The Impact of Misconceptions and Stigmas on People with Mental Illnesses



Despite of what some argue, there is clear-cut evidence that mental illnesses are diseases, no different from any other medical condition.  unfortunately the misconceptions and stigmas placed on those suffering with mental health problems, often prevent them from seeking treatment.  People are not only suffering from the syScreen Shot 2016-07-23 at 4.58.39 AMmptoms of a disorder or disease, but from societies lack of willingness to accept that mental illness is a disease as well, leaving may individuals to suffer in silence.  The stigma society places on this subject in turn, is preventing those suffering from reachin
g out to receive proper treatment, which could potentially be crucial in some cases where symptoms and conditions tend to worsen.  People with life threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancer are willing adn regularly seek treatment from doctors.  They are admitted into hospitals, and treated most often with respect and they receive adequate care.  I’ve…

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A Warning For People on Medication for Depression

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This is a warning based on my personal experience. Like many people, I suffer from depression, for which I am, thankfully, on medication. However, the government, David Cameron, George Osborne, the head of the health service, Jeremy Hunt, and their corporate paymasters seem to resent the fact that so many people in Britain now are on medicine to treat this condition. So they’re doing their best to throw people off it. About a year or so I had to go to my doctor again for an examination after I had a repeat prescription turned down. I was told that because the government was concerned about the mental wellbeing of sufferers like myself, they were stopping automatic repeat conditions in order to make people see their doctors. It is, I was told, a condition that can get worse, and so it had been decided that sufferers like myself had to be…

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Wanting It Both Ways

Mom, am I disabled?

On the afternoon of July 14, 2015, Paul Gordo knocked a woman to the ground outside of the Marina, CA public library. The woman, age 58, suffers from Huntington’s disease and walks with a cane. She sustained a concussion that left her unresponsive for several minutes. Worse, the fall permanently exacerbated the symptoms of her disease. Paul Gordo was charged with felony assault.

The case made news because Paul Gordo, age 18 at the time, is autistic and significantly impaired. Many months earlier his school district had determined that he needed to be educated in a “home” placement, wherein a teacher from the district meets with the student in a location other than a district facility, because he could not function in the school setting. A new teacher contacted Paul’s parents and asked to schedule a two-hour class session at the public library. According to Mr. Gordo, the teacher insisted on…

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“You Have A Chip On Your Shoulder!”

You have nothing to apologise for as you are living your own life as you can. It is for others around you who need to accept you for who you are. You pursue your life as you wish in accordance with your strengths and I wish you well in doing so.

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“Derek, you need to be more positive! You walk around like you have a chip on your shoulder!”

I’ve been told this many times. However, I have never really understood what it means. Teachers used to say it when I appeared unhappy and that I wanted to be anywhere else but in school. Typically, I just shrug it off. I am not one to take cheap advice from people who don’t have any idea what it is like to live with Asperger’s, Depression and Anxiety. I Googled the term “chip on your shoulder” and the following Urban dictionary entry was one of the first results.

Chip on his shoulder commonly refers to someone who has a self-righteous feeling of inferiority or a grudge. An example would be someone always bringing up how they are or were disadvantaged in some way.”

Reading that definition brought back my memories to my sixth…

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We Spoke To Adults With Mental Health Issues About How Early Intervention  Could Have Changed Their Lives

Half of adult mental health issues begin in childhood, according to a report (picture posed by models) “My dad left when I was four and I remember thinking it was all my fault. At s

Source: We Spoke To Adults With Mental Health Issues About How Early Intervention Could Have Changed Their Lives

Luciana Berger on why mental health shouldn’t be a private battle and is a problem for us all – Luciana Berger – Mirror Online

One in four of us have a mental health condition such as anxiety, depression, phobias, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or personality disorders

Source: Luciana Berger on why mental health shouldn’t be a private battle and is a problem for us all – Luciana Berger – Mirror Online

Chronic Stress Could Lead To Depression And Dementia, Scientists Warn

People who live a stressful life could have a higher risk of developing depression or dementia, researchers have revealed.A review of previous studies has revealed that chronic stress and anxiety

Source: Chronic Stress Could Lead To Depression And Dementia, Scientists Warn