William ‘sides with Diana’ by breaking protocol and not bowing to Camilla, expert says – Mirror Online

Prince William followed his gut instinct and potentially subconsciously sided with his late mum Diana by failing to bow to Queen Camilla during the Coronation, Judi James claims


Shows not all is good in The Firm. William can’t forget Camilla’s treachery just has Harry, but then William feels similar to Harry, While Harry feels similar to them all.

Diana is still with them all in many ways.

Will the House of Windsor fall, when more than if.


Source: William ‘sides with Diana’ by breaking protocol and not bowing to Camilla, expert says – Mirror Online

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wrote to King Charles over racism concerns

Revelations come after Duchess of Sussex confirms she will not come to Britain for Charles’s Coronation


Meghan had concerns so she was well in her rights to write to Charles, whether her concerns were founded or not, we may never know, but I do feel there is some element of racism there.

What I do observe is that the Royal Family is not all it appears to be and perhaps never was, but currently, just over the UK population adore them, but not so many of the younger population, so in time the popularity could go under 50%.

I believe Meghan was right not to come for the Coronation and maybe Harry should not be doing, but it appears he is.

As to the Coronation, I am not that bothered, not that I am anti-monarchy, but I can’t stand Charles and Camilla, so perhaps I would favour William, if I am still around when it occurs. The Old Queen Elizabeth I could accept in small does, but Prince Philip never.

As to the UK ever becoming a Republic, well it could eventually, but I hope not for many years. I could not have coped with a President Blair, or Boris and certainly not Truss or even a future Starmer.


Source: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wrote to King Charles over racism concerns

King Charles III

Firstly, I would wish to be clear, while not being an out and out Royalist, I am certainly not a Republicanist, for the last thing I would wish to see in the UK is a President, not when in recent times we could have had President Blair to President Johnson and especially after the fiasco in America with President Trump.

Having the 2 House of Parliament, being the Commons and Lords, while again not really ideal, perhaps it is the best we can wish for, with tghe Monarchy being a figure head, but no more.

I was so sorry for the death of Queen Elizabeth II after 70 years, nearly as long as my own life span. But to haved King Charles III to follow her, is not what I wish for.

Charles by his actions over the years, should have lost the right to be King as his moral behaviours make him or should do, ineligible for the position of Monarch and also to be the Defender of the Faith.

His true love was and was always to be Camilla and it was so wrong of the Queen and Royal protocol to stop him following his heart and to marrying year in his youth. For him to then be allowed to court and marry Diana was also wrong for in his heart he was always with Camilla, which events have proved. Diana was brought in for one purpose only and that was to provide a heir to the throne, which she did with William and even a spare with Harry. Unfortunately, even though the Court PR was good, it was never to be that a long lasting marriage between Charles and Diana was to be, no matter how much the public wish for it to be. The eventual tragic death of Diana was also something which should have never occurred and, even though investigation have been done, there are still way too many unanswered questions about the, so called, accident in Paris. The secrecy of the Government, Secret Services and even the Royal establishment will never be fully known.

We were promised that Camilla would never be Queen, well, so much for promises for they are as believed as any Government promise, never to be achieved.

William will be a much better King than Charles will ever be.

I feel Charles should do the decent thing and forgo this opportunity to be Monarch and pass it over to William.

Camilla is to be given the Queen Mother’s priceless 1937 crown containing the Koh-i-Noor diamond | Daily Mail Online

EXCLUSIVE: The insertion of his wife’s title was included as part of a general reworking of plans for the Westminster Abbey ceremony up to five years ago, a senior palace source said.


So Camilla will be referred to as Queen Consort when Charles finally becomes King, but will that be so for many in the UK.

For Camilla will always be, for some in the UK, as the other woman, in the marriage of Charles and Diana, and while Diana was also not squeaky clean in the marriage did she really deserve to be deceived in that way.

Some say that Diana was only brought in to ensure that Charles produced heirs, but, if true was that right for does it not go against the sanctity of marriage. Was the existence of Camilla the reason that Diana went against her own marriage vows. Also what does this say about the example set by the UK institution of the Royal Family.

The example set is not very good, but then as marriage in the UK Royal Family or even any royal family been a good example.

There was the infamous Henry VIII and many others, even in this current family the life of Princess Margaret and her marriages and affairs, let alone the Life of Prince Andrew.

Is this family really the example that we in the UK should follow.

But Queen Elizabeth II has lead a good life and been a very great asset to the UK, as we are told she has put Country first, before family, but we have only The Firm responses to put this forward and by what degree can you trust an institution which is so closed in many respects.

We all have our own opinions and we have a right to our own opinions.

Myself I wish to have a Royal Family, but really one in which I can really believe in, but I know that will never be.

But I feel I would rather retain this British concept, as what would be the alternative, well it could have been President Blair some years ago and currently it would have been President Boris, neither of which I would have wished to have.


Source: Camilla is to be given the Queen Mother’s priceless 1937 crown containing the Koh-i-Noor diamond | Daily Mail Online

Camilla shouldn’t be Queen, say public: And four in ten say Charles should step aside and let William be king

Original post from Daily Mail


  • Majority of British public doesn’t want to Camilla to be Queen, poll reveals 
  • Nation is completely split on whether Prince Charles should become king 
  • Princes William and Harry are the most popular members of royal family 
  • Prince Andrew languishes at the bottom of the popularity table

A majority of the public does not want Camilla to become queen if Prince Charles succeeds to the throne, a poll for the Daily Mail reveals today.

