Cannes ‘turned away amputee in flat shoes’

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Film producer Valeria Richter, who has part of her left foot amputated, says she was stopped at the Cannes Film Festival for not wearing high heels.

Apparently red carpet officials pointed at her shoes and said “No, no, this wont work, you can’t get in like this”.

Ms Richter, who was eventually allowed in, spoke after Cannes was accused of turning away women in flat shoes.

The festival has denied heels are part of the official dress code.

A spokeswoman said ushers had been “reminded” of this, suggesting women in flat shoes would now be admitted.

However, numerous festival-goers have reported seeing women being turned away.

Among them was Asif Kapadia – whose Amy Winehouse documentary premiered in Cannes last weekend – who said his wife had been stopped on the red carpet but was “eventually let in”.

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