Get booster jab, wear face masks inside and meet outdoors if you want to save Christmas, Sajid Javid warns

In other words do the opposite from MPs in the House of Parliament as there hardly anyone there is wearing a face-mask, so is it that they don’t want to save Christmas, let alone set an example to the UK population.


Source: Get booster jab, wear face masks inside and meet outdoors if you want to save Christmas, Sajid Javid warns

Christmas can be isolating for young carers – they need time to be children : The Conversation

Most children look forward to the Christmas holidays as a time for fun and families. But for some young carers – children who provide care for someone in their family who is ill or disabled – the Christmas holidays are a mixed blessing.

Dani* is one such young carer who I worked with as part of recent research. She is 14 and cares for her mum who has Multiple Sclerosis and depression. Dani does most of the cooking and cleaning in the house as well as shopping and managing the family finances.

She also spends time with her mum trying to keep her spirits up and making sure she takes her medication. This means Dani has little, if any, time for socialising. Her mother’s condition also means Dani is sometimes too worried about leaving her mum at home alone to go out with friends, even though her mum would like her to.

Christmas is going to be both good and bad for Dani and her mum. It means Dani spends time with her mum at home and doesn’t have to worry about her as much because they are together. But it also means she has to do a lot more around the house when her mum is too ill to do it, such as cooking, wrapping presents and making sure Christmas is a happy time for them both.

Unrecognised support

For children like Dani, the Christmas holidays can be an emotional time and bring extra challenges. It’s particularly hard if they are having to provide care unrecognised and unsupported, when other family members or friends are not able or available to help, or support services are missing.

This can make caring a lonely and isolating experience for some children. Many of them also have to provide the sort of care we would normally associate with an adult – toileting and bathing a loved one, administering medication, cooking and cleaning, as well as having to look after younger siblings.


Source: Christmas can be isolating for young carers – they need time to be children : The Conversation

A Prayer for Peace

A truely important message, especially in the current context of the world.

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Christmas is the time of peace and goodwill. Unfortunately, our world is still riven by war, so this prayer from the Apostolic Constitutions of the early Christian church is tragically still relevant.

Let us pray for the peace and happy settlement of the world, and of the holy churches; that the God of the whole world may afford us his everlasting peace, and such as may not be taken away from us; that he may preserve us in a full prosecution of such virtue as is according to godliness.

Let us pray for our enemies, and those that hate us. Let us pray for those that persecute us for the name of the Lord, that the Lord may pacify their anger, and scatter their wrath against us.

Save us, and raise us up, O God, by thy mercy. Let us rise up, and let us pray earnestly, and dedicate ourselves…

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Anecdote – The Real Meaning of Christmas

Opher's World


A nice tree with a gnarled spirit!

Another nice tree to worship.


Father Christmas

Doesn’t look like a shaman to me – high on some hallucinatory drug!

The Real Meaning of Christmas

The real meaning of Christmas is locked away in pagan mythology. Most religions that usurp other religions take over the ceremonies of previous religions and modify and adopt them. Christianity did this with both Christmas and Easter.

What we now have as a Christmas celebration – the birth of Jesus with all the nativity scenes – is actually a celebration of the winter solstice.

The winter solstice was celebrated by ancient tribes all over the world. It is, in the northern hemisphere, the shortest day of the year. The days are drawing out, though, because of the way the earth cools, the coldest winter months are still all ahead. This celebration was accompanied by ritual and feasting.

We see a…

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Head of extremist Jewish group calls Christians ‘blood-sucking vampires’ | The Times of Israel

Religious rights group calls on police and attorney general to investigate Lehava leader Bentzi Gopstein for incitement to violence in recent op-ed

Source: Head of extremist Jewish group calls Christians ‘blood-sucking vampires’ | The Times of Israel

Why I Will Celebrate Christmas as a Muslim.

The true voice.

My Spiritual Interpretations

Today, I am getting ready to go to a Christmas party held at my best friend’s house. As an American muslim, this tradition has been around me all my life and if you grew up in an open minded household you learn to respect other’s holidays and traditions. I luckily did grow up in one.

We have a tree, give presents and enjoy yummy holiday treats. Why not? It is a time to share with those closest to you and to strangers. Islam is all about providing the bridge that connects people to each other after so long of being divided. As a muslim, I am fiercely fighting to unite what was divided by greedy and ignorant men of the past and present within religion. My weapon of choice is love and education.

Through the Quran, muslims are told how important it is to give to others and to share…

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What Christmas Is Like For People With Depression: Bloggers Share Their Experiences And Advice

[Picture: Gettystock]We tend to associate the festive season with large family gatherings and raucous office parties, but this focus on frivolity can put extra pressure on people with depressi

Source: What Christmas Is Like For People With Depression: Bloggers Share Their Experiences And Advice

To Be Joyful with So Little

Such a loving and reflective post and showing the true gift of Christmas.

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog


When Dinora and I visited her birth place, Guatemala, we spent some time with moms who were working picking coffee beans. They toil all day while their children play nearby. Prepared for this visit, Dinora had a backpack full of little toys; small dolls, Matchbox cars, bouncy balls, toy rings, and so forth. (Above is a picture of a little girl clutching a small ring in her hand, so pleased with her gift.) The children were amazingly polite. Each child would gather around Dinora as she gave them each a small toy. Taking it delightfully appreciative into their little hands, they smiled shyly and stepped back to leave room for others to come forward. They didn’t crowd her. They didn’t ask for more, more, more. They reveled in the joy of that tiny toy! Sheer happiness!

It made me realize that more and expensive and better isn’t the right Christmas…

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