Change.Org Petition To Remove IDS And Cameron As Motability Patrons

Same Difference

Readers, after Same Difference covered this story yesterday, we found this petition, which we’ve since signed. At time of writing it has over 7000 signatures in under 24 hours.

We the undersigned call on Declan Mahoney CEO of Motability, Mike Betts, Executive Director and the Committee of Motability Operations Group PLC, to remove David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith as Patrons of Motability.

Both David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith, in their roles as elected MPs and members of the Conservative Party have done, and are still doing, everything in their power to remove motability vehicles from sick and disabled people who really need them to maintain their mobility and independence. We consider it to be hypocritical in the extreme and in very poor taste that these two politicians should be patrons of a charity designed to give people freedom and independence while, at the same time, attempting to remove…

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Distributing the Posters – a new idea!

Hannah's unprivate mind

So as some of you know, I have been working on a campaign called #KnowDyspraxia – for those of you who don’t know about it: the main idea/aim of the campaign is to make people aware of dyspraxia so that people who have it are more likely to get an earlier diagnosis. I say ‘earlier’, but seeing as it is still quite unheard of, many people who have it spend their whole lives not even knowing that the word dyspraxia even exists. Anyway, you can read more about my campaign on the #KnowDyspraxia contents page.

So far I have made a video, which I think has been quite successful, view wise.

I also then made these four posters.

Balance JPEGNeat Writing JPEGwhich left poster- hannah finished (new)What time is it JPEG

If you have read my previous blogs, you will be aware that my aim was to put them up around primary schools. I then had a crazy idea to put…

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Charities told to keep quiet or lose government contracts

Charities told to keep quiet or lose government contracts from DPAC

An extract ‘

New research reveals that charities and other voluntary groups are often absent from campaigns to tackle the root causes of poverty. A report released today shows that voluntary groups, especially those under contract to government, face threats to remain silent about their experiences and many are fearful to speak out in case they lose their funding or face other sanctions.

The findings show a climate of fear and threats to free speech.   ……………………..’