Vox Political: Stephen Crabb, IDS’ Replacement, Believes People with Progressive Degenerative Diseases Able to Work

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Mike over at Vox Political has written about how the latest sputtering from the new head of the DWP have effectively ended satire. Stephen Crabb, apparently an expert on such diseases, has declared that sufferers of brain tumours and progressive degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone are able to work. And so, presumably, they should not get any PIP or ESA, but the normal jobseeker’s allowance, until they are eventually sanctioned for not trying hard enough to get a job.

Mike states that this is beyond satire, because he commented in an earlier post about Crabb’s bizarre views on homosexuality. Crabb believed that homosexuality could be cured, and supported CARE, a Christian organisation that claimed it could cure gay people. In fact, gay cures don’t work. There have been a series of scandals in American involving these organisations, as well as concerns in the UK apart the potential harm…

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Quadriplegics Fit For Work Says Stephen Crabb

Stephen Crabb as he starts in his new position as proved he is not fit for purpose. However, this did not stop his predecessor.

Same Difference

Following on from this post yesterday, respected blogger Joe Halewood says at SPEye Joe:

The new Secretary of State for Work & Pensions Stephen Crabb says people with Quadriplegia, Brain Haemorrhage, Brain Tumours, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinsons Disease and scores of other conditions are ‘able to work!’

He said so on his own Facebook page (see here) as he believes those placed in the Employment and Support Allowance Work Related Activities Group, or ESA WRAG are all fit and able for work!

He goes on to say:

Stephen Crabb believes that a quadriplegic does not have any additional costs each week than the able bodied person seeking work even though (a) the benefit they receive is called Employment AND SUPPORT Allowance, and (b) if they are fit for work they are unable to claim ESA and would receive Job Seekers Allowance.

And adds that since his article yesterday morning, he has been sent…

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