Developments in Adult Social Care Bulletin: December 2017

Welcome to the December 2017 Developments in Adult Social Care Bulletin. This bulletin contains brief details of news, research reports, guidance, journal articles and government policy relating to adult social care.


Source: Developments in Adult Social Care Bulletin: December 2017

What about the carers and loved ones presents at Christmas asks The Purple Angel founder | Care Industry News

Prolific on social media he spends his time talking about dementia, changing people’s opinions and furthering the course for people to live well with dementia. A fight that can only be won with public support.

The Purple Angel campaign is now recognised across the globe.

Norman or Norrms as he prefers to be called sent Care Industry News a comment on living with dementia and the people he works with; particularly at Christmas.

“I sit and often think that a lot of the time it’s the loved ones who miss out at Christmas, the carers and those who make sure we, with dementia, are ok, so how can we help at this special time? Well here`s one way I hope ….

“If you know someone who has dementia this Christmas and is living with a wife, husband, loved one, family member or carers please ask them what their spouse used to like or do etc. when they were younger.  This disease is all about short term memory but most of us can remember way, way back with clarity. Once they have told you, it might be something like favourite sweets, songs, singers etc.

“Then, all you have to do without the spouse, person who hasn’t got dementia etc. knowing is to go, out and buy that as a present, wrap it and put under tree and wait until Christmas day.

“Can you imagine the person with dementia giving such a present to a loved one, especially when it’s something they both used to do, or listen to, or cherish together?? And how amazing that would be? Imagine the look on their faces when they receive this and ask WHO GOT THIS?? And you say MY DAD did, or my MUM did or whoever has dementia did?? How wonderful would that be?


Source: What about the carers and loved ones presents at Christmas asks The Purple Angel founder | Care Industry News

Sheffield Opening Doors for Disabled People and Carers | Disability Sheffield

Some of Sheffield’s high street businesses are about to turnaround Government research that shows disabled people find shopping one of the most difficult experiences in their lives. Going to the cinema, theatre and gigs, going out for a drink or a restaurant are going to get easier.

Disability Sheffield has teamed up with Sheffield City Council and Nimbus to offer a new Access Card for disabled people and a Carers Card to anyone caring for someone in Sheffield.

As part of the Accessible Sheffield project the aim is to make life easier for people.

Andrew Crooks, a wheelchair user from Disability Sheffield, said: “The Access Cards translate people’s disabilities into symbols which show the barriers they might face and the adjustments they might need. This means people are made aware, in a discrete and quick way, about the help they might need – like access to concessionary ticket prices – without having to go into loads of detail.

Source: Sheffield Opening Doors for Disabled People and Carers | Disability Sheffield

Care for Social Care – Medium

2016 ended with greater attention than I can ever remember being paid to adult social care — the positive difference it can make to people’s lives and the dreadful impact it can have when it fails. Much of the debate focused on the need for increased funding, while others called for an overhaul of the system and enhanced rights for people using services.

I am glad that the spotlight is shining brightly on adult social care — it has been hidden from view for far too long: overshadowed by the NHS; obscured by a lack of understanding about its role, contribution, structure and funding; and neglected either because people think they won’t need social care and/or have little sympathy with those that do.

Quality matters

But while increasing understanding, tackling funding and improving integration with the NHS are all vital; none of this activity should ignore the necessity to focus on improving quality too. Yes, enough resources are crucial but what is done with those resources ‎is equally important.

Source: Care for Social Care – Medium

Call for carers to be made exempt from hospital car parking charges : Welfare Weekly.

A tax on the sick. With all the dealys at hospitals re appointments will they provide refunds re parking charges, if not the hospitals could be charged with deliberately creating delays to bring in even more money.

Carers want recognition and true collaboration with services | Disability UK Blog

Liz Norton is a carer who looks after a family member who lives with mental health issues.  Last month, Liz, fellow carer Rose Chitseko and colleagues from Healthwatch Essex visited the Department …

Source: Carers want recognition and true collaboration with services | Disability UK Blog