We just need to think…

Well said, unfortunately the likes of these politicians have no idea how their policies affect a large proportion of the UK as they themselves do not have to worry or need the employment that they undertake.

The care industry will be on its knees and those to be cared for will go uncared for. That is if there are persons left to be cared for, what with all the sanctions and cuts to local authority budgets, which will eventually cause their demise.

Poppy's Place

It’s funny. Everyday there is something in the papers or online that rattles my cage and makes me want to write stuff. And, almost always, it’s something the Government has done, is about to do or is thinking seriously about doing that gets me incensed enough for me to get itchy typing fingers and for the words to flow. I sometimes wonder if I should write David Cameron a thank-you note. Honestly. f it wasn’t for him I’d find myself with very little to say.

Yesterday, I wrote my blog about bed-blocking in hospitals due to the paucity of Social Care in the community. Today my ire has been raised by the Government’s plans to deport people, who are not EU citizens, from the start of April. Two different topics but topics that are, none the less, inter-connected. Many of the dedicated men and women who are employed by agencies…

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