Brussels says Brexit bill must be paid even with no-deal

With the EU in this mood then it will be No Deal and No Money, the money was for a Deal.

The Leader is not now in power so the old deal is now not on the Table, so EU change otherwise it is leave with No Deal at the end of October 2019 for any other result it will be the liquidation of the Conservative Party.


Jeff Taylor
12 June 2019

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Ireland wants hundreds of millions in EU aid to mitigate damage of no-deal Brexit : The Telegraph

The Irish government will demand hundreds of millions of euros in emergency aid from Brussels if there is a no-deal Brexit.

Dublin has told European Commission officials it will apply for the cash to mitigate the impact of no deal on its beef, dairy and fishing sectors, the Irish Independent reported on Thursday.

“You’re looking at hundreds of millions here. Between the beef industry and the fishing industry we’re talking mega-money,” said Michael Creed, the agriculture minister.

Mr Creed told the Irish independent that drops in the value of sterling because of uncertainty around Brexit had hit the Irish food sector, which is highly dependent on the British market.

“A hard Brexit would make that look like a teddy bears’ picnic,” he said.

Ireland is the EU country apart from the UK which is most exposed to the economic risk of a no-deal Brexit. Britain takes half of annual Irish beef exports and 80,000 tonnes of cheddar a year, and one-third of the fish in value terms caught by Irish boats comes from UK waters.

The EU is infamous for its Common Agricultural Policy, a complex and inefficient web of agricultural subsidies and grants, which is worth billions of euros every year. It also has funds to aid the agricultural sector in emergency situations, which it has deployed in the past.


Source: Ireland wants hundreds of millions in EU aid to mitigate damage of no-deal Brexit : The Telegraph

Michel Barnier to be SACKED? EU Brexit chief sidelined by ‘furious’ Jean-Claude Junker

Earlier this week Mr Barnier announced he was not open to a free trade agreement including financial services.

However, senior Brussels figures, including President of the EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker, are said to be “not happy” with the announcement which was unauthorised.

A senior Government source said: “Nobody pays any attention to what Barnier says in Brussels, yet in Britain, it is oddly taken as EU gospel when it is not.


Source: Michel Barnier to be SACKED? EU Brexit chief sidelined by ‘furious’ Jean-Claude Junker

No deal really is better than a bad deal with Brussels says ROSS CLARK | Express Comment | Comment |

FOR the past few months many have doubted the words which stood out from Theresa May’s Chatham House speech back in January: “No deal is better than a bad deal.”

Source: No deal really is better than a bad deal with Brussels says ROSS CLARK | Express Comment | Comment |

Juncker’s DESPERATE plea: Don’t hold any more referendums as voters will choose to LEAVE : Express.

The first true statement that has come forth from the lips of Juncker, as he seen the light and will he admit that the EU is not good for all, but only for the political rich.

All countries should now hold a binding referendum, so that the ruling classes can do the will of the people.

EU PUNISH UK WE PUNISH EU Thirty countries issue warning to Brussels over threats they may be banned from doing business with Britain : Sun.

Isolation is in the past for to day there is a global network on many different fronts, for no one country is an island. The EU needs to admit this as do the UK, America, Europe, Russia, China and in effect the whole world.

The sooner everywhere accepts this the better for all of us.

With friends like Brussels, who needs enemies? EU to fine Greece for saving ship builders : Express.

How true, ‘With friends like Brussels, who needs enemies? ‘.

So far as I am concerned if there was not a valid reason for Brexit, there is now, for who in their right mind would wish to be in ‘club’ as the European Union, as it is not a Union, but a dictatorship by the bueurocrats of Brussels in league with Germany, Merkel.

Bring on Article 50.

Counterpunch on NATO’s Preparations for War with Russia

Well, if Trump gets in war is inevitable, but possibly also if it is Clinton, so we are all doomed.

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Okay, I’ve already blogged about one Counterpunch article today, by Garikai Chengu tracing the history of British imperial domination in Iraq. This is another article from the same magazine that needs to be read. It’s about the NATO conference yesterday and today, and the continuing build up of NATO forces along the borders with Russia. NATO troops, including British squaddies, are being sent to reinforce Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, against possible Russian aggression.

The 1980s Cold War

This was on the BBC news yesterday, which reported that there were fears about a possible Russian threat following Russian attempts to fly military aircraft over Estonian airspace. This is all extremely frightening, as it is all too much like the Cold War those of us, who are now middle aged, grew up under in the 1980s. It was a time when Thatcher and Reagan were ranting about the Soviet Union being…

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