Wave of lawsuits against US gun makers raises hope of end to mass shootings | US gun control | The Guardian

Campaigners take legal route after success against big tobacco and other industries led to change


I do so hope these legal actions will be successful, but the ‘Gun Lobby’ is so much more powerful than the ‘Tobacco Lobby.

Gun deaths to Tobacco deaths

Now while one bullet will only create one death, one cigarette can cause many and not only to the person smoking but to others around. While death from a bullet could well be immediate, the deaths from cigarettes could take many years.

In fact, both should be banned for the costs to life and to health before death are tremendous, so really the sensible solution is to ban both.


Source: Wave of lawsuits against US gun makers raises hope of end to mass shootings | US gun control | The Guardian

Most Americans Say the Health Care System Fails Them | Time

In a new Harris Poll survey, cost was the most common criticism


What a surprise , but is it, well my surprise is that it is only 70% for, although I have no first hand experience of the American Health Care System from what I hear I wouldn’t be surprsied if it is much nearer 100% or even 100%.

It goes without saying that no health care system would be 100% effective, but the American system is not geared to care, but how much you can afford, even with the best health insurance available.

For when health care is required it should be purely based on needs and not what an insurance company is prepared to pay for.

It has not been unknown in America that for some people who are believed to be very rich and in fact were, when on becoming ill their rich evaporated and to some extent became somewhat poor.

Most countries have some form of universal health care, but not America, where the ability to pay is the most important criteria. So can’t pay means, more likely, insufficient health care in America or you could be made bankrupt.

Health conditions can cause many worries, but the the ability to pay or more likely the inability to pay will cause even more worries, so your health becomes much worse.

While universal health care works in most other countries to a major degree, many Americans are against it for a number of reasons. Many Americans believe Universal health care is based on a socialist agenda and in some respects it is, but amazingly many Americans associate socialist with communism, which it is not.

While communism is a form of socialism, where everyone is assumed to be equal, but with communism some are so much more equal than others and these are the leaders, certainly the President and family and others who are close associates. With most others being very poor, but due to, in many instances closed borders and certainly political propaganda they are led to believe that they are equal and much better off than they would be in other countries, which they have no ability to see and make their own opinions.

But most socialism is nowhere near communistic and while equality will not be there for all, most people are much more equal than they would be in communist countries.

Universal health care can be costly, so means of affording it have to be found and this may well be through taxation, just as it is in the UK. But the cost per head of population is nowhere as large as the cost per population of the American health care system, where great profits are made though the owners and companies operating the the health insusrance. So, rather than going on health, much of the cost is providing dividends to share holders and owners of insurance companies. So, it is health costs for profit and not for health care, which is the total basis of American health care.

So it is not all all surprising that around 70% of Americans say their health care system fails them and the most surprising fact is that it is not 100%.

Really the American health care system is a crime, well it should be.

Freedom is not really there in America, unless you have the ability to pay for it, so rather than being the ‘Land of the Free, it is the Land of the Rich and Selfish and Human Rights are seldom respected.

Source: Most Americans Say the Health Care System Fails Them | Time

Afghanistan has become a terrorism staging ground again, leak reveals – The Washington Post

THE DISCORD LEAKS | A classified Pentagon assessment portrays the Islamic State threat arising from Afghanistan as a growing security concern.


Afghanistan all down to Trump and his great incompetence and his even bigger ego.

How he dares to stand again for re-election is beyond comprehension, but he will not rest until he completely destroys America, but really America needs to destroy Trump, let’s hope he is destroyed very soon and well before he can inflict any more damage to America.

He creates Hell everywhere he goes and the real Hell is where he belongs, not the one he makes.


Source: Afghanistan has become a terrorism staging ground again, leak reveals – The Washington Post

Black teen shot in head after going to wrong house to pick up siblings – The Washington Post

Ralph Yarl, 16, was shot after ringing the doorbell of the wrong home in Kansas City, Mo., his lawyers said. He is alive but has a long recovery ahead, they said.


As we all know racism is so much present in America and this is made worse, if that is ever possible, by the Gun culture in America.

If the teen had been white would he have been shot, I so doubt so.

The teen was an innocent, say he was armed, which he wasn’t, more bloodshed could have occurred by him, if able to do, to return a shot at the person shooting at him.

A gun is not danderous, but in the wrong hands there is danger from the attitude of the person with the gun.

Many Americans, even their police have the attitude shoot first and then ask questions later, but you can’t question the dead.

Gun ownership should only be by persons who are responsible and have specific reasoning to have one, even then it should no be a repeating rifle, such as the AR-15 for this weapon should be for military use only by authorised military, if it is deemed necessary for individuals to own a gun it should only be a Revolver unless the intention is for hunting or on a Gun Range, even then restrictions should apply and the guns held securely when not being used.

To have a gun for any other reason means the official law enforcement is not up to standard and in those instances the law inforcement should have urgent training to be up to standard.

Unfortunately in Amercia many are still believing they are in the Wild West where there was little or no law enforcement, we are in the 21st century and not the 16th or 17th.


Source: Black teen shot in head after going to wrong house to pick up siblings – The Washington Post

At least five dead in latest US mass shooting at Kentucky bank | Euronews

Police say at least six people have been taken to hospital for treatment, and that the gunman was killed at the scene.


The gun rules in America, life doesn’t unless it is in the womb when that life matters, but not the life of the prospective mother. So lives of unborn babies are saved to be then killed by the gun later in their lives.

So in America life only matters when the gun lobby decides and not when individuals wish to, so in effect the gun is more important than life.

Human Rights are important, but only when the gun lobby decides, surely Human Rights should always apply above all others.

America needs true equality in many ways for the gun lobby can’t always be right, perhaps it should never be, but life should be all life.

