I’m a disabled person and I’ve contributed to the economy for 43 years – the Chancellor’s comments feel personal

Why did Philip Hammond make this comment and is that what he and other members of the Conservative Party really believe. When you listen to others outwith the Conservative Party they say the opposite, that disabled people are at least as productive as others and more than likely to be more productive.

What have the Conservatives got against persons with disabilities for virtually every policy they bring forward is detrimental to disabled people.

If you look at this another way the Conservative Government is pushing to move more disabled people into employment, so are they effectively working for productivity to be reduced, that is if you believe Hammond is truthful in what he is saying. But then again he is a politician and do they ever tell the truth.

For Hammond is disgraceful for saying this and extremely derogatory to all disabled people.

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Graham is Scope’s Engagement and Participation Manager. As a disabled person himself, with three disabled children, he had a strong reaction to Philip Hammond’s comments about productivity and disabled people. In this blog, “after a full day to calm down and sleep on it”, he responds and shares some other reactions.

It’s not based on any evidence

Firstly, as Scope colleagues and many others have said on social media, this statement hugely undermines the Government’s commitment to getting one million disabled people into work.

This wasn’t an off-the-cuff remark by Mr Hammond during an after-dinner speech – it was made in a formal Parliamentary committee meeting and broadcast to the world. So, apart from the slap in the face to working disabled people, he is contradicting Government policy.

His statement is not based on any evidence that anyone knows of. I’m extremely pleased that Scope has called out both the…

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As soon as I stopped ticking the ‘disabled’ box, I got interviews

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Charlotte Jukes is a qualified teacher based in Wales. After graduating with a first-class honours degree in teaching, she started applying for jobs but wasn’t getting any interviews. She decided to stop disclosing that she was disabled, just to see what happened, and suddenly she was getting interviews.

She’s supporting our Work With Me campaign to ensure that disabled people can get and stay in work.

Charlotte in her graduation gown Charlotte at her graduation

I injured my spine in 2002 and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2013. I’m in quite a lot of pain every day. I’ve had my conditions for quite some time and they have worsened over the years. I was a teacher up until March this year.

When I first graduated, with first-class honours, I thought it was going to be quite an easy process to get interviews. Especially given that my Local Authority have a policy where disabled people are guaranteed…

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From the continent, remainers’ sudden love for the EU looks like plain hypocrisy | Ragnar Weilandt | Opinion | The Guardian

Having sneered at the project for decades, many members of the anti-Brexit brigade are now draped in EU flags, says doctoral researcher Ragnar Weilandt

Source: From the continent, remainers’ sudden love for the EU looks like plain hypocrisy | Ragnar Weilandt | Opinion | The Guardian

Taking a Knee…

Thank you for your honest thoughts and I can understand your point of view and in deed your flag should be respected as the flag and all who have fought and lived for it.

However, I do not believe these current actions are meant to disrespect the Flag, but is to disrespect the Holder of the Highest Office in America, your President.

The Flag has earned respect, but your President has not and respect needs to be earnt. Unfortunately your President does not appear to respect anyone and will lambast  anyone who does not agree with him. This may be OK, but I believe not, in business, but not in the political areana.

In politics one needs to understand other people, situations and negotiate accordingly.

While discrimination and prejudice have been around for many years, even centuries, now is like never before. Now people are required to use methods which would never have been used before, especially to make a peaceful protest and in that context the Flag has been the means and will continue while Trump affronts himself in the way that he does.

He brings out the worst in people by his whole demeanour and if he continues in that way only more worst will come, not only within America but the World over.

Peace in, not only, our life time is what we all want, but also in the life time of our children. So by some disrespecting the President, they are endeavouring to maintain respect for all our children and hopefully peace will be obtained and be ever lasting.

Beyond the Moonlight

You know, this wasn’t my plan for my first real blog post here in the new home, but as I read through various sources, it’s time to give my feelings a voice. So here goes!

I grew up in a family where my great-grandfather served in the military, 2 of my grandfathers did as well, several cousins have (or currently do), and my brother just retired out of the service. In my life I’ve met various veterans and had to opportunity to speak with them. I understand the sacrifices that they made in various situations. They put their lives on the line for not just their families, but for all of the United States – stranger or not, born here or came here, no matter what race, creed, or religion. They spent nights and days for months and even years away from their family to keep us safe. They missed…

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“It’s not just about sport, it’s about accepting people for who they are”

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John Willis is the founder and Chief Executive of Power to Inspire, a charity all about inclusion through sport, based in Cambridge. He was born without fully formed arms and legs, and last year he took on a challenge to try all 34 Olympic and Paralympic sports.

In this blog he talks about changing attitudes and why sport for all is so important.

I was interested in sport from a very young age. Unfortunately, there weren’t many opportunities to get involved in sport at school.

A few years ago I was nagged by a friend into doing a Triathlon relay – I did the swim. We had a great time and it showed that disabled people and non-disabled people can do sport together, you just have to design it and think about it and adapt it.

