DWP Slammed By Judge For Trying To Rely On Evidence Of Disgraced Capita Assessor Alan Barham

The DWP are so out of touch with reality,

Firstly they should be aware to the numerous assessments from Capita assessors and others where there quality is very much in question

Secondly this is expressly so, for in this incidence for the named assessor in this article it states ‘Alan Barham was discredited by the Channel 4 “Dispatches” programme, following undercover reporting in 2016.’, so the DWP should have been well aware of the poor quality of assessments done by Alan Barham

also has stated in the article, ‘Capita dismissed Barham and he was found guilty of misconduct by a professional standards tribunal in 2017’

So, were the DWP not aware of the above, which, if so, indicates a lack of knowledge, which they should have been aware of, if they are deemed to be professional and a body of ‘note’.

The alternative is that the DWP could not careless  about claimants and their only wish is to refuse as many claims as they can and then pursue through the legal system when they are challenged, when the evidence is so conclusive that their challenge will be dismissed.

Not only is it not respecting the claimants, but it is gross misuse and completely inadvisable use of funds.

So, it is down to gross incompetence or deliberate acts of malice, either of which one should not expect from a Government department, but do find is being done on numerous occasions

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

An upper tribunal judge prevented attempts by the DWP to rely on evidence of a disgraced Capita assessor who said on one occasion that he had completed an assessment on a claimant before they had even walked through the door and boasted of earning £20,000 a month.

Alan Barham was discredited by the Channel 4 “Dispatches” programme, following undercover reporting in 2016.

Barham told the undercover reporter:

“The money? It was ridiculous. I was getting around 20 grand a month, most months.

They’d pay around £80 an assessment for the first 8 assessments, then they paid £160 an assessment for 8-14, then they paid £300 per assessment for 14-21. . . we was flying through them, because of that money. That’s 20 grand a month.”

In relation to a claimant who had had a leg amputated, Barham said:

“I’d literally finished his assessment…

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Disabled benefit claimants forced to pay for GP letters they don’t need : Welfare Weekly

Disabled people are being forced to travel several miles to attend benefit assessments and pay for GP letters they don’t actually need, it has been revealed.

The Department for Work and Pensions are allowing private companies like Capita, who are in charge of carrying out benefit assessments, to make it more difficult for people to get the financial support they desperately need.

More than 160,000 people have signed a petition calling on the UK Government to end the injustice.


Source: Disabled benefit claimants forced to pay for GP letters they don’t need : Welfare Weekly

Burnley family call for probe into ‘flawed’ disability benefits system

So the mistakes with the assessments keep occurring or so we are lead to believe, but are they mistakes.

Could it not be they are only mistakes when they are found out and that it was always the DWP and their co-conspirators Atos, Maximus and Capita to refuses as many claims for welfare benefits they can, irrespective of what is mentioned on the benefit claim forms.

Should this be correct this is an abuse of the system and should be a criminal offence. That being so anyone committing and being associated with the these criminal acts should be prosecuted. be it persons within the DWP, Atos, Maximus and Capita.

The claimants need to be safeguarded from the abusers enacting criminal actions on genuine benefit claimants.

Benefit Assessment Failed- For Having A Firm Handshake

So true, as taking into the conclusions from some of the assessments the assessors do not have a clue. Unfortunately they are being listened to, not the experts by experience, the disabled person themselves.

Same Difference

Another response to this, through Facebook.

When I went down the road of the dwp assesment I was turned down as he said I had a firm hand shake! It’s not my hands ……… It’s my legs!!!!! My body my involuntary movements the pain the dizziness the memory loss what more do they want should I be paralysed from the neck down before I am deemed disabled this just makes me want to cry I can’t bear the thought of having to go through the whole thing again with even more non medical incompitant fools another tribunal is iminant I am sure this discrimination! This is what was ruled against in the rights of disabled people how dare these people who have no idea about what we go through each day even try to assess us we should be assessing their qualifications to do the assessment in the first place…

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