Campaign for better assistance for Autistic fliers

It is good to see at least one airline recognising autism and providing the needed assistance. Lets hope that it will not be long before the other airlines follow suit and also the respective airports and staff training is essential to ensure that all staff have an understanding and be aware of situations which could occur.


We arrived home from the UK today. It was the first time we have requested assistance during a flight. In the past I have always believed that our big lad wasn’t “bad enough” to need support. Stupid really but I think many parents just don’t want to make a fuss and try and deal with situations themselves. However, if you have been following the blog you will have seen that after a blog post about flying and an e-mail exchange with KLM support asking for specific assistance for autistic travellers (not just being grouped in with travellers with mobility problems) we were offered a new type of assistance.

The big lad was nervous the night before and talked to me about not wanting to be seen as a queue jumper (bless him). He was also very anxious that we would be split up and did not want to be assisted alone. I assured him that I would not leave him and that he was entitled to help. We also discussed how this would not only benefit him but it would also help lots of other autistic people who fly too.

Abdesalam and Terrorist Ringleaders – Butchers, Manipulators and Cowards

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The major news story today has been the horrific suicide bombings in Brussels. Apart from the deaths and injuries this has caused, it’s also closed down plane, train, tram and bus communications, leaving thousands of people stranded in the Belgian capital. This has come after the capture at the week of Abdesalam, the ringleader of the Paris bombings last year.

The Young Turks’ anchor, Cenk Uygur, made a particularly acute observation about Abdesalam’s character. When the Paris police raided the terrorist’s headquarters, they found an unused suicide belt. It seems that Abdesalam was also due to blow himself to kingdom come along with the rest of the maniacs. But when it came to the crunch, he decided that he wasn’t quite ready to meet Allah in paradise just yet. No doubt he felt he still had too much good work to do still on Earth killing infidels down here before…

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