John Willis, a disabled man with foreshortened arms and legs, waits on a diving board for the signal to dive into the pool, in front of an audience of adults and children John waiting on a diving board for the signal to dive into the…

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Can a sporting event change attitudes?

Unfortunately until the Government change their attitude towards disability there will never be an opportunity for a change for the better with the public at large , it will even be difficult to maintain the current position so a change for the worse is more likely.

While not actually saying it the Government are indicating that disabled people do not require welfare benefits and even if they do this should be for a limited period to enable them to overcome their disabilities. This could be where the Paralympics comes in for, although, this would not be the intention, the Government (DWP) appear to believe that these Paralympians do not now need benefits and if this is so for them, then it should be so for all other receivers of benefits. This is in fact not correct for it is only because they receive benefits, that they can continue to do the sports they do. without the benefits their participation in sports will eventually be decreasing until they can no longer engage in sports and then they will be back to square one.

The mainstream media go some way to make public this belief and therefore the general public think this is so for every benefit claimant, if one person can overcome their disability then so can all, so those who continue to claim benefits can only be scroungers.

Having a complex needs daughter I am well aware that she will never overcome her disability and will in effect become more disabled with the advent of time, as will many if not all others who have disabilities.

So the starting point is with the Government of the day, but unfortunately all they are contend with is making cuts, on cuts and more cuts, so eventually the number of disabled people will decrease, but only because the Government is making it impossible for them to survive.

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Following our #SportForAll activity this summer and as we head towards the fifth anniversary of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. We’ve discovered that, despite the success of the games themselves, there has been little change in the way disabled people feel they are treated by society and supported by the government.

The London 2012 Paralympic Games ran between 29 August and 9 September. At the time it was Lord Coe’s view that “we would never think of disability in the same way again.”

The Games themselves saw disability given an unprecedented platform, with Paralympics GB taking home 120 medals, and para-athletes like Sarah Storey and Ellie Simmonds becoming household names.

However, our new research reveals that a quarter (28%) of disabled people did not feel the Paralympics delivered a positive legacy for disabled people once the two weeks were over. Over a third (38%) think that attitudes have not improved…

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Why businesses need to think about disabled consumers

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Will Pike is a games developer from London whose parody of Channel 4’s Superhumans advert went viral last year. Tens of thousands of people have signed his petition for better access. In this blog, he talks about how this affects disabled consumers, and what needs to change in media representation.

Back in September 2016, I made a short film to highlight the poor disabled access found up and down our high streets. As a wheelchair user, I wanted to demonstrate how frustrating these obstructions are from my everyday perspective. I also wanted to demonstrate that establishments are missing out. By not being accessible, they’re losing multiple paying customers. Regardless of the fact that I can’t walk or overcome a set of stairs without assistance, I still have money in pocket to spend.

The ‘Purple Pound’ is worth in the region of £240 billion. This spending power is exactly why society should be…

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Employing disabled people isn’t just about building ramps | Scope’s Blog

Abbi was born with a genetic bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as ‘OI’ or brittle bones. In this blog, she talks about some of her own experiences and what she thinks needs to…

Source: Employing disabled people isn’t just about building ramps | Scope’s Blog

Excuse Culture; Demise of Society

Certainly in the UK and possibly elsewhere in the World, when ever something does not go according to plan or someone or something does something, deemed wrong, there are always plenty of people and or establishments eager to invent an excuse for why it happened. in other words an ‘Excuse Culture‘.

Say it is a person or persons who have committed a crime, where ever possible it will be  attributed to their background, in that they came from a broken home, single parent family, their culture, lack of money, etc.

Or if it is an organisation, where faults occur, it is funding problems, staff moral, insufficient staff, too much work, etc.

But is it not just down to the attitude of the persons and organisations concerned. When a person is employed they should when they have started the job been given, at least, sufficient training to do the job and any resources they need.  Other than that, it is there ability to do the job.  This should be their commitment to do the job to the best of their ability, to strive to do it right first time and to be effective and efficient in their performance. Rates of pay, working conditions, unless not in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations and attitudes of others, should have little or no relation as to how they perform.  Pay would have been known when applying, work colleagues, you are working with them, not trying to make lasting friendships and working conditions have to be right for the job.  Why site pay as a reason for not doing a job properly, it can not be that for more money, you will put in more effort. Or you do not get on with your colleagues, as I have said you are at work to work, not make friends.

Where a crime as been committed, why should background, language, culture, finance, etc be an excuse.  When resident in a country it should be each persons duty to obtain and understand the knowledge of what is expected from them, by reason of that countries culture and the Rules of Law and Order of that country. Ignorance is also no excuse. Humans are supposed to be an intelligent life form, where they also have the ability to reason.  Laws are there to be complied with and not matter of any excuse can be made for non-compliance.  If you feel they are wrong, then become involved in a legitimate way to influence their change, by lobbying those who can change them or become one of those people you can change them.

