Counterpunch: Obama Will Not Permit American Chilcot Inquiry

Is it not strange that democracy means different things in different areas, both in time and place. Where is accountability in all this.

There is the rule of law and order for us all to act within, but when power is the chief criteria is there adherence to law and order. Or does power Trump law and order, for if it does then America and the world need to be fearful of a possible result from the American Presidental Elections.

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After the Chilcot inquiry finally released its report this week, which found that Tony Blair had misled parliament and the British people into a bloody and illegal war in Iraq, some parts of the American left are bitter that there will not be a similar inquiry and condemnation of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and co in the Land of the Free. This is due to Obama and the Democrats, who have shown themselves every bit as hawkish and Bush’s Republican administration, which started the War. Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk has pointed out how Obama, despite his initial anti-war rhetoric, has been every bit as zealous in continuing the war, including assassination by drone, as his Republican predecessors. This is highly ironic, and once again shows the how farcical the decisions of the Nobel Committee are, as Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. As indeed was Henry Kissinger, despite the…

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John Pilger on Paris attacks, root causes of terrorism and what we can do about it

I believe that a truce is the only way to combat the increasing atrocities, for any acts of violence from any quarter will only encourage more.

But for a truce to have any success there needs to be a willingness from all sides to participate and underlining this will be the element of trust.

However, this is not only a West versus Middle East situation, but also to be considered is Israel and Palestine, all the conflicts within the Middle Eastern countries and all the long standing historical events.

Is this achievable, only time will tell, but with the considerable mistrust abound and the long standing history, it will not be an easy task. Then that is if the heart is willing.