Fury as BBC calls dead IRA terrorist a ‘veteran’: Bosses apologise to families | Daily Mail Online

Another own goal by the BBC, funded by UK TV licence payers, is this how they respect the UK, surely enough is enough and the TV licence should be scrapped.


Source: Fury as BBC calls dead IRA terrorist a ‘veteran’: Bosses apologise to families | Daily Mail Online

News by Netflix? Warning streaming sites could provide public service broadcasting | Daily Mail Online

People should be free to watch digital media how they wish to and have the freedom to pay how and when they wish.

Most programmes are repeats, with many of them repeated within the same week.

The concept of TV within the UK is outdated and no one should be forced to have a TV Licence for watching programmes via a television.

Currently people in the UK have to have a TV licence, even if they never watch the BBC and this is completely wrong and smacks of ‘Big Brother’.

The TV licence needs to be scrapped and stations funded differently.

For if people are watching paid for TV, such as Sky, they are effectively paying twice for the privilege and that must be wrong.

The concept of the BBC is outdated and you can not state they are impartial, for they are not, as all TV media is biased in one way or another.


Source: News by Netflix? Warning streaming sites could provide public service broadcasting | Daily Mail Online

If the Press Can Publish Harry and Megan’s Correspondence, then We Should See Murdoch and Co’s

The National Press always want it their way, but yes, they should be transparent and ‘Conflicts of Interest; should be made public.

How do we know that this interest in ;Harry and Meghan; may also be a Conflict of Interest.

The press state that Harry and Meghan should not have ‘their cake and eat it’, but it appears it is OK for The Press to do so. Hypocrisy in all its connotations.

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Harry and Meghan and suing the Mail on Sunday for publishing a letter from Megan to her father. And today, that bastion on the British press – and as the late Terry Wogan used to say of the Beeb, ‘there are many basty ‘uns in there’  – the MoS set out its defence. It’s the old ‘public interest’ argument. They’re going to argue that Meghan and Harry don’t have the same right to privacy as the rest of us, because they’re private correspondence and activities are of interest to the public. Zelo Street has put up a piece demolishing it by showing how circular the argument is. The letter, and anything else the royal couple writes or does, is of interest to the public because the press tells them it is. Zelo Street states

What the MoS is setting out in its defence is that what it did is…

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MPs call for the restoration of free tv licences for all over-75’s : Welfare Weekly

The Tories have been slammed over their handling of the 2015 negotiations with the BBC that ultimately led to the abolition of universal free TV licences for over-75s.

A new report published today by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) committee accuses the government of seeking to “bounce” the BBC into accepting a deal that exposed it to “administering welfare benefits”.

It says the BBC has found itself in the ridiculous position of being the administrator of welfare benefits that should “only ever be implemented by the Government”.

However, the report also says that the BBC cannot be absolved of responsibility for their part in the “flawed” negotiations, and highlights the lack of transparency at senior levels of the corporation.

In particular, BBC Director-General Tony Hall is singled out for his poor handling of the negotiations, particularly in failing to seek the formal agreement of the Executive Board before recommending the deal to the BBC Trust.

The report concludes that the 2015 negotiations were “flawed” on both sides and criticises the decision to hold the meetings “behind closed doors”. It also highlights that licence fee payers were not given the opportunity of a consultation.

The cross-party group of MPs calls on the government and BBC to work together to find a way of restoring free TV licenses for all over 75s who don’t receive pension credit.


Source: MPs call for the restoration of free tv licences for all over-75’s : Welfare Weekly

All these MPs claim for a TV licence – but many people who need it can’t – inews.co.uk

For many people, the BBC is more than just a broadcaster. It is a companion, a (good) teacher, an alarm clock, a sleep aid, an entertainer and a provocateur. It is not just a news source but the soundtrack to our lives. Like it or loathe it, one thing’s for sure – you feel a certain way about it, that’s as British as talking about the weather.

And so, the announcement that millions of pensioners will have to pay £154.50 for a TV licence from next year because the corporation plans to start means testing it has got tongues wagging.

BBC bosses have confirmed the move, with Director General Lord Hall saying the decision to cut the funding free TV licences for the over-75s – to the tune of £745 million a year – stemmed from Conservative austerity. Former Culture Minister Ed Vaizey seemed to agree, saying we shouldn’t forget it was the Treasury under George Osborne that decided the BBC would have to shoulder the cost to meet welfare targets.

Other politicians have also condemned the move. Theresa May is said to be “very disappointed” by the decision while Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, has accused the Government of “breathtaking gall” in trying to “blame the BBC for this mess”.

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Why should MPs get free TV licences but not the over-75s?

However, whatever happens next, there is one group who will continue to be able to access free TV licences in the future: politicians. MPs work hard, often unsociable hours and they can claim a free TV licence for their constituency offices as an expense.

Figures published by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) and obtained by i show that so far, in the expenses year 2018-2019 up until January (reporting is not yet complete for February and March), 154 MPs have made such a claim.

