Thank you for your follow and I am now following yourself.

Although you are not advising what your life experiences were, in detail, and there is no way that you should do, as I believe in that we should only do what you wish to. Certainly, especially on Social Media you do have to be careful what you disclose, as you do, also in your real life circumstances.

I, myself, now feel confident in discussing some of my experiences, if not all, but I presume, from your comments in this blog, that I am somewhat older than you and my life experiences have built a level of confidence in which to disclose.

Do what you feel comfortable with at a pace in which you feel is right for you. Do not let others put you under pressure to do more than you are comfortable with.

Looking forward to your future postings, whenever you wish to post.


This is the story of my life. I was alone.


Everything i am to write in my new blog is something that i have faced in life or my friends have faced. it is a life experience of a teenager girl/boy. I will write on what i think about , about my opinions and upload videos too.

I was an introvert back in 2014-15. I stayed indoors and had a hard time with my friends forcing me to get out and have fun. I lost many friend since then and when i joined college i made new friends. i got introduced to a new way of life. Be careful with the people you interact with in college. In my first party on campus i had a moment that changed my life since then. I don’t wanna grow your curiosity so let me crack this down for you, i am not…

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Blogging Survey From The Emma Edit

Thank you for your answers to the questions and I state below mine.

On average, how many hours a day do you spend on your blog during the week? (including anything blog related like social media)

Like many bloggers the planning to undertake blogging activities is an essential part of time management. This is especially so if you are working during the day. While I am in my retirement I do, most days, find myself involved in disability related activities. My adult daughter is severely disabled both physically and intellectually, while also being autistic. I therefore during the day attend meetings related to disability in many health related areas and also social care, mainly with the appropriate public bodies. This is at times related to my own daughter and then others relating to my carers experience and also my own life experiences trying to enable better facilities within my local area for all with disabilities. So most of my blogging is done in the evenings and early mornings on a daily basis even at weekends. Although at weekends this is also throughout the day, where I have spare time from caring and running our home.

Currently most of my blogging is using feeds from other sources be they other bloggers, the worlds press, health and social care organisations both locally, nationally and internationally and certainly currently many political issues.

On average, how many hours a day do you spend on your blog at the weekend? (including anything blog related like social media)

As stated for the previous question every evening and early mornings and at many periods during the day on Saturdays and Sundays

Daily, how much time do you spend reading other people’s blogs?

As stated above I read other blogs on a daily basis around my subject matter interests.

How often do you leave comments on other people’s posts?

This is not that easy to answer as it depends on the subject matter and if I feel I have something more to add which I feel is relevant. In many instances I take the opportunity to re-blog and in some instances add my own reflective comments.

How many blogs do you follow?

Difficult to say and possibly more than I should, however, to follow I would have found posts including the about information which I find of interest. This I find especially true on blogs re disability, as I am always looking for further disability information and others views relating to disability.

How often do you post on your blog?

I do endeavour to post on a daily basis, even if this is only one posting. Sometimes time restraints could mean for a day or so some days I could miss posting, but hopefully these occasions are minimal.

What social media accounts do you have to go alongside your blog?

My blog is automatically connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr and Linkedin. But I only, generally view Facebook and Twitter, where other postings will occur from my involvement in petitions, retweets, etc.

Do you have a posting schedule? How do you plan out your posts?

Most of my postings will be in relation to emails received from other feeds being press and media, other bloggers and other related sources and my eventual posts will be when I react to these sources, which will be mainly evening and early mornings, but there will be no formal planning. Unfortunately original postings are now so few as these depend on ideas forming and then researching related information to back the facts stated, which will be in the form of links to appropriate information gathered from the internet and the resulting websites found.

What do you use to take pictures?

Currently I am not taking and using my own pictures, but when I do I will use my phone Microsoft Lumia 550 or cameras Canon PowerShot A800 and Samsung ST68

How do you promote your blog?

I do not specifically promote my blog by general advertising, however, I do promote by following other bloggers and commenting on their blogs. I have in the past sourced blogs that offer promoting whereby you leave a comment on the blog expressing others to follow or view my blog. Promoting is also by my postings being automatically posted on other social media as stated above.

Also in any posting I do I tend to indicate Categories and Tags relating to the respective post.

I’d be interested in answers from others who view this post too.

Gin & Lemonade

On average, how many hours a day do you spend on your blog during the week? (including anything blog related like social media)

Probably too many.  And also not enough.  Trying to streamline it.  Spend more time on the tech side than the writing side.  Y’know, finding photos, resizing photos, cursing at photos.  Adding links to content,  copying and pasting those links, cursing at those links.    Frankly I get so tired of sprucing shit up that I forget about the words.  The words, once I have coffee and Isla leaves for school, are the easiest part.

On average, how many hours a day do you spend on your blog at the weekend? (including anything blog related like social media)

I do stuff on Saturday morning and Sunday morning and the rest of the time I switch off.  I hope.

Daily, how much time do you spend reading other people’s…

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89 of the Best Free Blogging Tools That Will Save You Time Blogging

Bloggers that can’t afford budgets don’t have to worry. This article offers 89 free blogging tools and sites to help you save time with your blogging tasks.

Source: 89 of the Best Free Blogging Tools That Will Save You Time Blogging

Improve your Blog’s Reach

Some useful tips from Ronovan.


To improve your Blog’s Reach try these Hashtags. If you forget them, they are on my sidebar. Add them to yours so your followers and friends will know as well.

For those who apparently think for some reason I haven’t given credit for this image, I thought the URL at the bottom showed who created it. Also if you click the image you go to the creator’s website. But to clear it all up, below is a link to the creator’s site. I got the image from Twitter when she shared it on my #BeWoW day.


Much Love, Success, and Respect


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Mental Illness Bloggers are in Touch with their Vulnerability and Humanity


Blogs about mental illness are some of the most captivating blogs that I love to read. I am interested in the topics they cover but that is not the only reason why they speak to me.

Bloggers that have struggled with mental illness have had to learn to be in touch with their humanity. In order to write your own mental illness, you have to dive deep into the darkest corners of your mind. The descriptions that they write are very vivid and full of human depth. There is a sense of soul searching that draws you into the posts.

I am not just counting the blogs that identify themselves as having mental illness. There are also some bloggers that suffer from OCD, depression, social anxiety and severe mental turmoil that chose not to identify their blog as such. However the content of their posts has very vivid descriptions of…

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