Council adopted ‘restrictive and wrong interpretation’ of Care Act in cutting brothers’ care, finds court – Community Care

A council wrongly stopped funding family holidays for two disabled brothers by adopting a “restrictive and wrong” intepretation of the Care Act 2014. That was the verdict of the Court of Appeal in a judgment last week, in which it rejected an appeal brought by Suffolk County Council against a High Court ruling last year that […]



Local Authorities (LAs) are so poorly funded after 10 years of austerity cuts and then substantial COVID costs that many do all they can to cut costs to spread the meagre funding for social care as far as they can.

This requires that many needs are left unfunded and in doing so risk legal action, but it is far from easy to undertake legal actions against LAs, due to the Government changing Legal Aid eligibility, so many persons with unmet needs fail because of LAs underfunding and them trying to spread costs further and then the person with unmet needs not being able to bring legal remedies due to the limited eligibility criteria.

This and previous Governments doing all it can to ensure vulnerable people will have many unmet needs outstanding.

But do they care, well not for the vulnerable people.


Source: Council adopted ‘restrictive and wrong interpretation’ of Care Act in cutting brothers’ care, finds court – Community Care

Lost To The Virus- Doreen Chappell

Again and again this Tory Government have let down people with disabilities, be it Welfare Benefits, Social Care and now it is the NHS with Health Care.

Disabled people have rights and these were strengthened through the Care Act 2014 with increased rights for the family carers. But what did this Government do at the start of COVID-19, they created the Coronavirus Act 2020, in which they included areas which removed some of the fought for benefits within the Care Act 2014 and they did this with minimal consultation and Parliament debate.

But the DNRs were being created by the NHS, GPs to be exact and the NHS is not governed by the Care Act 2014, as they have other rules and regulations under which they are supposed to conform, The Hippocratic oath.

The Hippocratic oath covers several important ethical issues between doctors and patients. The oath first establishes that the practitioner of medicine give deference to the creators, teachers, and learners of medicine. … The oath serves as a contract for doctors to work towards the benefit of the health of the public.

Disabled people are members of the public so ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ (DNRs) notices should not be placed on any patient until they have been consulted.

This is a prime example of neglect, one of the safeguarding principles, however, the suspension of the Care Act 2014, in the Coronavirus Act 2020 means that neglect and safeguarding can not be used as a course of action.

One of the main reasons this Government suspended the Care Act 2014 through the Coronavirus Act 2020, but will the Human Rights legislation still be relevant, who knows.

Perhaps not, as at least one Judicial Review has be lost, so another win for this deplorable Government.

Same Difference

If Doreen Chappell’s first marriage was a disaster, her second one was a great success. She was born Doreen Brenda Ward in the East End of London, in 1936; her mother was a seamstress, her father, who had seen action at Gallipoli, later became a telecoms engineer.

It was a working-class household: Doreen left school at 15 to look for a job. Like many young women of the era, she became a typist and secretary, even having elocution classes to improve her chances of getting work.

Doreen married young, at 23. Her family didn’t approve – none of them attended the wedding – and when the marriage began to fall apart, they didn’t step in to help. “They thought that she’d made her bed, so now she should lie in it,” says her son, Simon. Doreen’s husband would disappear for weeks at a time, leaving her with the children…

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UK’s lack of social care is hitting disabled people in Covid-19 lockdown | Vox Political

The United Kingdom is the fifth- or sixth-richest nation in the world; we should be able to afford to handle Covid-19 while still giving the best-quality care to those who need it. But we don’…

Source: UK’s lack of social care is hitting disabled people in Covid-19 lockdown | Vox Political

Two councils return to Care Act compliance leaving five authorities suspending duties | Community Care

Article updated 22 May Birmingham and Sunderland councils have returned to applying the Care Act 2014 in full after a period suspending certain duties using emergency powers under the Coronavirus Act 2020. The authorities’ decisions means there are five councils operating the so-called Care Act easements – Coventry, Derbyshire, Solihull, Staffordshire and Warwickshire – down […]

Source: Two councils return to Care Act compliance leaving five authorities suspending duties | Community Care

Social Care and the crisis it is in | Carer Voice

Social Care has been the forgotten health facility, well certainly by this Government and many previous Governments, for far too many years.  So, Social Care has been existing on budgets which are …

Source: Social Care and the crisis it is in | Carer Voice

Coronavirus: Disabled people are forgotten by government strategy

A spokesperson added: “We are working closely with local authorities and the food industry to maintain access and deliver essential items to those who are most vulnerable, and are clear that where possible urgent and acute care needs should continue to be met.”

Unfortunately this Government would not recognise urgent and acute care needs, because they are totally uncaring.

The most vulnerable need much more than access and delivery of essential items, but also essential services, benefits and many others.

They have brought in a new welfare system, which is worst than the previous system, just to cut much needed benefits to those most in need on the pretext the new benefits would be delivered with less cost than previously. However, this has proved to be untrue and costs much more.

They have starved Local Authorities (LAs) of funding for council services on the pretext of austerity cuts, which in turn has meant that the LAs have had to cut funding for Social Care, which has been short of funding for years.

With the Coronavirus (COVID 19) situation they included the suspension of the Care Act 2014 in the Coronavirus Bill to allow LAs to cut more services which are in much demand by vulnerable people.

There will be other ways this Government are putting forward actions to make vulnerable people worse off.

At every turn this Government is making the lives of vulnerable people unbearable, is it to ensure that vulnerable people cease to exist.

Is this, in a way, a means to an end to reduce the number of vulnerable people within the UK, thereby leaving more resource for the elite rich.

Many elderly people 75 years ago won a war against a similar Government who wished to rid their country of vulnerable people and also non-Aryans, so is this Government trying to emulate the Third Reich.

I would hope not but in Germany pre-1939 the then German Government brought in measures to isolate those who were deemed to be not Ayran, so could this Government be doing the same to those who deemed to be not rich, thereby leaving more resources to the people this Government tends to support, the rich elite.

Universal Credit: Mentally ill man asked how often he changes his underwear

What is wrong with the DWP or more correctly what is wrong with the DWP Benefit assessors, for they appear to go out of their way to humiliate certain claimants.

A qualified doctor certified that a 35-year-old benefit claimant was unfit for work due to their mental health issues, but a DWP assessor found the opposite and also asked extremely humiliating questions.

How can this be deemed to be right?

This form of assessing needs to be stopped immediately.

It is in fact a form of abuse to a vulnerable person, which is against the Care Act 2014 or is the DWP excluding from such legislation?

MedicineGov Virtual Conference 8 November 2018 | Carer Voice

For the Virtual Conference I, Chris Sterry, produced a number of videos on a number of subjects relating to caring. Unfortunately, at that time, I was suffering with a severe chest infection and this has, in some respects, affected the sound quality.

The subjects being :

Carer Voice Project

Chris Sterry discussing the Carer Voice Project that he and 2 other learning disability carers and a student from University of Sheffield were involved with. A project based on the principles of Co-production around communication between LD Carers and Service Providers. The final outcome was various documents which hopefully could be used by providers to help with communication between themselves and family carers.

Chris can be contacted on


Source: MedicineGov Virtual Conference 8 November 2018 | Carer Voice