“I had to go to a tribunal to get what I needed”

As it has been stated before that this whole processed is geared to produced as much stress as possible and in many instances, if not all, the assessors and the system is not open to reason.

Unlike our legal system, where you are presumed innocent until proved guilty, the benefit system appears to make everyone guilty until found innocent.

As though the conditions people have are not enough to cause concern and stress, this benefit system only adds to it, thus making people feel even worse.

If people are already distress and/or stressed, this additional stress could make a person worse, which could result to create a situation where they are in a state where they have no hope, which is a state where persons could take their own lives. Creating situations which is the final straw, until you have been there, you will not appreciate those feeling of extreme despair.

Has the system been designed to create this? It certainly makes you wonder, a case of permanently removing people from the benefit system.

Would this Government really do this!


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Woman with Crohn’s disease has PIP benefits cut

As I have said time and time again, the Government (DWP) and their supporters in crime Atos, Capita and Maximus are only committed to removing persons from the benefit system and this is their sole function.

Any persons who manage to successfully come through and receive the benefits that they claimed for have done so through errors by the assessors.

It is therefore errors occur when claimants are successful with their claims, but not when they are unsuccessful, the opposite of what is stated by the DWP and through the Media for the systems whole intention is to stop persons receiving benefits and not as would be expected to receive benefits.

Conference hears of ‘democide’, ‘psycho-compulsion’ and suicide risk from benefit system | DisabledGo News and Blog

Mental health survivors and psychologists have joined forces for a conference that has highlighted the extreme damage caused by welfare reform, and has suggested how mental health professionals can help in the fight to improve the benefit system. The Psychologists and the Benefits System conference in Manchester was organised by clinical psychologist and lecturer Dr Stephen Weatherhead and Joanna, a mental health system survivor, who had been exchanging ideas around the impact of welfare reform for the last two years. The conference – sub-titled Time To Get Off The Fence – featured presentations by both academics and campaigners, including a workshop to help psychologists write letters for service-users needing access to support such as benefits. One of the presentations was delivered by Joy Hibbins, founder of Suicide Crisis, a charity in Gloucestershire which runs a crisis centre that is open to anyone in the county who is feeling suicidal. Hibbins, herself a mental health system survivor, talked

Source: Conference hears of ‘democide’, ‘psycho-compulsion’ and suicide risk from benefit system | DisabledGo News and Blog