Family Facing Deportation From Australia Because Of Son’s CP

I agree with you.

This is disgraceful that residency can be judged on the disability of a child and the related cost to Australia.

Yes, this is how it is in Australia today.

This is blatant disability discrimination, which I  would not have thought possible in such a progressive country as Australia. For this means it does not matter, what people have been doing in Australia, working there and producing wealth, not just for themselves, but also Australia, for when they have children and if they dared to have a child with disabilities, this could affect the decision whether they could stay in Australia. It shows that these parents have not been really valued by Australia, perhaps these parents should be able to claim from Australia a cost related to their time in Australia and the benefit Australia has had from them.

This is not what should be expected from, a so called, civilised country, as Australia, appears, to take what they want and then discard, when they feel there will be additional costs to Australia.

For this is totally disgraceful and Australia should be ashamed of themselves. This is a form of abuse, disability abuse.

Same Difference

I can’t describe how sad and angry I am after reading this. I have Cerebral Palsy and am a British Asian. I have grown up in the UK. I can’t imagine anything like this happening here. The fact that this child was actually born in Australia just makes the situation 1000 times worse in my eyes.

Australia’s disability discrimination commissioner has called on the immigration minister, Alex Hawke, to intervene “in a humane way” in a case in which a family is facing deportation because their six-year-old son has a disability.

On Tuesday night Ben Gauntlett was quizzed at Senate estimates about the plight of Australian-born Kayaan Katyal, and his parents, Varun and Priyanka, who are facing deportation after being rejected for permanent residency last month.

The ABC, which revealed the case on Sunday, reported that the family had been told in a rejection letter that Kayaan would cost…

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Woman With Cerebral Palsy Removed From Alton Towers Ride

This is extremely disgraceful and shows training is sadly lacking at Alton Towers, for it was not only one member of Alton Towers staff who displayed the disgusting and disgraceful actions to Hannah and her sister, but a number of them.

Not only should they receive a full apology from Alton Towers, but they should also be given unlimited free admission and entry to all rides for life.

Same Difference

A woman with cerebral palsy was left in tears after being publicly removed from a ride at Alton Towers.
“Adrenaline junkie” Hannah and her sister Becky Cheetham visited the resort on Monday to celebrate a birthday.
In a Facebook post addressed to the park, the sisters wrote they had an unforgettable day “for all the wrong reasons.”
Alton Towers said it was “deeply sorry” for the incident.
Ms Cheetham, who is in a wheelchair, has visited the park every year and has previously gone on every ride she wanted.
When the sisters, from Greater Manchester, went to go on the Smiler ride, a park worker shouted “she can’t walk” to another co-worker, “embarrassing” them by shouting “insecurities across the ride for a crowd of people to hear”.
They arrived at another ride, Rita, where workers watched as Ms Cheetham carried her sister to the ride.
Once strapped in, they were…

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Lost Vice Guy WINS Britain’s Got Talent 2018

Well done to Lost Voice Guy and wish him well when he performs at the Royal Variety Performance later this year.

I also say well done to the runner up Robert White.

Same Difference

Same Difference is thrilled to report that one of our editor’s favourite DisAbled comedians, Lost Voice Guy (Lee Ridley) has just won Britain’s Got Talent 2018.

This us the moment we have been wishing for for the last two months, ever since we heard he was on the show. But, he’s not a singer, and everyone knows singers usually win BGT- unless dancers are lucky- so we didn’t dare to hope it might actually happen!!

Yet happen it has. Here’s his winning routine:

And here’s his winner’s speech- with a joke thrown in, of course:

Same Difference wouldn’t be Same Difference unless we also gave a shout out and sincere well done to the runner up, Robert White, who has Asperger’s. Here is his final routine:

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What is Cerebral Palsy? | Umove Physio | Stay Fit!

Cerebral Palsy is a gathering of scatters that influence adjusts, development, and muscle tone. “Cerebral” means the turmoil is identified with the mind, and “paralysis” alludes to the shortcoming or a muscle issue.

CP begins in the territory of the cerebrum that controls the capacity to move muscles. Cerebral paralysis can happen when that piece of the cerebrum doesn’t create as it should, or when it is harmed appropriate around the season of birth or ahead of schedule in life.

The vast majority with cerebral paralysis are conceived with it. That is called “innate” CP. Yet, it can likewise begin after birth, in which case it’s called “gained” CP.

