Cancer patient forced to rely on food banks says DWP needs to ‘wake up’ to the ‘cruelty’ of Universal Credit : Welfare Weekly

A cancer patient says she has been forced to rely on food banks after being refused Universal Credit.

Source: Cancer patient forced to rely on food banks says DWP needs to ‘wake up’ to the ‘cruelty’ of Universal Credit : Welfare Weekly

Dwindling tropical rainforests mean lost medicines yet to be discovered in their plants : The Conversation

Destruction of rainforests through wildfires or deforestation may harm human health. As these forests disappear, we may be losing precious medicinal plants that hold treatments for various diseases.

Source: Dwindling tropical rainforests mean lost medicines yet to be discovered in their plants : The Conversation

Dr Michael Mosley reveals the truth about processed meat and cancer | Daily Mail Online

The news last week was enough to make anyone wonder what to believe about healthy eating.

For more than a decade, Government agencies have warned us to cut down on the red and processed meat we eat. But last week, as one reporter put it: ‘Health chiefs have revealed bacon is safe to eat after all!’

We had previously been told that more than a few rashers of bacon a week could increase our risk of bowel cancer by as much as 20 per cent. The safe daily limit for red meat was 70g – equivalent to half a beefburger, one-and-a-half sausages, or just a third of an 8oz steak.

Like most people, I was confused as to how seriously to take these claims, but cut back anyway.

One in 14 men and one in 19 women will be diagnosed with bowel cancer during their lifetime. And no one wants any additional risk. But then, last week, came what appeared to be a major scientific flip-flop.


Source: Dr Michael Mosley reveals the truth about processed meat and cancer | Daily Mail Online

Thousands Of Terminally ill Are Denied Benefits

Yet another large area of problems with the welfare benefits system and the processes concerned, based on Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment Benefits.

As stated in the article the 6 months rule incorporated in the Welfare Reform Act 1990 was not based on any medical input and even if it had been clinical knowledge has advance by ‘leaps and bounds’.

Clinicians should be solely responsible, in these situation not some DWP offical with no clinical knowledge and therefore has no creditability to make any form of clinical decisions.

I have said before and will do again the the DWP processes should be ‘person-centred’ and not ‘system-centred’.

This, of course, assumes that the DWP and its officals are willing to ensure fair representation for all benefit claiments, which, currently is hard to believe., for it appear that they assume no one is eligible and even when there is much documentation to prove they are this is discounted. One would assume that DWP officials prime consideration is to refuse all benefit applications, based on the results of their practice to follow inhuman conditions.

Are DWP officals really devoid of any feelings and just react as automatons, surely not!!

Cancer breakthrough: Scientists say immune system transplants mean ‘future is incredibly bright’ : The Telegraph

Scientists have discovered a breakthrough treatment to fight cancer, as they claim the disease will no longer be deadly for future generations.

Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute in London believe it is possible to strengthen the body’s defences by transplanting immune cells from strangers.

Patients will begin to receive the new treatment next year, and the team now wants to establish ‘immune banks’ to store disease-fighting cells.

Immunology expert Professor Adrian Hayday, group leader of the Immunosurveillance Lab at The Crick, said scientists and doctors could become more like engineers, upgrading the body rather than bombarding it with toxic chemotherapy.

“Using the immune system to fight cancer is the ultimate do-it-yourself approach,” he said.


Source: Cancer breakthrough: Scientists say immune system transplants mean ‘future is incredibly bright’ : The Telegraph

To claim PIP ‘I was asked to sign cancer death warrant’

Yet another atrocity, why can’t the Welfare process be flexible as people do not fit into boxes, they are human beings, not objects and it is unlikely that 2 human being will be identical in their requirements, therefore it is extremely difficult to have set guidelines.

PIP procedures need to be flexible so that they can be able to cater for all claimants.

Wife reveals difference in treatment of breast and prostate cancer : Mail Online

When Ana Macedo-Brown heard the doctor say the words she’d been dreading since finding a lump in her breast, she didn’t think things could get worse.

That was until her husband, Dave, took her hand outside the consulting room and said: ‘Well, that makes both of us. I’ve got cancer too.’

In a devastating turn of events, Dave, 64, had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and had kept it a secret, four days before Ana, 56, his wife of 19 years, learned her news.

Six years on, Ana and Dave are cancer-free. But their shared experience sheds light on the starkly different ways in which the medical profession, and indeed wider society, treats these two types of cancer.

As the Mail revealed last month, prostate cancer is now a bigger killer in this country, with more than 11,800 men dying from the disease every year, compared with 11,400 women dying of breast cancer. Despite this, it receives half the research funding and treatments trail a decade behind.

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Source: Wife reveals difference in treatment of breast and prostate cancer : Mail Online

Without Obamacare we could have been saying goodbye

I woke up one morning thinking of her and cried. I knew something was wrong. Still too stubborn to call her, I called my auntie and learned that my mother was scheduled for a biopsy because of a sizable lump in her breast. Soul connected.

I ran home to my mama. I booked a one-way flight to New Orleans, told my job that I wouldn’t be back until I knew she was ok and that they could do whatever they needed to in response. Thankfully, my board picked up the slack until I could return.

By the time my mama was diagnosed with breast cancer, I could see the lump in her breast without touching it. Like a lot of poor people, she waited until she was in significant pain before seeing a doctor. She’d never had stable health insurance before Obamacare so she always worried too much about cost.

Thanks to Obamacare she was able to stop worrying about the cost of her healthcare and focus on healing her body.

And she and I connected like never before. I stood by her side through numerous appointments. I used all the middle class lessons I’d learned since leaving home and advocated on her behalf for better care, shorter waits, more detailed information. I stood next to her every moment I could, and when doctors insisted that I needed t


Source: Without Obamacare we could have been saying goodbye:Daily Kos

Unexpected link between cancer and autism — ScienceDaily

Researchers have observed that a protein called SHANK prevents the spread of breast cancer cells to the surrounding tissue. The SHANK protein has been previously studied only in the central nervous system, and it is known that its absence or gene mutations are related to autism.

Source: Unexpected link between cancer and autism — ScienceDaily