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Peers have inflicted an embarrassing defeat on the government after voting in favour of remaining in a customs union with the EU after Brexit.

In a challenge to Theresa May’s flagship Brexit bill, members of the Lords backed several cross-party amendments supporting continued membership of a customs union with the bloc, and protecting people’s rights after Brexit.

The result will be embarrassing for the government, as ministers race against time to get the EU (Withdrawal) Bill through parliament in time to prepare for Britain’s exit for the bloc next year.


Source: House of Lords defeats government over EU withdrawal bill : Independent


I voted leave, not because of the promise of £350 million for the NHS, not about immigration, not about non-UK people taking jobs, but because I do not trust the EU.

Remainers say why leave when all is great, but is all great for if it is now, which is debatable, can we trust the EU not to change what already is there and Remain are saying ‘why lose this’.

It is my view that if we believe Remain and stop Brexit what we have already we will lose.

For eventually there will be no individual countries within the EU for it will be Federal States of Europe.

The only form of power and Government will be from Brussels, there will be one tax system, one army, navy and airforce, one currency and many more.

If you want to lose the £, have no say in how the UK is run, would the NHS be safe, have one taxation, etc. There then could be VAT on Food, childrens clothes and much more.

The current individual country Governments could be reduced to Local Council status and where would that then leave the current local councils.

The Bureaucrats in Brussel have one agenda and that is only power with them.

So Brexit to the End and beyond, for only then will we have choice on how we proceed into the future.


When a rat is cornered their next move is always predictable.

If someone claims they supported Leave but then spouts that his side only won because “they cheated” then that person has to be called out for what they are – a bare-faced liar. These people will stop at NOTHING to overturn Brexit. This is a MIRROR IMAGE of what’s currently happening across the pond with the absolute hysteria swirling around Trump’s Presidency.

Rather than have a referendum re-run “for clarity”, what this stooge REALLY means is that he and his “handlers” need the opportunity to have a second crack of the whip,when they’ll leave nothing to chance the second time round. They’ll ensure fail-safe systems are in place to skew the vote to such an extent that Remain win by a huge margin to “prove” the first result was a fix and to consign…

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The House of Lords EU Committee has today published its report Brexit: reciprocal healthcare. The Committee warns that in the absence of an agreement on reciprocal healthcare, the rights of UK citizens to hold an EHIC card for treatment in the EU will cease after Brexit.

Other rights, provided for by the S2 scheme and Patients’ Rights Directive, will likewise come to an end. Without EHIC or an equivalent arrangement it could become much more expensive for UK citizens with chronic conditions – such as dialysis patients and people living with rare diseases – to travel to the EU post-Brexit, for holidays, recuperation or treatment. These people might find it difficult to obtain travel insurance at all.

The Government wishes to maintain reciprocal healthcare arrangements including the EHIC scheme after Brexit, but the current arrangements are designed to support the freedom of movement of EU citizens. The Government intends to stop freedom of movement to the UK, and has not yet set out its objectives for the future UK-EU relationship. The Committee therefore urges the Government to confirm how it will seek to protect reciprocal rights to healthcare of all UK and EU citizens post-Brexit, as part of any agreement on future relations.

The report also argues that it is essential for EU citizens lawfully resident in the UK to have a continuing right to access long-term healthcare, as well as the practical means by which to exercise that right. The Committee therefore calls on the Government to use domestic legislation to clarify the means by which all EU citizens lawfully resident in the UK at the time of Brexit will be able to continue to access essential healthcare.


Source: House of Lords report urges government for clarity on EU healthcare deal | Care Industry News

The  presenter branded Michel Barnier “Jack Cherry McCherrypicker” after the publication of the latest set of EU  guidelines revealing Brussels’ intentions for the next phase of talks with Britain.

The latest Brexit guidelines, presented earlier this week, set out the EU terms to secure a free-trade agreement between London and Brussels.

Neil slapped down Mr Barnier, calling him out for allegedly wanting to “cherry pick” the terms of a future arrangement after warning Britain against it.

