You Are A Liar! (My Thoughts About The “High Functioning” Label)

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My double minority life as a gay man with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome) has more than it’s fair share of excruciating challenges. I do not demand people to feel sorry for me when I share even the most painful experiences. Not everyone is going to understand how it feels to live with my condition. Nor do I expect praise from people who are willing to read about my life. It can be easy for me to come off as such a person. However, I know I am far from the type of person who demands metals and trophies just for writing about my life. Demanding praise and adoration is only going to result in the exact opposite. 

I know there is a lot of diversity in the Autism community. People like Dr. Temple Grandin refer to Autism as a continuum, that ranges from nonverbal to traits that are more…

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One girl and her cat’s mission to raise awareness of autism | Care Industry News

After being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome three years ago, Kylie Turner quickly became aware of the huge stigma that came with it. Having been denied c

Source: One girl and her cat’s mission to raise awareness of autism | Care Industry News

Mother of ‘fit for work’ victim calls for ministers to face criminal charges | DisabledGo News and Blog

The mother of a disabled man who starved to death after he was found “fit for work” and lost his out-of-work disability benefits has called for ministers to face criminal charges. Jill Gant says work and pensions ministers should be tried for misconduct in public office for failing to take action that could have saved the life of her son, Mark Wood. She spoke out after signing a letter, drawn up by the Green Party and backed by Disabled People Against Cuts, that calls on work and pensions secretary Damian Green to order an independent inquiry into the links between his department’s procedures and the deaths of benefit claimants. The party has produced a dossier of 50 cases in which the deaths of benefit claimants have been linked to decisions taken by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Mark Wood starved to death in 2013 after being found ineligible for employment and support allowance (ESA), even though he had never been able to cope with the demands of a job and his GP had

Source: Mother of ‘fit for work’ victim calls for ministers to face criminal charges | DisabledGo News and Blog

Diary of an imperfect mum: Parenting from a Special Perspective: A blog about Raising my Autistic Son

Ever wondered what it is really like to parent from a special perspective? Parent to a Special Needs Child? Where do you turn for help? What challenges do you face? What has surprised you? What have you learned? Every month I will be featuring one of my brilliant fellow SEND bloggers and sharing their reflections on raising a child with special needs.

Welcome Lynne to Diary of an Imperfect Mum. Lynne blogs over at A blog about Raising my Autistic Son. Lynne is married to Nick and they have four children. Their eldest teenage son is on the autistic spectrum. Family life is hectic and funny – friends often comment that they feel they have been in a sitcom following a visit! Lynne is also a Speech and Language Therapist.


Source: Diary of an imperfect mum: Parenting from a Special Perspective: A blog about Raising my Autistic Son

Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome are not Sociopaths. Sociopaths are Sociopaths.

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How many of us shudder each and every time there’s “breaking news” of some lone teenager somewhere, (almost always a male), reported to have gone on a shooting rampage, just knowing that sooner or later the initial shock of the rampage will turn to the tried, but oh so rarely true speculation, that the lone teenage gunman in question, has Asperger’s Syndrome?

I know that I sit and cringe, firstly for the harm inflicted, and secondly for the offensive accusations that cause the fear and mistrust of all individuals with Asperger’s which inevitably accompany each and every report of this kind.

And frankly, I’m baffled by the media’s constantly misaligned assertions as there seems to be  no genuine link between Asperger’s Syndrome, in either men or women, and a propensity towards violence.

There is however a genuine link to be made between those individuals who experience sociopathy and a propensity…

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Latest deprivation of liberty ruling has ‘huge implications’ for children’s social workers

Experts say the case could soon be talked of as having a similar impact to Cheshire West itself in terms of the role of the state and its obligations to 16- and 17-year-olds

Source: Latest deprivation of liberty ruling has ‘huge implications’ for children’s social workers

VIDEO: Asperger’s syndrome 23-year-old’s heartfelt appeal against “devastating” council cuts planned for adult social care services (From The Argus)

A 23-YEAR-OLD man with Asperger’s syndrome has made a heartfelt appeal against “devastating” council cuts planned for adult social…

Source: VIDEO: Asperger’s syndrome 23-year-old’s heartfelt appeal against “devastating” council cuts planned for adult social care services (From The Argus)

Autism while Black

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If you’re Black, you’re not allowed to have a developmental or mental disorder. It’s an unwritten code passed down through generations. At least, that’s the general perception within our community. If you do, you’re not allowed to talk about it. It’s taboo.

However, we are living in a racially divided system that already places our kids at a disadvantage. We can’t afford to do the same. We can’t afford not to talk about it. We can’t afford not to acknowledge that Black children battle with psychological issues too, because our children will end up paying for it with their lives.

Renowned psychologist and author Dr. Jeff Gardere said that the outlook that people of color have when faced with the challenges of caring for children with special needs is connected to the access they have to help.

“Because we don’t have the resources and support that other cultures have, we are left to dealing with autism on our own, and therefore it’s a little bit more difficult for us to come to that realization and to find the resources that we need,” said Gardere. “But like any culture, we love our children, we love our children who have autism and want to support and help them grow in the healthiest way possible.”

Studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that African-American children get diagnosed with autism 18 to 24 months later than white children. Early diagnosis is crucial to countering some of the symptoms that come with autism.

Lorna Downer, a writer, activist and mother to Shiloh, her autistic teenage son, was able to get him diagnosed by 3 and a half years old—earlier than most Black children, but similar to the diagnosis time for whites.

“I pushed and demanded meetings. I think if I hadn’t done it, he would’ve been diagnosed much later,” said Downer. “You either get a late diagnosis or you fight and push to tell people that there’s something happening with my child that needs addressing.”

Shiloh began showing signs at 5 months, and by 9 months, Downer was sure something was off.

Last week, Darius McCollum, 50, was arrested again. This time he stole a Greyhound bus from the New York Port Authority. His first arrest came in 1981, when he was 15 and drove an E train from 34th Street to the World Trade Center. He memorized the subway system by the age of 8. In 34 years he has been arrested more than 30 times for stealing trains, buses, trespassing on transit property and impersonating an MTA worker. He has been sent to state prison—including the notorious Rikers Island—six times. McCollum, who is Black, has a fascination with mass transportation. He has Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism, and being fixated on a particular thing is one of the symptoms. After his latest arrest he said, “I’m stealing a plane next.” Prison has not deterred McCollum from committing these crimes, but perhaps something else could have—early detection of his disorder.

“If he is going to be charged with anything, then the people who have failed him—the clinical team that should’ve put some intervention in place from when he was a young teen—should be charged double,” said Downer.

Downer said that she’s sure that if McCollum’s school files were looked into that there would be warning signs about his condition. Perhaps they would find notes from teachers about class disruption, lack of eye contact, inability to understand social and emotional issues, awkward mannerisms or repetitive speech. These are all symptoms of Asperger’s, according to Autism Speaks, a leading advocacy organization—all of which were probably dismissed as McCollum misbehaving or “being weird.”

“Our children don’t physically look disabled, because they seem, outwardly, that they look like every other child,” said Downer. “People just assume that you’re a bad parent.”

Black parents need to be educated on the symptoms, testing and treatment options so that they can advocate for their children. When Downer, who also visits with families of autistic children to deliver training, visits different homes or support groups she sees the disparity.

“There’s usually one Black person or two. Majority are white,” said Downer.

A study from Autism Speaks indicated that regressive autism—losing early language and social skills—is twice as common in African-American children as whites. Before this new report, race was not noted as a dividing factor. Armed with this new information, Black parents should be diligent and ask why.

For years, the CDC has been scrutinized for withholding studies that link autism in African-Americans to vaccinations given to children before the age of 3. In 1996, it was reported that in 1989, the CDC was administering experimental vaccines to African-American and Latino children in Los Angeles without telling their parents that the drugs were experimental. During this year’s Million Man March, the Rev. Tony Muhammad, the Western Regional Representative for the Nation of Islam, took to the podium to reveal that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told him some “shocking” and “terrible” news about the CDC in Atlanta. “It had been brought to our attention that the senior lead scientist for the Centers for Disease Control has admitted that the MMR vaccine and many of the vaccine shots have been genetically modified to attack Black and Latino boys,” said Muhammad. Over 70 years ago we had the infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiment, and it lasted 40 years. Nearly 30 years ago it was the CDC’s scandal in Los Angeles, which was kept quiet for nearly 10 years. Now, in 2015, it’s Georgia.

Kennedy has since denied that, that was the content of his conversation with Muhammad, according to reports from the Blaze, a news website founded by conservative radio and television personality Glenn Beck. Whatever the conversation was, the theory of autism being linked to vaccinations is a prevalent one. Downer believes that vaccinations stunted her son’s development.

“I have videos of him interacting with me when he was about 1, and then after his vaccines he seemed to regress again,” said Downer.

Changing how Black children are dealt with in the medical world begins with acknowledgement at home. It’s how we can get one step closer to making informed decisions about the welfare of our children. For more information on diagnosis, treatment, statistics or support groups, please visit and    ………….’

Another One of My Work Meltdown

They do say there is a reason for everything and it may be that you were meant to have this occurrence. But in effect this may be down to life where there are good or bad experiences which we all have to deal with. Some will have a good out come then some will be bad, or any shades in between.

Where ever possible just let life run its course.

Maybe Autism Explains It All

Keep Calm Don't Melt Down Photo made on Photofunia.

Another one of my work meltdowns happened when I worked in the office of a manufacturing company. I had gotten the job through an acquaintance. She knew a man in her church who was looking for a temporary admin assistant to fill in for someone who was taking a six-month leave of absence, and since I had office skills and training, she put us in touch with each other.

That man did not actually end up being my direct boss. He was the production manager, and my boss was the office manager, but when my boss was absent, he was in charge of me.

My own boss really liked me, and gave me a lot of affirmation. He repeatedly told me how impressed he was with how quickly I picked up the tasks of the job. He said he didn’t think anyone else could have…

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