What Stephen Bannon wants to do in Trump’s White House | TheHill

“I think you’re going to see a lot of interesting stuff,” said a source familiar with Bannon’s thinking. “And you’re going to see them forge alliances on the world stage with some interesting characters.

Source: What Stephen Bannon wants to do in Trump’s White House | TheHill

Donald Trump Would Have Lost If Bernie Sanders Had Been The Candidate

Correct, although between Clinton and Trump I do believe Clinton would have beed a better choice than Trump, but Bernie Sanders would have been a more better choice.

However, the Democratic Party had other ideas and favoured Clinton.

Now we can see how wrong they were as Bernie Sanders would have made America Great Again, with Trump we can only wait and see, that is if there will still be an America and the World after Trump. As it will only take one upset to Trump to go for an Armageddon and world annihilation. What have the Republicans done for us all.

Stop Making Sense

Andrew Buncombe reports for The Independent:

Image result for Donald Trump would have lost US election if Bernie Sanders had been the candidate“Right now in every major poll, national poll and statewide poll done in the last month, six weeks, we are defeating Trump often by big numbers, and always at a larger margin than Secretary Clinton is.”

So spoke Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s Democratic rival in the primary, when he appeared on the May 29 2016 edition of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’.

It was not the first time the socialist former Mayor of Burlington had made the claim. And it was something that his supporters believed passionately.

Time after time, supporters of the white-haired, frequently cantankerous Democratic socialist, said the media was helping prepare a coronation for Ms Clinton in a way that was neither fair or democratic.


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Bernie Sanders “sold his soul to the devil” says Donald Trump – The Duran

Well at least he has got one which is more than can be said of the Donald. Or is the Donald implying he should have sold it to the Donald, for then it would be true.


At a campaign stop in Colorado Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Bernie Sanders “blew it” when he endorsed Hillary Clinton in the presidential race.

Source: Bernie Sanders “sold his soul to the devil” says Donald Trump – The Duran

Counterpunch: Obama Will Not Permit American Chilcot Inquiry

Is it not strange that democracy means different things in different areas, both in time and place. Where is accountability in all this.

There is the rule of law and order for us all to act within, but when power is the chief criteria is there adherence to law and order. Or does power Trump law and order, for if it does then America and the world need to be fearful of a possible result from the American Presidental Elections.

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After the Chilcot inquiry finally released its report this week, which found that Tony Blair had misled parliament and the British people into a bloody and illegal war in Iraq, some parts of the American left are bitter that there will not be a similar inquiry and condemnation of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and co in the Land of the Free. This is due to Obama and the Democrats, who have shown themselves every bit as hawkish and Bush’s Republican administration, which started the War. Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk has pointed out how Obama, despite his initial anti-war rhetoric, has been every bit as zealous in continuing the war, including assassination by drone, as his Republican predecessors. This is highly ironic, and once again shows the how farcical the decisions of the Nobel Committee are, as Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. As indeed was Henry Kissinger, despite the…

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Tow truck driver leaves woman on the roadside because she had a Bernie Sanders sticker on her car – DeadState

A North Carolina truck driver reportedly denied service to a woman on Monday after he noticed the vehicle’s “Bernie 2016” bumper sticker.

Source: Tow truck driver leaves woman on the roadside because she had a Bernie Sanders sticker on her car – DeadState

If Bernie and Hillary Got Their Way on Abortion These Babies Might Not Be Here

Abortion should not be an easy decision, as there are at least two Rights to be considered, being the human rights of the potential mother and resulting baby.

So in some respects the aspects of choice is far from easy and should the act of conception be also considered, for was the woman in agreement to this act, as in the case of rape this would be no and also in capacity issues. There is also the health of the prospective mother to take into account. So, in total no side of the argument can be fully right or wrong.



“There can be restrictions in…”

Source: If Bernie and Hillary Got Their Way on Abortion These Babies Might Not Be Here

Bernie Sanders and the Israel lobby

To have any chance of peace between Israel and Palestine both sides need to be working together for peace and consider and respect the views of each other.

There will always be distruptive elements on both sides and the extreme views and comments from some American presidential wannabes are not helping the situation. Bernie Sanders is the only one who appears to understand this.

Phil Ebersole's Blog

Bernie Sanders is the only major-party Presidential candidate of Jewish heritage, the only one to have worked on an Israeli kibbutz and the only one to be eligible for Israeli citizenship.

160321221404-bernie-sanders-israel-aipac-the-final-five-election-special-5-00011615-large-169He also is the only one to separate himself, even a little, from the war policy of the present Israeli government.

He was the only candidate to decline to appear before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee last week, and the only one to attempt to discuss the Israel-Palestine situation objectively.

Criticizing the Netanyahu government is, of course, far different from being anti-Israel, much less anti-Semitic, but you wouldn’t think so from the responses of the other candidates.


Speech in Salt Lake City on March 21, 2016 by Bernie Sanders.

What They Said: Candidates double down on Israel at AIPAC by Philip Giraldi for The Unz Review.

Photo Credit: CNN

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