Children’s commissioner for England: Government must revoke changes to statutory duties | CYP Now

The Children’s Commissioner for England has called on the government to revoke the “unnecessary” relaxation of regulations designed to protect the country’s most vulnerable children.

Source: Children’s commissioner for England: Government must revoke changes to statutory duties | CYP Now

Scandal of the young carers under FIVE: Staggering 160 infants are looking after a family member : Daily Mail.

It goes without saying that care in the UK is way under funded. Care agencies are having difficulties due to lack of sufficient funding from councils, care workers are not paid sufficiently to acknowledge the responsibilities they have and need to the persons they are caring for. This is where councils are spending a good portion of their care finances and therefore there is little left over to cover the financial responsibilities to unpaid family carers be they adult or children.

When it come to child carers you have the additional factor of disclosure to the local authorities as the families fear that if their LA knows that their children are caring are caring for their parents, then the children will be taken into care, thus fracturing the family unit.

In many respects local authorities are not trusted by the population, as there is a fear of the assumed and at times the real power these authorities have. Where there is no trust there will always be a reluctance to provide full disclosure.

Councils and also Government need to be more open and transparent regarding their motives and actions and then there could be a move for more trust to be forthcoming. Also local authorities are in extreme need of receiving sufficient funding from Government to undertake all their responsibilities, if not good quality caring in the UK will continue to be reduced and therefore more atrocities, such as ‘Winterborne‘ will be emerging and time is exceedingly short to put this right.