The Memo: Concern over shutdown grows in Trump World | TheHill

Allies of President Trump are growing increasingly concerned about the political impact of the partial government shutdown, which has now entered its fifth week.

Trump evinces confidence that he will prevail in the battle to secure funding for the southern border wall he promised at almost every opportunity during his 2016 campaign.

But even some veterans of his own White House aren’t sure he fully grasps the odds he faces.

“The president jumped without looking first,” said one former White House official. “And can you imagine the humiliation the president would bring on himself if he caved and got little or nothing in return?”

Trump could yet reframe the whole debate when he makes a new statement on the crisis, scheduled for 4 p.m. Saturday. So far, he has held fast to his insistence that he wants $5.7 billion in funding for a border well. Democrats have been adamant that they will not give it to him. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has called the concept of a border wall an “immorality.”

The dispute took on a more personal — and petty — tone in recent days.

Pelosi made a power play by writing to Trump suggesting he postpone — or deliver in writing — his State of the Union address, currently scheduled for Jan. 29.

Trump hit back on Thursday, revoking permission at the last minute for Pelosi and other Democratic lawmakers to use military planes for a scheduled trip to Belgium and Afghanistan. Trump suggested the Speaker and her party colleagues could use commercial planes to travel overseas if they wished.

The acrimony only increased on Friday, as Pelosi canceled the trip outright, with her aides accusing the White House of having fueled security concerns by leaking the details of the trip.


Source: The Memo: Concern over shutdown grows in Trump World | TheHill

Pension allowance hit by Philip Hammond’s Treasury in Budget to fund NHS | UK | News |

It is believed Mr Hammond will outline the plan in the October 29 budget.

A senior Treasury source told The Daily Telegraph that the Government is proposing to hit pensioners by either slashing the annual tax-free allowance or lowering the rates of relief.

Many pensioners currently receive tax relief which is based on the rate of income tax they pay.

For example, those paying income tax at 40 percent can claim 20 percent relief, whilst those paying 45 percent are eligible for relief of 25 percent.


Source: Pension allowance hit by Philip Hammond’s Treasury in Budget to fund NHS | UK | News |

Sanctioned for not being able to sign on on bank holiday Monday. Tears, frustration and rain.

The poor side of life

Today’s demo started rather hurriedly and to be honest I didn’t know if I was coming or going. This feeling was amplified because it was cold, rainy and my daughter was a bit fed up. understandable of course. But she soon settled down into our usual routine and all was well.


We are seeing a lot of new faces due to Stalybridge Jobcentre shutting. They don’t know us and what we are doing, and we don’t know them or their situations either. So we have to start from scratch, which at times isn’t easy.  But it’s a whole lot harder for them.

I started a conversation with a man who had been previously attending Stalybridge Jobcentre for his appointments. The first thing that he said to me was that he couldn’t believe how rude the front desk staff are at  Ashton Jobcentre, and how rude some of the advisors are also…

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As cuts in social care deepen Age UK says ‘It’s only going to get worse’ | Care Industry News

a combination of acute shortages of good health and care services to help older people recover, poor co-ordination and sometimes downright buck passing between

Source: As cuts in social care deepen Age UK says ‘It’s only going to get worse’ | Care Industry News

Scope’s hopes for the 2016 Budget

Scope's Blog

Wednesday’s Budget will be George Osborne’s fifth set piece financial statement in the last 16 months. In this blog we look at the three key issues we hope the government will address: PIP and extra costs, disability employment, and social care.

A few weeks ago, the Chancellor said the UK economy is smaller than expected this year. On the Andrew Marr show he confirmed that he is looking to find additional savings equivalent to 50p in every £100 the government spends.

In the same interview the Chancellor also defended the Government’s decision to introduce new restrictions to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment, aimed at saving £1.2bn.

It is against this backdrop that the Chancellor will make his statement.

We will be looking closely at what the Budget will mean for disabled people in three key areas.

PIP and Extra costs

Last week – just days before the Budget – the Government announced new restrictions…

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Labour promises ‘iron discipline’ to shore up fiscal credibility | Politics | The Guardian

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell tells Guardian restoring Labour’s economic reputation is “struggle of generation”

Source: Labour promises ‘iron discipline’ to shore up fiscal credibility | Politics | The Guardian

£20BILLION more Cuts! To fund another £93BILLION in Corporate handouts?


The Mirror today reports that George Osborne is to slash a FURTHER £20 BILLION from almost every Govt. Dept, including of course, the DWP in November’s budget.

The question I believe the Nation ought to be asking is WHY, particularly when in one year he granted Private Corporations  nearly FIVE TIMES this amount in Corporate Welfare? 

In 2013 alone £93 BILLION was given away to Private Companies, including a  £FIVE MILLION government grant to AstraZeneca; supposedly to develop its research and development centre at Alderley Park, Cheshire. In just five months, the same company closed the plant along with 2,100 jobs; I don’t suppose this has anything to do with the project being in Osborne’s constituency?

To this end I’ve stated a petition on demanded Osborne STOP using OUR money to finance Private Corporations and to REPAY it into Public Services. I have no expectations of this happening but maybe if the people knew precisely…

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