Hundreds of patient data breaches are left unpunished | The BMJ

Pharmaceutical companies, NHS commissioners, and universities have repeatedly breached agreements around sharing patient data, audits show. Should NHS Digital curtail their access? Esther Oxford reports

Hundreds of organisations including pharmaceutical companies, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), and universities have breached patient data sharing agreements in the past seven years and yet their access to the information is not curtailed, The BMJ can reveal.



This is extremely disturbing about any data, but even more so about patient data.

For we have all assured that this is does not occur often, but, if it does the full protection of the data protection processes will be brought into force.

Data is essential in research and, if it’s usage is not being policed fully, then more and more data will not be agreed to be released and used, which will inevitably affect future developments in research.

Then to find the likes of Virgin Care then refused to allow access to check their compliance is unbelievable. But Virgin Care do apparently feel they are entitled to do as they please and become really offended if they are not allowed to do so. Hence the case where Virgin didn’t win a tender and took legal action against the respective authority.

Where compliances are suspect then all organisations need to be compelled to allow access to ensure that compliances are correctly conducted, if they don’t then they should be barred from tendering  for more contracts.


Source: Hundreds of patient data breaches are left unpunished | The BMJ