Non-compliance with Society and Law and Order only leads to the breakdown of rules and rights.

I believe in ‘Treat others in a way you would expect them to treat you’.

But today there is much said of Human Rights.  Some rights are good, like ‘the right to life’, everyone should be able to live their life, without fear from any other person. But no one person should have rights, which in turn mean the rights of others are denied. The possible exception being where a criminal act has occurred. By the act of committing a criminal act, a person or persons are acting against Society and the Rules of Law and Order and some form of punishment is a requirement.  Where this punished is the restriction of their Freedom, this should in turn  mean also a restriction in some of their Human Rights.  While still retaining the right to life, any others should be curtailed until such time as the punishment as been served.

As you will see, from above, I believe the right to life is sacrosanct. I do not believe in any form of Corporal Punishment, why is it right to cause another person physical harm, as a way to punish them for causing physical harm to others.  Many say this is one of the reasons why the youth of today have any little or no respect for others.  This may be so, but say in the upbringing of children, how can you be showing them how to behave in a good manner, if, when they do a wrong doing, you cause them physical harm as a punishment.  You say you are showing them how to behave, but this is just showing them, if something happens which you feel is not right, then it is in order to harm the person responsible.  If it is right for the adult, the child will assume it is right for them.

I believe the change in many of today’s youths behaviour did stem from the late 60’s, but while the removal of Corporal Punishment as  a means of a deterrent may have been the cause, more likely it was that it was not replaced by an equivalent measure. Others say it is a lack of respect and while this may be so, to say there was respect in the 60’s is wrong. For here you are mistaking what you believe was respect, but in many cases it was fear.

Also in the 60’s came liberalisation, the freedom to indulge in life in ways not readily available in previous generations. With contraception, in the form of The Pill, there was more sexual freedom and with it this freedom was more openly expressed. When this generation advanced into parent hood, they also gave their own children more freedom to express themselves and this was then multiplied through successive generations.

Technology was also advancing at a more increasing pace. Previously when a so called luxury item was purchased, such as a TV set, black and white only picture in the 50’s and early 60’s, they were expensive and the could not be afforded by the general public. It was not until mid to late 60’s that colour television broadcasts started, this then led to an expansion of the TV market and TV set prices started to come down, leading to a surge in the buying of colour TVs by the general population and many household could have their own colour TV.

Now it is common for most households to have more than one TV. But it was not only confined to TV’s. With the rapid growth in Outer Space exploration, use of telephones and computers and many more, the range of technology equipment available to the mass population would not have been dreamed possible in the 50’s and 60’s, except in the publications showing projections into the future. Not even the publishers of these publications could have envisaged how soon most of these fictional forecasts would become available in reality.

These days the technological advancements could never have been envisaged, as it would appear, that as soon as some modern equipment has been manufactured, marketed and then purchased by the consumer, than it is then vitually immediately out of date and the updated item is due to be released for purchase. Previously when you purchased items you expected to be using them for many years to come, but as many people wish to always have the latest version of any technological equipment, that when they have purchased the latest one, they are already planning on when to purchase the updated version.

This unfortunately is creating a’ throw away culture’ and while many can be and are recycled, many people feel if something breaks, it does not matter, as then they can just purchase the newer model.

This is, to some extent acceptable, providing you can afford to continue purchasing these updated items. But not everyone can, but some of these people who can not afford to do it, still wish to have them. This leads, in some instances of people resorting to crime to obtain the items. Then, when caught come the excuses, usually from their legal team defending them. Usually stating 2 they have had a deprived background, lacking parental guidance, from poor areas, from a large family, only one parent, etc.  These are excusing that while they may be correct, are not relevant as the cause of that person or persons actions.

Most people today know the difference between right and wrong and as intelligent being,s should be able to apply this to what is allowed, when taking into account the culture of the Society and the Laws of the country in which they reside.

They should have no excuses, except that they do not care about anyone or anything other than themselves and they should be punished accordingly.

Unfortunately, even in the Legal Profession there are people who have become accustomed into believing these utterances of excuses and this may lead to a lesser sentence being given. This in turn provides signals that it is acceptable to use these excuses and that the ability to use intelligent thought is not considered.

Eventually, if allowed to go unchecked, this could extend to the demise of certain parts of Society.

The UK is not alone in this, as it is evident in other countries in one way or another. In these countries, it may be the excuse culture or the culture of the country itself. If any area is allowed to go unchecked for a number of years, it in it’s self will be allowed to become the norm. The current situation in India, could be a case in question. Where it would appear that no respect for the rights of females have been considered in the progression of culture. This has led to certain of the Indian male population to feel they have the right to do what they wish to females that are not part of their own family. They, of course, have come to a wrong conclusion, as I am sure that this is not what the culture of India intended.

I know an extreme example, but who knows what will happen if our own excuse culture is allowed to continue, unchecked. Time needs to be taken NOW, so no longer is the excuse of a persons background to be a justifiable defense in the Law of the UK.