Jimmy Dore on the MIT Professor Showing Trump Wrong about Sarin Gas Attack in Syria

Just who is telling the truth, is it propaganda on both sides.

In any conflict it is not just the innocent that suffer, but also the truth.

The innocents should be the prime consideration on all sides of any conflict, not the last, as is shown and proven many times.

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As well as appearing on Counterpunch’s website, Theodore A. Postol also appeared on RT, and his analysis of the Sarin gas attack in Syria was also covered by Jimmy Dore. Postol is the emeritus professor of Science, Technology and National Security at MIT. He concluded that, contrary to what the American government and Syrian rebels were saying, the poison gas that killed the people of Khan Shaykhun was not dropped as a bomb from a plane, but was released from an improved ground-based weapon, about 12 cm long. Trump and the American media have claimed that the attack was the responsibility of Assad, and launched an attack by Tomohawk missiles on the air force base, from which the attack was supposedly launched, in reprisal.

In this video, Dore savagely critiques the statements of Trump, Sean Spicer and other members of the White House. He makes the point that the American…

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Hard Times for Terrorists: ISIS Cuts Salaries by Half

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It seems that ISIS is also having to suffer cuts and austerity, like everyone else. In this video, The Young Turks’ John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian discuss the recent decision by Daesh to cut their fighters’ pay by 50%. Apparently, the mujahidin can receive anything from $400 to $1,200, with $50 extra for their wives and $25 for their children. But now that things aren’t going so well for them, they’re having to take a cut in salary.

The two presenters express surprise that the crazed mass-murderers of the Islamic State were taking so much in pay, considering that they were supposed to be doing it for the faith. Ana Kasparian states that she doubts that this will make much difference to the suicide bombers. Iadarola takes the point, but believes it might have some effect. Some of the Islamic State’s recruits do become disillusioned and try to leave, when…

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Gun Boat Diplomacy still practiced

USA Kills 12 Civilians and Destroys a Community

The days when governments felt they could do what they wished, should be long gone.  This is Gun Boat diplomacy, which never should have been allowed. Why should a so called major power be allowed to act in this way and let alone, not acknowledge what has been done, but is not prepared to stop the actions from occurring again. They should be held to account.

I know in years gone by, when the major colonial powers of the UK, France, Spain, etc were using their power and influence to occupy other lands, with the intension of creating their own empires. Then by doing so redistributed any wealth and resources of those lands to themselves.

Strange, but at that time all these powers were in all intensive purposes Christian countries.  Where is the Christian principles in enslaving natives from other countries just to increase the wealth of themselves.  I am not saying that the intrepid adventurers or explorers should not have gone to find distant lands, but they should, as Christians, have  respected the right to life and to live an independent life of the natives of these lands. In some instances it would have been argued that the natives were savages, but was this so, just because an individual does not maintain the same customs as you does not make them a savage.  All should respect the feelings and customs of each other.