So we are hearing again about problems with Bankers, why do we find this so unusual?

As with most areas in the world economy, all actions are required to produce a profit and banking is no different, if not even more so.

Bankers are employed by the banks to create profits for the banks and their shareholders.  To ensure this is achieved the bankers earn large bonuses for producing this profit.  While they should also abide by the ethics of the banking industry, if you are paying bonuses to someone to sell XYZ, then unless they have very strong principles, they are going to sell XYZ.  If the industry is still like it was some 20 years ago, when I was employed within the financial sector, which I believe it is, if not more so, then if you do not meet all your targets, you will not only, not receive your bonus, but would be sent for further training and may see your normal remuneration reduced or possibly the loss of your job.

By saying the above, I do not condone the worldwide banking practices and strongly feel the bonus culture needs to be withdrawn.  However, no one bank or country can or will do this in isolation.  Banks will need to work together for this to occur.

You may say that banks do work together and so they do, but only in their own interests, as can be seen from the current interest rate scandal, where Barclays Bank have just been given a record fine and other banks may follow.

The conduct of their employees should be of no surprise to the Senior Managers and the employees will most likely be following senior management directives.  While the buck should stop with their most senior executives, Bob Diamond of Barclays, who will the replacement be.  Currently, which bank is wanting a Chief Executive who puts principles before profit.

I have no answers, but it is evident that banks can not self regulate and any appointed body that is there to regulate need to be constantly vigilant.  The FSA in the UK, based on past experience, can not be trusted to oversee the required regulation, as if they could why have all these problems been allowed to occur.

I wait to see what more will be forthcoming, before the end is in sight.