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Ministerial speeches on Brexit seem to be a bit like buses. We wait months for one to shed a bit more light on the UK’s negotiating stance, and then they all turn up at once. On Tuesday it was David Davis’s turn to visit a European city and set out the next steps on the “road to Brexit”.

I’m sure his Cabinet colleagues were delighted to hear about a lock-in at Chequers at the end of this week, set to last until they finally agree a position for the Brexit talks. A unified Cabinet is now more important than ever if the Brexit divisions, which the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, tried to bridge last week, are to be overcome. Without it, debates in Westminster and beyond about the single market, the customs union, divergence, tariffs and non-tariff barriers will just go on and on, in ever-decreasing circles.

Source: Finally, David Davis has told leavers the truth: Brexit means compromise | The Guardian


Reports based on Brussels and Whitehall sources said European diplomats were becoming increasingly concerned that his “aggressive” tactics will backfire on the EU.

In a sign of growing splits among the governments of the 27 nations staying in the bloc after Brexit, some are understood to be urging Mr Barnier to turn down his rhetoric.

Hints at European frustration with the negotiation process followed a series of threats from the veteran diplomat last week.

Brussels documents called for the EU to get summary powers to punish the UK during the expected two-year transition out of the bloc.


Source: UK could WALK AWAY: EU states ‘FRACTURE’ and blast Barnier for aggression toward Britain : Express

Adam Boulton said that Tory mutineers were using the debate around the future EU-UK trade deal to ensure that Britain remains a part of the EU in all but name.

During Sky’s All Out Politics, Boutlon pressed Vicky Ford, a Remainer who controversially rebelled against the Government on Brexit last year, on the Government’s trade plan.


Source: Adam Boulton SKEWERS Tory rebel after ‘bespoke EU deal’ EXPOSED as ‘Brexit in name only’ : Express

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s vast financial services industry will suffer far fewer job losses from Brexit than first feared, the City of London’s policy chief told Reuters, in remarks that will boost supporters of leaving the EU who say the threat has been exaggerated.

Source: London finance chief sees fewer jobs shifting because of Brexit : Reuters

Nicola Sturgeon’s attempts to undermine Brexit could sabotage the SNP’s chances of achieving Scottish independence, the party’s former deputy leader has warned.

Jim Sillars accused the First Minister of “short-term thinking” when it comes to the Scottish Government’s response to the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.

Sillars criticised the Brexit strategy adopted by Sturgeon days before she publishes a keynote paper outlining the Scottish Government’s thinking on EU withdrawal.

The document, “Scotland’s Place in Europe: People, Jobs and Investment”, will warn of the economic perils of a hard Brexit.

Published tomorrow, it will underpin the Scottish Government’s approach to Brexit as negotiations intensify over the next few months, with the spring 2019 deadline for EU withdrawal edging closer.

ource: Messing with Brexit puts Yes victory at risk, warns Sillars : The Scotsman

LONDON (Reuters) – British industry enjoyed solid growth in November, benefiting from a global upturn that has allowed the economy to outperform gloomy forecasts made after 2016’s Brexit vote, although it still lags behind its international rivals.

Source: Industry gives Brexit-bound UK economy a shot in the arm : Reuters

Builders from other member states employed in Britain this year totalled 156,000, up from 145,000 at the end of 2016 – a rise of nearly eight per cent.

The previous year saw only a six per cent rise. The population survey shows the upward trend over the past six years carrying on despite the EU referendum result.

There had been warnings that Brexit threatened firms’ access to EU workers and could hit plans to tackle the housing crisis.

Under the divorce deal reached with Brussels this month, EU citizens who arrive by March 29, 2019 and have been continuously and lawfully living in the UK for five years will be able to apply to stay indefinitely.


Source: Brexodus, what Brexodus? Europeans flock into UK : Express

Earlier this week Mr Barnier announced he was not open to a free trade agreement including financial services.

However, senior Brussels figures, including President of the EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker, are said to be “not happy” with the announcement which was unauthorised.

A senior Government source said: “Nobody pays any attention to what Barnier says in Brussels, yet in Britain, it is oddly taken as EU gospel when it is not.


Source: Michel Barnier to be SACKED? EU Brexit chief sidelined by ‘furious’ Jean-Claude Junker

Remainers say negotiate with the EU, while Brexiteers say go for hard Brexit, with Barnier saying there will be no ‘NO special trade deal for the UK, indeed, there will not be a fair trade deal for the UK.’ can you actually negotiate with the EU.

So is it rally Brexit with NO Deal and we use WHO arrangements or just stay in the EU and in time there will be the United States of Europe, no UK £, No Sovereign Parliament, or any form of say just accept what the EU dictates.

The choice is yours or have we already made in it the Brexit Referendum.


Fact or fantasy?

IF Barnier is sacked, it will be because he blew the whistle before time. There will be NO special trade deal for the UK, indeed, there will not be a fair trade deal for the UK.

It will be the EU’s way, or NO way. The fact that EU member states export to the UK, the fact that EU citizens in the other 27 member states rely upon those exports to the UK, NONE of this will make any difference.

The EU have learned that as with Cameron and Blair before them, they are dealing with weak opposition in May and her team, who are extremely sympathetic to the EU (after 40 odd years of ignoring the electorate, and conniving to keep us in the club, why would they not be). The EU believe that everybody else has to act honourably, whilst only they…

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LONDON (Reuters) – Britain and the European Union struck a divorce deal on Friday that paves the way for talks on trade, easing pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May and boosting hopes of an orderly Brexit.


Source: Factbox – British business organisations react to Brexit talk progress : Reuters

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