The BBC This Week host said: “In Brussels, Michel Barnier, the Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator, revealed the EU’s bargaining position for the next round of talks.


Source: Andrew Neil DESTROYS Barnier’s latest Brexit threat with this BRUTAL point : Express

Jeremy Corbyn’s Great European Policy Switch went down like the ­falling wet snow in Labour ’s ­heartland.

Shoppers in Barnsley market in South Yorkshire didn’t warm to his conversion to “a customs union” with the EU after Brexit .

This is devout Leave country, where almost 70% of voters said “Out”. If the new message is to gain traction, it has to be among these ranks of traditional Labour.

But a poll of people taking shelter from the snow showed not even Jezza’s vague promise of “a” customs union has changed minds.

The last union that was popular here was the National Union of Mineworkers, and look what happened to that.


Source: Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit plan hasn’t gone down well in Labour’s heartlands : Mirror

The most correct comment from Brexit was ‘What do experts know.’


”Since the referendum and the Brexit vote, the forecasts from the Treasury, the Bank of England and the IMF have all been proven wrong.

The CEO of Barclays, Jes Staley, has dismissed Project Fear’s gloomy forecasts saying London will always maintain its prominent role in international finance.

Before the referendum, Project Fear scaremongering suggested lucrative financial services would relocate to the European Union following the vote.”

Can’t really blame them, those tea leaves are notoriously hard to read.
I would suggest casting chicken bones or dungeons and dragons dice, far more reliable.

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You have a good point, but which of those will the EU allow and none of them mention the right of the UK to decide who comes and who stays within the UK.

I am not adverse to immigration provided the immigrants come to work and are prepared to contribute to the UK and abide by our rules of law and Society.

If some do not work and/or commit crimes then they should be deported irrespective of their family life here.

Opher's World

Now we know more about what is involved with Brexit I think it is only right that we have a democratic say. As there are a number of options I would suggest that instead of a binary decision we allow the people to decide what flavour we prefer.

I suggest a referendum based on the following:

a. A complete break from the EU.

b. We break with the political union but stay within the Single Market and Customs Union.

c. We break with the political union but stay within the Single Market.

d. We break with the political union but stay within the Customs Union.

e. We remain within the EU.

I think that might give us a better idea of the thinking of the British people. What do you think?

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Ministerial speeches on Brexit seem to be a bit like buses. We wait months for one to shed a bit more light on the UK’s negotiating stance, and then they all turn up at once. On Tuesday it was David Davis’s turn to visit a European city and set out the next steps on the “road to Brexit”.

I’m sure his Cabinet colleagues were delighted to hear about a lock-in at Chequers at the end of this week, set to last until they finally agree a position for the Brexit talks. A unified Cabinet is now more important than ever if the Brexit divisions, which the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, tried to bridge last week, are to be overcome. Without it, debates in Westminster and beyond about the single market, the customs union, divergence, tariffs and non-tariff barriers will just go on and on, in ever-decreasing circles.

Source: Finally, David Davis has told leavers the truth: Brexit means compromise | The Guardian

Reports based on Brussels and Whitehall sources said European diplomats were becoming increasingly concerned that his “aggressive” tactics will backfire on the EU.

In a sign of growing splits among the governments of the 27 nations staying in the bloc after Brexit, some are understood to be urging Mr Barnier to turn down his rhetoric.

Hints at European frustration with the negotiation process followed a series of threats from the veteran diplomat last week.

Brussels documents called for the EU to get summary powers to punish the UK during the expected two-year transition out of the bloc.


Source: UK could WALK AWAY: EU states ‘FRACTURE’ and blast Barnier for aggression toward Britain : Express

Adam Boulton said that Tory mutineers were using the debate around the future EU-UK trade deal to ensure that Britain remains a part of the EU in all but name.

During Sky’s All Out Politics, Boutlon pressed Vicky Ford, a Remainer who controversially rebelled against the Government on Brexit last year, on the Government’s trade plan.


Source: Adam Boulton SKEWERS Tory rebel after ‘bespoke EU deal’ EXPOSED as ‘Brexit in name only’ : Express


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