Thousands died waiting for NHS funding decision

This is outrageous and I would have wished to know what the CCGs and CHC are doing about it.

I myself am not sure who is worse Adult Social Care or CHC as both are short of funding to provide care, but the funding aspect should not have any relationship to the process of assessing the care needs.

The funding for care needs to be urgently attended to, because the demand will continue to rise, due to persons living longer, persons withing longer with more disability needs due to the advances in medical science and the increasing population.

If care needs are not going to be available why go to the lengths in extending life.

Nobody cares especially this Government who are doing all they can to extend suffering and increasing the rate of death.

This they are doing by limiting funds for care and also restricting benefits for those who are in need.

If I did not know better I would assume that creating circumstances which increases the risk of death is in fact Government Policy.

In fact I do not know better so it could well be Government Policy, as if people do die there will be less requiring care and also benefits.

This could be classed as Governmental Euthanasia

Government takes small step over risk of NHS care home discrimination

It should be an individuals right to be able to live where they chose to and not where an authority states they should. Care is personal to the individual and should never be reduced in quality or quantity.

Long term care should not be metered by cost, but by individual need in accordance with their choice. Why should having a disability or a life long condition mean their choice cannot be respected.

How Far Can NHS Cuts Go?


This is the Lancaster family – Nicola and Ian have spent ten years looking after their severely-disabled child 24-7, their only break coming once a month, when he went to a respite centre for the weekend. Now the centre is closing, because there’s no #NHS money to run it – and this is not an isolated case….

Source: How Far Can NHS Cuts Go? – Paul Moss  @BBCPaulMoss

This is indeed not an isolated incident and is not only related to Children’s Social Care and health services, but also to Adult Social Care and health services.

While there are needs for those children and adults who are in need of care and are entitled to Assessments of Needs, the Carers themselves also have needs and they are entitled to their own Carers Assessments for carers of children being * The Children and Families Act 2014 amends the Children Act 1989 and for carers of adults *The Care Act 2014. Here are some Care Act Factsheets.

When it comes to funding where needs have been assessed then that need should be provided and this should not be delayed pending disputes between social services and health.

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Thousands of patients could be forced into care homes due to CCG cuts | News | Health Service Journal

Thousands of patients could be forced into residential care as a result of clinical commissioning groups restricting funding for care at home, data shared with HSJ reveals.

Source: Thousands of patients could be forced into care homes due to CCG cuts | News | Health Service Journal

Patients being charged £3,500 for surgery that usually costs £800 | Daily Mail Online

Hospitals are increasingly encouraging the elderly and others affected to pay for the procedure out of their own pocket as it is being rationed by the National Health Service.

Source: Patients being charged £3,500 for surgery that usually costs £800 | Daily Mail Online

Bailiffs seize five ambulances after private provider goes bust : News health Sussex.

These are the risks when privatisation is allowed to occur in vital public services. In these tendering processes each organisation is supposed to submit their tender and a business plan., however in the eagerness to provide the lowest tender some organisation will cut costs to the bone and in doing so quality is the area which suffers.

When you question organisations like the CCGs they are always quoting they have to see value for money, but if a tender is not viable then it is not value for money, but once granted tenders are rarely monitored as a viable commodity. As this in itself would cost and will not have been allowed for within the process.

Red tape is diverting residential homes from caring, review reports | Community Care

Government to explore options for cutting bureaucracy after adult care homes tell review of inconsistent monitoring and being overloaded with form filling

Source: Red tape is diverting residential homes from caring, review reports | Community Care

Eye Health groups echo call on CCGs to raise their game on services for people with learning disabilities

Original Post from LOC Support Unit

An extract

‘A call on Commissioners to raise their game and deliver better services for people with learning disabilities has been welcomed by leading a leading eye health organisation and sight loss charity SeeAbility.

NHS England directors and nursing chiefs urged Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to improve services and criticised the “slow pace of change” at a board meeting last week. Figures show that just six out of 210 CCGs have commissioned eye services for people with learning disabilities.

Chief Nursing Officer, Jane Cummings, said that Commissioners needed to work with local government, social services, and the Department of Health to improve services for people with disabilities.

NHS Directors, Dame Moira Gibb and Professor Sir Malcolm Grant, raised their disappointment at the “slow pace of change for children with learning disabilities”.

The comments came on the same day as the publication of the NHS-commissioned report, Transforming Care for People With Learning Disabilities – Next Steps.   ………..’

Care for people with Learning Disabilities

Independent report demands action on care of people with learning disabilities* from NHS England*.

An extract ‘……..Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive of ACEVO and author of the independent report, said: “The Winterbourne View scandal shocked the nation. People are still angry and frustrated that more people with learning disabilities are being placed in institutional care than moved into the community.

“We urge immediate action, to close all Winterbourne-style institutions and ramp up community provision. We need a new Charter of Rights to empower people with learning disabilities and their families, and give them the right to challenge the system. We need that system to have the courage to act on these recommendations, and not to promise another false dawn. The time for talk is over. It’s time for people with learning disabilities or autism and their families to be put first.”…….’

It is true that something needs to be done for the Government austerity cuts are reducing funds Local Authorities have to support persons with learning disabilities and their families. But is this one more calling on these funds, for local authorities and the NHS currently have these reducing funds to provide care and support for persons with learning disabilities at a time when, the numbers of these persons are increasing, the implementation of the Care Act 2014*, the closure of the Independent Living Fund*, etc. The Government needs to take on board the funding aspect and not expect the local bodies to be able to cope when sufficient funding is not available.

If sufficient funding is not made available, then the care and support will fail, if it is not already doing so, and safeguarding concerns will rise, thereby causing more call on funding.

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