Capita benefits assessor who ‘laughed‘ at disabled woman is suspended

Is this a change for the better by the DWP in PIP assessment or even any assessments, well we need to wait for the final outcome. But I do welcome the speed with which Capita offered the £600 compensation.

T%hese actions have been a long time in coming, as many other assessments should also have been dealt with accordingly.

However, the best outcome would be the total withdrawal of all these assessments, which are plainly an insult to all claimants.

Maximus Offering Junior Doctors More Than Double NHS Starting Salary For Benefits Assessments

Same Difference

A government contractor is attempting to recruit frontline junior doctors with a pay-bump of more than double the average salary – to perform assessments on benefit claimants’ fitness to work.

In the last month, recruitment website lists added almost 100 job advertisements for “functional assessor” roles with Maximus, the US company contracted by the Department of Work and Pensions to carry out assessments of claimants.

Candidates, who are required to have two years post-qualification medical experience, are offered positions starting at £72,000 with some roles stretching to £98,000. The NHS salary for a junior doctor with two years experience would be around £30,000.

One NHS doctor noted on Twitter that the company – motto: “Helping Government Serve the People” – was in effect “paying drs to medically endorse a political agenda regardless of how it affects patients”.

The recruitment drive follows a National Audit Office report earlier this month…

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