Butler corrects Starmer publicly on destruction of slaver Colson’s statue – SKWAWKBOX

Starmer had said toppling of statue was ‘completely wrong’. Black MP Dawn Butler corrects him Labour’s Brent MP Dawn Butler Black Labour MP Dawn Butler has bravely gone on the pub…

Source: Butler corrects Starmer publicly on destruction of slaver Colson’s statue – SKWAWKBOX

Useful Information on Personally Challenging Racist Incidents

Everyone needs to help to bring people closer together. No more racist comments or aggression to others as we all have to live together.

Do not do unto others what you would wish they did not do to you.

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I put up a piece yesterday reporting that anti-racist activists had held a rally on College Green in Bristol to show support for immigrants and foreign nationals living in Bristol after the Brexit vote. There has been an alarming rise in racist incidents across the country after the victory of the ‘Leave’ campaign. Michelle, one of the many great commenters on this blog, posted up this very helpful comment on the post, and the link to an online pamphlet. This shows how people can safely step in to stop or challenge racist abuse. Michelle wrote

Lisa Cumming has been working on peace studies and interracial dialogue for the last 10 years at Bradford University on Saturday said that she had ‘been contacted by more fearful people in the last 24 hours than in over a decade of working in community conflict’, Lisa also gave out this helpful advice on ‘how…

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Michelle on NHS Privatisation: Useful Info and Links

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Early this morning I put up a piece about how my local health centre in Whitchurch, Bristol, has fallen victim to NHS cuts, and has written to their patients explaining that they are having to cut back on services.

This is, scandalously, not an unfortunate accident, and it has nothing to do with the people running the health centre. It is the result of Cameron and co.’s campaign to privatise the NHS, a programme that has been carrying on since the days of Maggie Thatcher by successive right-wing administrations, including Blair and Brown, or as they should be regarded, Smarmy and Grumpy.

Michelle, another of the great commenters on this blog, posted up this piece in response to it, discussing an exhibition against the NHS’ privatisation she attended in Stroud, and giving links and information to people and organisations campaigning against it.

Here’s her post.

Really important post Beastie, yesterday…

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Republican Ted Cruz Wants Increased Police Patrols in Muslim Areas

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It’s not just Trump who is promoting a very anti-Muslim line in America. It’s also Ted Cruz, another far-Right Republican. Over on The Young Turks they’ve actually been debating who would be worse for America – Trump or Cruz. While Trump’s been talking about banning Muslims from entering America, for example, Cruz has actually been doing it. He’s behind a law to prevent, or at least limit, further Muslim immigration.

After the terrible attacks in Belgium this week, Cruz got up to recommend that there should be increased police patrols in Muslim areas. The Young Turks naturally took a dim view about that. Cenk Uygur, one of the Turks’ anchors, who is himself of Muslim Turkish heritage, said that while they were at it, why not move Muslim communities somewhere else, and create a ghetto. He was, of course, being bitterly ironic, but his attack does voice fears that what…

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Concerns over training centre plans that will ‘separate’ disabled students | DisabledGo News and Blog

Bristol’s largest concert hall has defended plans to set up the country’s first centre to provide advanced training for disabled young musicians, which will not include any non-disabled students. The plans, part of a £45 million development of Colston Hall, were unveiled at the House of Commons this week, with backing from four Bristol MPs, the British Paraorchestra and the access-to-live-music charity Attitude is Everything. But inclusive education campaigners have questioned why the Bristol Music Trust (BMT), which runs the concert hall, wants to set up a centre that will only train disabled young people. The aim is for it to become the first centre for advanced training (CATs) in music for “young musicians with special education needs and disabilities”, in addition to the 12 mainstream CATs that already exist across England, such as the Royal College of Music, Sheffield Music Academy and Birmingham Conservatoire. Campaigners fear the plans will simply create another special

Source: Concerns over training centre plans that will ‘separate’ disabled students | DisabledGo News and Blog

Vox Political: Report Recommends Commissioner to Protect People with Learning Difficulties

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This is another fascinating piece from Vox Political. According to the Grauniad, Stephen Bubb, the author of a report on abuse of people with learning difficulties at a care home near Bristol, has recommended that a special commissioner should be appointed to protect them. See: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/02/23/appoint-individual-to-protect-rights-of-the-vulnerable-report-suggests/

It’s an interesting idea. The piece points out that there is already a children’s commissioner, following the horrific maltreatment and death of Victoria Climbie. Continuing the Classical theme from my last post about Boris Johnson, there’s a kind of precedent for all this in Ancient Greece. I can remember reading in one of the books at College that one of the Greek city states – probably Athens – had an ‘archon for women’ – effectively a ‘minister’, to investigate causes of complaint raised by them. This followed a women’s strike or strikes similar to the sex strike portrayed in Sophocles’ Lysistrata. There was…

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