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Childbirth is miraculous, beautiful, traumatic, and overwhelming, all at the same time, for both the baby and the mother. But for many children born today, squeezing through the birth canal is the easy part. Soon after birth, males born to North American women routinely face amputation of a fully functioning, healthy organ – the foreskin.

Circumcision is so commonplace in North America, it has long been considered the norm. The World Health Organization estimates the male circumcision rate in the U.S. to be 76% to 92%, while the rates in most of the Western European countries are less than 20%. Globally, more than 80% of the world’s men are left intact. An intact penis is not rare – an intact penis is the norm.

Medical professionals tell parents that circumcision is relatively painless, just a snip and it is over. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from the rare but possible complications, which include mutilation of the penis or death, the practice of circumcision is painful and traumatic.


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Airlines Ask U.S. Not to Fly Detained Kids on Their Flights – Bloomberg

American Airlines Group Inc. and United Continental Holdings Inc. asked the U.S. government not to fly immigrant children separated from their families on their aircraft as President Donald Trump said he was abandoning his “zero tolerance” border-enforcement policy.

In joining critics of the U.S. detention of the youngsters, the carriers highlighted a central mystery in the political and human-rights crisis: Federal officials weren’t saying how the children were being ferried from near the U.S.-Mexico border to a network of facilities in 17 states.

“Based on our serious concerns about this policy and how it’s in deep conflict with our company’s values, we have contacted federal officials to inform them that they should not transport immigrant children on United aircraft who have been separated from their parents,” United Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz said Wednesday in an emailed statement. Southwest Airlines Co. issued a similar statement.

Frontier Airlines Inc. and Spirit Airlines Inc. said they wouldn’t knowingly transport migrant children away from their families. Delta Air Lines Inc. applauded Trump’s order to end the separations, calling them “disheartening.”

Airlines said, however, that they didn’t know if the government was transporting immigrant children on their flights. Most major airlines have contracts to transport federal employees, but that doesn’t mean they know who’s being flown on any particular flight.

‘Brave Men and Women’

“These airlines clearly do not understand our immigration laws and the long-standing devastating loopholes that have caused the crisis at our southern border,” Tyler Houlton, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, said via Twitter.


Source: Airlines Ask U.S. Not to Fly Detained Kids on Their Flights – Bloomberg

Male Circumscision – is it Child Abuse?

I Agree and this should be outlawed in any civilisation.

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We have no problem whatsoever in declaring that female circumcision is child abuse. If a parent allows their female child to be mutilated then most civilised people would shout loudly that it is wrong.

It does not matter if the parents erroneously believe that it is a religious practice.

Religious practices are not above the law.

Some religious practice declares that it is not only alright, but an absolute mandate from god, to take the life of a nonbeliever. It is never right.

Some religious belief declares that it is right for a wife to throw herself on the funeral pyre of her husband.

Female circumcision is an abuse. It is wrong. It is illegal. It never should happen.

Neither should male circumcision be allowed. It is nowhere near as bad as female mutilation but it is the same principle. A child should not be subjected to such a mutilation…

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Catholic Care and Home Office v Kevin Raymond Young 14 Nov 2006 Supreme Court (St Camillus and Medomsley)

Another case of historical sexual abuse that when originally reported never got past first base. This rejection coupled with the original abuses will have created untold major problems for the abused and for then to deliberate on the Statue of Limitations beggars belief, just what is our justice systems wishing to achieve. For it should be that those who commit criminal acts should be brought to book and not orchestrate means to minimise this. There may be good cause for Statute of Limitations on some aspects, but others should be exempt especially those of a sexual nature.

The victim needs to be a major consideration as they had little or no choice in the actions committed, unlike their abusers.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Kevin Young suffered horrendous sexual abuse as a child must have suffered again having to go through these court ordeals.

Kevin, went to Consett Police Station, when he came out of Medomsley, told them of his sexual abuse, and even showed them the ligature marks on his neck. He was told that to make allegations against a Prison Officer was a criminal offence when on licence.

Who was that callous police officer?

Kevin got on with life as best as he could and became a succesful businessman owning 22 cafes, and a large security business. But after literally bumping into his abuser in York who had become a Reverend in the United Reform Church, he went to pieces. He went from having a £2m business to a recluse, such is the effect of PTSD and mental illness following abuse.

Husband was tried in 2003 for a small fraction of his…

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Rochdale child sex-gang lawyers blasted as ‘SHAMEFUL’ for behaviour in deportation appeals : Express.

In a democracy the law is there for everyone, even those who you would deem it not to be, for if it was not then that is mob rule and once that is in abundance then that is the demise of democracy.

The public should not be taken as the judge and jury, because then the rule of Law and Order will not be recognised and the mob can then turn on anyone be they guilty or not.

This was evident in 1644-1646, the Witch hunts and Witch Finder General, do we really wish to go back.

The child abuse inquiry has been devastatingly inept – but it must go on | James Rhodes | Opinion | The Guardian

The key issue for me, and probably for most of the survivors who this inquiry was designed to give a voice to, is one of trust. Theresa May fought for this inquiry.She fought for us. Back in July 2014 when she announced it as home secretary, you could almost see the eye-rolling going on among certain Tory party members. Yet, to her immense credit, she persevered. And then came the catalogue of mistakes, disasters and obstructions that, to all but the most naive of us, simply scream cover-up.

Source: The child abuse inquiry has been devastatingly inept – but it must go on | James Rhodes | Opinion | The Guardian

Ongoing failure to tackle “national scandal” of female genital mutilation – News from Parliament – UK Parliament

Home Affairs Committee report on female genital mutilation calls for mandatory reporting duty

Source: *Ongoing failure to tackle “national scandal” of female genital mutilation – News from Parliament – UK Parliament


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Pupils at a school queued for an entire lunchtime and still went without food – Wales Online

This school needs educating in lunch time procedures, the children will have paid for a school lunch and therefore should have allowed one of their choice.  Schools are run by supposedly educated people, so this situation should never be allowed to occur.

There is no mention of any staff going without lunch, so I assume they all had lunch. In many cases the children would have had an extremely early breakfast, if at all, so would then have had to waiting for their evening meal, if they were to have one. So in some cases children could have to go without food for 10 hours or more. In some instances the school lunch could the the only substantial meal that a child will receive.

The school should be ashamed for inflicting this on children who are within their care and was it any better the next and the next, etc.


The school’s head teacher said ‘some initial adjustments need to be made’

Source: Pupils at a school queued for an entire lunchtime and still went without food – Wales Online