going to be easy, but could be achieved by some readjustments in the ever widening of the wealth gap in the UK,.

A possible way is to restrict the income of the top earners in each organisation is to have some factor in which their income is restricted to a certain percentage to that of their lowest paid employees and benefits for the poor, disabled and sick being increased inline with the current inflation rates.

This will need some alteration to rates on businesses in that each organisation pays all the they should be doing, by closing any ‘loopholes’ that are allowing them to reduce the amount of money they pay through the raft of taxes on their businesses and this also applies to the very high earners in all businesses.

There is an urgent need for ‘levelling’  up, which has been promised for sometime, but not delivered.

We all need to pull together, so that we all come through, not just a stated few.


Source: Nadhim Zahawi threatens 20% cuts to NHS and education in wave of Tory leadership austerity – Mirror Online

Mum ‘ordered’ out of a swimming pool during parent and toddler session for breastfeeding her baby – Wales Online

Sarah Lappin said she felt humiliated by the incident


Good on, Sarah for ‘jobs worth’s’ need to be challenged on every occasion.

It is not up to employees to make up rules, so when anyone is challenged, just ask to see the written rule and stand your ground.

Sarah knew her rights, but as she stated not everyone does, and these jobs worth’s could do untold harm to those that they wrongly challenge.

Breastfeeding is a natural and essential act and unlike years ago, today’s Society is much more enlightened.

Unfortunately there are a number, hopefully small who wish to restrict human rights for numerous reasons, outdated religious beliefs, a personal dislike, that it is legally offensive and others, when none is correct.

Not only should retraining be given, but some form of corrective actions be taken against the offending employees, for until these occur these jobs worth’s will continue to be using an abuse of their assumed power and untold harm to their victims, who could well take legal actions against the offending employees.



Source: Mum ‘ordered’ out of a swimming pool during parent and toddler session for breastfeeding her baby – Wales Online