CETA: Jean-Claude Juncker tells Belgium to change constitution over EU-Canada trade deal | UK | News | Daily Express

One of the many reasons that the UK voted for Brexit, Juncker assumes he is more important, influential and a power figure than he is, but within time this could be how the EU becomes. Currently each of the 28 are in most respects are individual countries, but the power mad EU Bureaucrats are ahead of themselves, but give them the opportunity and they will gain and exert this power, in which case the remaining 27 will cease to exist as individual countries. I hope all of the 27 are happy with this forth coming situation.


RANTING Jean-Claude Juncker has been issued with an extraordinary reprimand by a fellow top eurocrat after he ordered Belgium’s government to change its constitution or face serious consequences.

Source: CETA: Jean-Claude Juncker tells Belgium to change constitution over EU-Canada trade deal | UK | News | Daily Express

Parliament the Belgian Wallonia Approves Ceta Agreement- Politik – Süddeutsche.de

  • The Regional Parliament of Wallonia had initially refused its consent to the FTA and so delayed the signing.
  • Now voted the majority of Members of the consent of Belgium to Ceta.
  • The give in the region was made possible by an additional explanation for the contract.
 The regional parliament of the Belgian Walloon Region did take action and the Belgian Government allows the controversial trade agreement Ceta between the EU andCanada to sign. 58 MPs voted by the Belgian news agency Belga for five against. The Socialists and Christian Democrats voted accordingly it together with the opposition Liberals.Green and Communists voted against the permit.

Source: (2)Belgien: Parlament der Wallonie billigt Ceta-Abkommen – Politik – Süddeutsche.de

‘The EU is IMPOSSIBLE!’ Canada walks out of trade talks after SEVEN years : Express.

The truth be told, I believe that the view of the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels to be correct. These trade deals CETA and TTIP would give too much power to the multinationals, who would be governing all the EU and not the EU, but also the sovereign governments of each country.