GUY ADAMS: Victim of misogyny or just a bully with a vicious tongue? | Daily Mail Online

GUY ADAMS: Priti Patel was once asked whether she thought she was widely liked by the civil servants who worked for her. ‘Probably not,’ she replied.

Source: GUY ADAMS: Victim of misogyny or just a bully with a vicious tongue? | Daily Mail Online

DWP ‘defies Gregorian calendar’ to leave Universal Credit families short of rent

The DWP is supposed to be a Government department with a host of Civil Servants behind it, so why is it making so many mistakes and causing so many problems for those who it is supposed to be helping.

Did the civil servants, in this instantice not realise that there are 52.143 weeks in a year and not just 52 and by doing so the problems it would create.

Landlords require their rent, not just part of it.

Are these Civil Servants not competent?

This one problem is bad enough, but problems continue to be coming forth and it is not the DWP and its Civil Servants who pay the price but the benefit claimants who are relying on the DWP for income to live.

It is time for the DWP and its Civil Servants to come into the real world and not live in isolation.

Universal Credit: a mum wins permission to fight DWP in court

Yet another problem with Universal Credit, why are there so many problems, are the Civil Servants who provide guidance to Ministers not up to the job, or is it Ministers ignoring the advise, or both? Will we ever know as no one is ever held accountable.

Accountability needs to be a priority as does Legislation to be drafted correctly and when problems do occur for these to be dealt with expeditiously so not to cause hardship on the vulnerable.

French woman living in UK for more than 20 years has Universal Credit axed

Yet another benefit atrocity, surely as an EU citizen she is entitled to welfare benefits, or are we already proceeding as though we have left the EU.

It is stated she has been living in the UK for over 20 years, raised her daughter here and much more.

Surely all this proves she has been here. This only gives credit to the non-UK persons on how they will be treated once we leave the EU.

Surely a Government department should be doing all they can to disprove the rumour mongers, not go out of their way to prove them.

So is this the reality of Post-Brexit, so another broken promise from this broken Government.

We or I should say the DWP go after the easy targets, but allow the criminal elements, who most likely have never done a days work in the UK to stay.

For goodness sake DWP show some common sense, but maybe they do not have that.

For they are Civil Servants, perhaps not the same Civil Servants who are providing all the facts about leaving the EU, while not providing facts about staying in the EU.

Again not the same Civil Servants who in 1975 where limited with the true facts, as is now.

If in 1975 I knew what staying in the EU really meant I would have not voted to stay,but would have voted to leave, as I did in 2016.

It looks like we can not trust Governments, Civil Servants and certainly not the EU.

I say leave TODAY.

One in four civil servants still faces discrimination at work, says watchdog

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One in four disabled civil servants still feels discriminated against at work, four years after Disability News Service revealed “disturbing” levels of discrimination, bullying and harassment across the civil service.

Last year, the government published a new talent action plan that it hoped would lead to more disabled people achieving senior positions in the civil service.

But a new report by the National Audit Office (NAO) says that civil servants with long-term health conditions “feel less engaged and are more likely to feel discriminated against, bullied or harassed”, with 26 per cent saying they feel discriminated against, compared with 10 per cent of those with no long-term health condition.

The report says that some groups do not believe there is an “open and inclusive culture” in the civil service, while some people are leaving their jobs because they find the culture “exclusive”.

Four years ago, a leaked, unpublished government report obtained by Disability News Service revealed the “disturbing” levels of discrimination, bullying and harassment faced by disabled civil servants.

The NAO report also says that the proportion of disabled senior civil servants has not risen since 2010 and “continues to remain low”, at just five per cent.

The proportion of disabled people across all grades of the civil service has increased from eight per cent to nine per cent since 2010.

Disability Rights UK (DR UK) carried out research on barriers to career progression for disabled people in the civil service, which was published by the coalition government in March.

That research found both examples of good practice and “long-standing barriers to progression”, including bullying and harassment.

Liz Sayce, co-author of DR UK’s report and the charity’s chief executive, said: “With at least 27,000 civil servants living with personal experience of disability, it is evidently important to create cultures and systems so they can work to their best and fulfil their potential.

“And with one in five of the wider public being disabled, more leaders in the civil service with lived experience will enhance policy and delivery that is effective for everyone.”

Government departments have not been able to use the Access to Work scheme to fund workplace adjustments since October 2006, and the leaked report in 2011 said this had resulted in civil servants receiving a “second class service” compared with the private sector and the rest of the public sector.

A spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission said: “If our civil service is to continue to be regarded as a world leader, it needs to draw on all talents across our communities.

“The slow progress in improving diversity suggests there is a lot more to be done. The civil service needs to urgently tackle these issues with new vigour and intensity.

“Today’s report reveals a serious underrepresentation of disabled people, ethnic minority staff and women at senior levels of the civil service.

“Unless more action is taken, it risks failing to draw on the full potential of the communities it seeks to serve.”

A Cabinet Office spokesman said: “We have a world-class civil service which is much more diverse than in the past and more diverse than the majority of British employers, but we know there is lots more work to do.

“We must become more representative of those we serve in order to truly govern for one nation and open up even more opportunities for people from all backgrounds to progress.

“We now have a diversity champion in every department who will hold our feet to the fire and help implement our talent action plan.”

Meanwhile, more than four-fifths of disabled teachers say they have faced discrimination at work.

The figures emerged from a conference organised by NASUWT, the UK’s largest teachers’ union.

Delegates to the union’s annual disabled teachers’ conference raised “serious concerns” about lack of support in the workplace, such as the failure to provide reasonable adjustments, and “discriminatory attitudes” from employers and colleagues.

An electronic poll of delegates found 81 per cent had been discriminated against while working as a teacher; and 61 per cent had experienced bullying, harassment or victimisation from senior school leaders.

More than half (55 per cent) said they had experienced problems when requesting reasonable adjustments in the workplace, while only one in five (21 per cent) said their school or college had taken “active steps to ensure equality” for disabled staff.

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Blame, who will accept resonsibility?

Who is to Blame?

A Guide to Cuts in the UK

The problem here is that all the powers that be, are treating the current situation as a game. No one in Government, Local Authorities or the NHS is prepared to take responsibility for their own actions and those of their predecessors. The PM and his Ministers are saying we are all in it together, but are we or more so, are they.

With their large salaries and even larger pensions to look forward to, if the have to tighten their belts a little, they will still have plenty to live off. But what about all the people who are just sustaining a living, if they tighten their belts, then they are below sustainance level. Here I am not talking about people who can work but do not. I am referring to a large percentage of pensioners, who due to age, infirmity etc are reliant on their pension, which is just providing a reasonable living. Also many disabled persons, who have physical disabilities meaning they can not work and then there are learning disabilities, whose understanding is limited in that they have little or no understanding of events happening around them and are solely reliant on others for their existence.

There are many disabled persons in this situation, who are unseen by the public at large. They are not claiming benefits because they want to, but out of necessity. We all see a minority of people with disabilities, like the intelectuals, such as Stephen Hawking or the Para-Olympians, who all go through extreme situations to attain these levels and I applaud them. But there is a large majority of people with disabilities, who will never, through no fault of their own, be able to get anywhere near to attaining these levels. Or, in most cases will not be able to start. Some are existing on state benefits and others are cared for by family members 24/7. These family members do it for the love of their relation, without any financial reward and in most cases, without any recognition from the population surrounding them and from any of the state bodies.

But we are all in it together. If you believe in this, then I feel sorry for you, as you have fallen for the propaganda, from the government bodies and the media.

Who is Governing?

Civil servants right or wrong

Whether the changes being put forward are good or bad is not the point here.

IDS is part of a demorcratically elected government and if anyone disagrees with its policies, they have the opportunity to cast their vote for someone else at the next election. Who that will be is a question, as very few of the previous governments have done much good for the country.

The civil servants are unelected, they are employed by their respective departments and are there no matter which party is in government. If they wish to decide which policies go through or not,  they should put themselves up for election, so the voting public can elect them. If elected they will have a mndate for what they are doing.

In the real world i.e. employed in the private sector they would not be allowed to do what they are doing. They would be up for disaplinary action and could lose their jobs. The time as come when those persons employed in the public sector who feel they are in charge, were brought back to the realities of life.

For too many years some civil servants have been coccooned in the Civil Service and feel they are superior to the rest of the employed of the country.  Unfortunately successive governments, for too many years, have allowed this to happen.  Some years ago there 2 comedy programes on television Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, while written for TV entertainment, I feel a good part of the content of the programes were true in real life.

You may feel the civil servants are right to be doing what they are doing, but is this not the job of the Opposition in Government, currently being under taken by the Labour Party.

I feel the civil servants should do what they are paid to do and not become involved in the politics of governing the country.