This includes Conservatives such as the former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Esther McVey, who has overseen the rollout of Universal Credit, Michael Fabricant, Kevin Hollinrake, who founded the estate agency chain Hunters, Sir Roger Gale and Anna Soubry. Labour’s Hillary Benn, Karl Turner, Lisa Nandy, Kate Osamor and Yasmin Qureshi are also amongst those making the claim.

An incredible resource

The BBC says cutting free licenses for older people will save them somewhere in the region of £500m. I don’t question for a moment whether paying £154.50 a year for a TV licence is good value or that, now, more than ever, we need the quality rolling Brexit coverage of Laura Kuenssberg as well as the dark relief of truly innovative shows like Killing Eve.

And, no matter how connected the world becomes, BBC World Service will always be an incredible resource. We need more of this, not less and, for that, the BBC has to be able to compete with the likes of Netflix who are currently able to outspend it hand over fist. Something has to give.

Conservative leadership contender Jeremy Hunt has defended MPs ability to make these claims as a “legitimate expense”, but MPs earn around £80,000 a year which is far above the national average of £29,009. So is it fair that politicians can collect work perks when schools and care homeshave to pay?


Source: All these MPs claim for a TV licence – but many people who need it can’t – inews.co.uk

One simple graphic cuts through spin: why Labour must not go ‘full referendum’ | The SKWAWKBOX

Inevitably, the media – and a coterie of remain-supporting MPs in and out of the Labour Party – have spun last night’s European Parliament election results to support a claim that results for pro-referendum parties, primarily the LibDems, mean Labour must abandon its manifesto commitment to enacting the 2016 Brexit result and commit to a ‘new referendum with remain on the ballot paper’.

But if a picture paints a thousand words, the one below speaks volumes. Taken from the BBC’s EU vote results page, it combines two colour-coded results maps, one showing the density of LibDem votes across the country – and the other the density of Brexit party support in the same election:


Source: One simple graphic cuts through spin: why Labour must not go ‘full referendum’ | The SKWAWKBOX

Over 75’s could be forced to cut back on food and heating to watch TV : Welfare Weekly

More than two million older people living in Britain could be forced to cut back on the food they eat or shut off their heating to continue watching television, a leading UK charity has warned.

New research carried out for Age UK has found that 40% of people aged 75+ in the UK won’t be able to afford the licence fee, or will have to cut back on everyday essentials including food and heating, to pay for a TV license if concessions are scrapped.

Reforms to BBC funding mean free TV licenses for over-75’s will no longer be funded by the UK Government, but will be left to the discretion of the public broadcaster from 2020.


Source: Over 75’s could be forced to cut back on food and heating to watch TV : Welfare Weekly

Gordon Brown warns ending free TV licences could criminalise poor over-75s

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster or so it says, however, if the free TV Licence for the over – 75s is abolished then it ceases to be a British public service broadcaster. This is so because a large proportion of the British public will not be legally allowed to, not only, the BBC but any TV, as many over-75s will not be able to afford the TV licence and will therefore have no TV legally, only the radio.

This will be a retrograde step for which the BBC may never recover.

Yes, the Government have brought this onto the BBC, but it will be the BBC which will shoulder the blame.

Govt Newspeak

EXCLUSIVE: Mr Brown criticised both the BBC and the Tories and called the issue a matter “of national importance”

With more and more pensioners living in ­poverty, scrapping free TV ­licences for the over-75s would rob many of their only companion, say campaigners. And Gordon Brown todays pleads with the BBC not to axe the vital concession, which he introduced as Chancellor – outlining five main reasons why it should be kept.

The former Labour PM warned taking away the free licence for the elderly risks ­criminalising pensioners who cannot pay the £150.50, gives unreasonable powers to the Beeb and will cost the ­corporation millions in admin fees.

He also accused the Tories of betraying the voting public by breaking a manifesto promise that the free licence would be safe, when then-Chancellor George Osborne decided to ­withdraw government funding for the it and hand responsibility to the BBC.

Calling it an…

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BBC accused by sound expert of damping Abbot’s Question Time volume

While I do not agree with Diane Abbott’s views she should be treated equally and therefore if the sound for Abbott was turned down during Question Time, this is completely wrong.

The person or persons responsible should be disciplined, sacking if needs be.


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2.4 million older people could lose their free TV licences

Scrapping free TV licences for the over 75s would be wrong.

The TV Licence was introduced on 1 June 1946 to fund broadcasting, which effectively was the BBC, the only UK broadcaster at that time.

In those days there was no other form of funding, but that is not so today.

Unlike another broadcaster today the BBC has a secure form of income by way of the TV licence.

Surely in todays climate all broadcasters should be funded on an equal basis.

So, should not the TV licence fee be shared between all UK broadcasters or with drawn completely.

Therefore, is not a free licence for the over 75s be a suitable compromise.

Should the BBC decide for the free licence fee be withdrawn, I would say that the outcome should be to completely withdraw the TV licence and thereby make funding equal for all broadcasters