Source: At least five dead in latest US mass shooting at Kentucky bank | Euronews

‘America is going to hell’, Donald Trump tells the world in Mar-a-Lago speech

Former US president says the 34 charges are an ‘insult to our country’


America went to hell when they first elected Trump to be their 45th President and while it is trying to surface from hell, if Trump becomes the 47th President then Ameica will be permanently in hell.

Trump also says the 34 charges are an ‘insult to our country’, when, in fact the only insult to America is Trump himself and his so misguided followers, who are unable to see whats infront of them for Trump is no friend of theirs, as he is their enemy and always will be.

Trump respects no one and will abolish every Human Right if elected and then allow Putin to rule all he wishes to.

Source: ‘America is going to hell’, Donald Trump tells the world in Mar-a-Lago speech

Prosecuting Donald Trump is right. But is it politically wise? | Simon Jenkins | The Guardian

Many voters back the ex-president despite – or perhaps because of – his alleged crimes, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins


Americans uphold America to be totally democrtaic when, in reality it is far from being so.

They are also totally against anything they believe to be anywhere near Communist, when in reality they have a totally misguided view of what Communision is.

Virtually all of American politics is Right Wing politically with one of the two main parties so right wing it is hard to believe it is possible. So anything that is not so right wing is viewed as communist, they are so totally misguided, for communision is so left wing as the main American parties are right wing. For there is no party in America that is anything anywhere near communist, in fact not even left of centre.

So is it not very strange that about half of America supports Trump to some degree when his two most like people are Vladimir Putin President of Russia and Kim Jong-un President of North Korea, two of the most communist leaders there are.

This is so behond belief, that you would think it is untrue but it is so.

Trump is so Un-American that by supporting Trump they are effectively supporting Communism.


Source: Prosecuting Donald Trump is right. But is it politically wise? | Simon Jenkins | The Guardian

How the NFL avoids paying disabled players — with the union’s help – The Washington Post

Facing pressure from Congress, the league vowed to make it easier for players broken by football to get payments. But the system remains stacked against them.


Unfortunately, this is far from unusual in insurance-based sickness plans be they be sport related or not. So great care needs to be taken when applying for any such plan. For it is my experience that any claim will be looked upon as how to avoid paying and if a claim is to be paid then pay the lowest amount possible.

So in America, this is much more important as their health system is insurance based.

For those who can afford to take legal action, claims could eventually be made, but after a very protracted and stressful process, many may not be able to afford to do so, therefore they will suffer medically and also financially, that is if they survive at all.

Insurance is, supposed to be there to help when help is required, but in reality, especially health insurance is in many instances not helping at all.


Source: How the NFL avoids paying disabled players — with the union’s help – The Washington Post

Abortion Access Is Vital for People with Disabilities | Time

But people with disabilities are often left out of the fight for reproductive rights


“People with disabilities also have sex. They want to start families, they want to date,” Moonan says. But “people don’t see people with disabilities that way.”

This is so true and in many ways people don’t see people with disabilities at all.

Joy Moonan and others are ‘Experts by Experience’ and they all so need to be listened for the politicians and not experts in any field. It is just they have been voted into positions which gives them great power, but they use it so unwisely.

A blanket ban on abortions and some other medical interventions are so wrong as all cases should be viewed on their merits. Especially where lives are in question and with abortions in many other instances such as rape, incest, etc.

To not take into account the lives of women is justifying ‘Institutional Murder’, but, certainly in America and maybe in some other countries, politics has been allowed to run uncontrollably, as severe right or even left views need to be contained.

People should be the important factor and not just the views of the powerful or assumed powerful, for that is power by dictatorship, which can be readily seen in some, supposed democratically ruled countries, especially in some parts of America.

The abortion bans are an abuse of power, not respecting hard fought for Womens Human Rights, so disrespectful of women.

Source: Abortion Access Is Vital for People with Disabilities | Time

Ukraine-Russia war latest: Germany confirms it will send tanks to Kyiv as Kremlin warns of ‘blatant provocation’ | The Independent

Berlin will provide 14 Leopard 2 tanks from military stocks as a first step, a statement from the German government said


Just what planet is Putin and his other comrades on  for he and them invaded an a independent country with a democratically elected Government without any justification, only to attempt to accomplish Putin’s dream and every other persons nightmare of a reformed Russian Empire. He and they provoked all the actions currently being being taken by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine with the support of other enlightened countries to ensure there is eventual peace in Europe.

For to ignore Putin and Russian invasions only leads to Putin believing he and the Russian forces are invincible as we saw with the earlier invasions of Chechnya, Crimea and some areas of Eastern Ukraine.

If Putin suceeds in absorbing Ukraine into Russia, no other country will be safe, even those who are already within NATO.

Putin said he feared a NATO invasion, well where is it, for no NATO forces are within Ukraine and engaged against so called Russian Forces or within Russia itself.

What Putins invasion of Ukraine has started is more countries wishing to be part of NATO, such as Finland and Sweden so putin is effectively a catalyst for NATO expansion.

It is doubtful, if Russia will ever be trusted, for after the Cold War there were signs that some trust was begining to occur, but this invasion of Ukraine, plus the poisonings in other countries and Cyber attacks over the years put down to Putin are now certain that Russia will now be never trusted.

Will there be peace, well we all hope so and now it appears that Germany Leopard 2 Tanks and America Abram tanks could be given to Ukraine together with the already offered UK Challenger 2 Tanks.

Will this lead to eventual peace in Ukraine and Russia’s continued acts of agression to bne curtailed well everyone hopes so.

Source: Ukraine-Russia war latest: Germany confirms it will send tanks to Kyiv as Kremlin warns of ‘blatant provocation’ | The Independent