And the nation is completely split on whether Charles should become king at all.

Only 43 per cent believe he should ascend to the throne compared with an almost identical number saying he should stand aside in favour of his elder son Prince William.

William and Prince Harry are the most popular members of the Royal Family, closely followed by the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge.

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Four out of ten people think Prince Charles should give up his right to be king so the crown passes straight to William (pictured with his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge)

Prince Andrew languishes at the bottom of the popularity table, with his brother Edward not far ahead. Camilla and Andrew are the only two royals who are more disliked than liked, according to the poll.

Despite courtiers’ efforts to have Camilla accepted into the nation’s hearts, 55 per cent are against the Duchess of Cornwall becoming queen when her husband becomes king.

This is down from 73 per cent opposition at the time of her wedding to Charles in April 2005, but shows she has yet to win over most of the country.

However, she is no longer regarded as the main culprit for the break-up of Charles’s marriage to Princess Diana. The prince himself is held most to blame by 39 per cent, followed by Diana on 13 per cent and Camilla on 12 per cent.


There is still great affection for Diana, who died in a Paris car crash 18 years ago, with a substantial majority saying she would have made a better queen than Camilla.

Intriguingly, the younger generation is most attached to her even though many of them were not old enough to remember her when she was alive. Among 18 to 24-year-olds, two out of three would have preferred Diana to be queen, while only 3 per cent backed Camilla.

Charles’s wedding to Camilla divided the country at the time, and ten years on people remain uncertain about its wider significance for the Royal Family. Fifteen per cent said the marriage had strengthened the monarchy but 24 per cent believed it had weakened it; just over half felt it had no impact.

Camilla, 67, was once reviled as the woman whose love affair with Charles, 66, destroyed his relationship with Diana, who was 36 when she died in 1997.


Prince William and his son George

Four out of ten people say Prince Charles should give up his right to be king so the crown passes straight to William.

Britain is evenly split on the question of whether Charles should succeed to the throne when the Queen dies, the poll reveals.

William has the female vote, with 43 per cent of women saying he should be the next monarch compared to 37 per cent of men.

Young people are also much more likely to favour the Duke of Cambridge as king, with 53 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds urging his father to step aside.

But 43 per cent of the public back Charles to take over from his mother, with a clear majority of over-55s wanting him as Britain’s next monarch.

The findings suggest that support for the Prince of Wales to wear the crown may actually have dipped slightly in the past decade.

In 2005 a survey found that 53 per cent of people thought he should be king despite his marriage to Camilla, and 43 per cent said he should not.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall outside St George's Chapel, Windsor after their civil wedding in 2004

Senior officials at Clarence House have nurtured the duchess’s image with carefully chosen public appearances. She has won widespread praise for her charity work, dedication to attending royal functions around the country and emergence as a style icon for older women.

The Duchess of Cornwall is patron or president of 85 charities, and has undertaken nearly 1,700 royal engagements in Britain and more than 600 abroad since 2005.

Yet the survey reveals how Camilla’s past continues to affect how she is perceived. Just over a third said they had grown to like her more over the past decade, and nearly two-thirds thought Charles was happier with her than he ever was with Diana.

Prince Andew languishes at the bottom of the popularity table

But only a quarter felt the Duchess of Cornwall had been a good influence on the Royal Family, and a similar proportion argued that her marriage to the prince had ‘stained’ the royals’ reputation.

Four in ten say Charles should give up his right to be king so the crown passes straight to William. Among those aged 18 to 24, that figure rises to 53 per cent.

But overall 43 per cent of the public back Charles to take over from his mother, with a clear majority of over-55s wanting him as the next monarch.

Support for the monarchy itself remains very high, with the 88-year-old Queen and the younger royals – William, Harry and Kate – hugely popular.

By contrast, Prince Andrew was least popular, with only 30 per cent liking him. Charles, Prince Philip and Princess Anne were ranked in the middle.

Only 19 per cent would back turning Britain into a republic, although the figure rises to 36 per cent in Scotland, perhaps a by-product of the SNP’s unsuccessful independence campaign last year. Charles, who is said to favour a ‘slimmed down’ monarchy, will be buoyed by the finding that 56 per believe that the royals should be reduced to the Queen’s immediate family only.

By law Camilla will automatically become Queen Consort when Charles is king, but privately officials continue to debate whether she should use a lesser title to avoid controversy.

The official position has been that she intends to be known as Princess Consort, but in recent years Camilla and Charles have dropped a number of hints that they would like her to be queen.

Asked in 2010 whether his wife would take the title, Charles replied: ‘We’ll see, won’t we? That could be.’

The duchess herself says ‘You never know’ when she faces questions about whether she will become queen.

Nearly two-thirds of people thought Charles was happier with Camilla than he ever was with Diana (pictured)


Princes William and Harry are the most popular members of the royal family, the survey found.

Nearly eight out of ten people said they ‘liked’ the princes, with the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen receiving similarly high ratings.

Women were significantly more likely to approve of the younger royals – 84 per cent said they were fans of Prince Harry compared to 75 per cent of men.

By contrast, Prince Andrew was the least popular of the royals, with only 30 per cent of respondents saying they liked him.

Prince Charles, his father Prince Philip and his sister Princess Anne were ranked in the middle.

Camilla divided opinions most sharply. Thirty-four per cent of people said they liked her, but 38 per cent disliked her.

The survey did not ask people what they thought of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son Prince George, who is now nearly two.

Princes William and Harry are the most popular members of the royal family