Individuals with cerebral paralysis can have gentle issues with muscle control, or it could be severe to the point that they can’t walk. A few people with CP experience issues talking. Others have scholarly incapacities, while many have typical knowledge.


Source: What is Cerebral Palsy? | Umove Physio | Stay Fit!

Disabled Comedian Ted Shiress Refused Uber In Cardiff On NYE

A disabled man refused an Uber ride home from a Cardiff party on New Year’s Eve has said he is convinced it was because of his cerebral palsy.

Ted Shiress, who walks with a frame, said the taxi driver drove off after being asked to move closer so he could get in the car.

The 30-year-old said his friend was then charged a £4 cancellation fee for not using the ride.

Mr Shiress said he was “used to things like this happening”, adding “you get a bit jaded after a while”.

Uber has since apologised to Mr Shiress on Twitter.


Source: Disabled Comedian Ted Shiress Refused Uber In Cardiff On NYE

Could mutations and inherited genes play a role in cerebral palsy? Faulty genes as possible cause of hemiplegic cerebral palsy — ScienceDaily

Hemiplegic cerebral palsy hampers movement in one side of a person’s body. In the first genetic study of its kind to exclusively focus on those with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, a group of researchers has investigated the genetic differences and hereditary factors involved in this neurodevelopmental condition.

Source: Could mutations and inherited genes play a role in cerebral palsy? Faulty genes as possible cause of hemiplegic cerebral palsy — ScienceDaily

“We had never thought about disability seriously until Oliver was born”

It is great when we all hear stories such as these, especially in the current climate of many areas of negativity.

In general the Learning Disability community may not be a vast as some other forms of disability, although there are vast numbers of persons with LD with its many related conditions and each person may be different in many ways, but the numbers of related condition and their effects are may be more vast than other disability areas.

LD is an unknown for many within the UK and its press and Government perception is not generally good, thus progressing the negativity relating to LD to the public at large. But this negativity is certainly very misplaced and this negativity needs to be urgently reversed.

While the LD community is very progressive more collective activity needs to be generated and not only between the large national charities, as there are many local independent small and relatively large charities and a vast arrange of support groups, which in the very austere financial climate are not receiving sufficient funding and in many vases no funding at all.

Now is the time for all to come together and in doing so all other related medically based charities to provide wherever possible a joint solid front to the authorities especially on a local level and with these local authorities to central government, which will eventually achieve more for us all and enhance the lives of our loved ones.

Scope's Blog

Chris is taking part in RideLondon for Scope next weekend. When his son, Oliver, was born with an undiagnosed condition, Chris didn’t know who to turn to for support.

We had never thought about disability seriously until Oliver was born. Oliver has an undiagnosed genetic condition which has certain physical manifestations. He was born with fused fingers and he has a cleft palate. He has some other conditions and a severe learning disability but it’s quite hard to describe. If your child has Cerebral Palsy or something that has a name, then you know where to go because there are people who will support you for that.

Oliver, a young child wearing glasses, smiles

We’ve also found out that Oliver is very strongly on the autistic spectrum as well. This came as quite a surprise to us because he has a very good sense of humour. He is very naughty but not in a bad way. He…

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Nightclub Turns Away 19 Year Old Woman With CP

Same Difference

A teenager with cerebral palsy was left in tears after being refused entry to Visions Video Bar in Dalston, east London, last week by a manager and two security staff because of her condition.

Katouche Goll, 19, told BuzzFeed News that she was turned away as part of the club’s policy not to let disabled people into the venue for health and safety reasons.

Goll has lived with cerebral palsy – which affects mobility and coordination – since birth and needs to use two canes or crutches to get around when she’s outside her home.

Goll arrived at the nightclub on Friday night just before 11:30pm. She said the bouncers initially mistook her for a passer-by. “They thought I was trying to get past them to continue down the street, but I explained to them that I was here to come to Visions,” she said.

“At first they asked me…

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Can I Sue If My Child Has Cerebral Palsy? **Attorney cerebral palsy | Take care of your body and

Cerebral palsy is the most common developmental disability among children in the United States. According to the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, approximately 764,000 children and adults in the U…

Source: Can I Sue If My Child Has Cerebral Palsy? **Attorney cerebral palsy | Take care of your body and