Former carer who waited months for disability benefit was turned down because he was in hospital for too long

Why do these problems keep occuring with Disability Benefit applications, irrespective which benefit is being applied for?

Could it be that the systems lack ‘common sense’, it would appear so.

The system is adhered to rigidly, when, if common sense was applied the rigidity could be overcome.

However, the benefits system is under the direction of the DWP, a Government department and that is the problem for there is no common sense in Government, in fact, in politics completely.

Aldi forced to apologise after stopping mum from using NHS vouchers to buy baby milk formula

So Aldi are blaming technology, what has happened to common sense and human involvement.

A till can’t read the terms of the vouchers, but a human could and this could have been resolved by human override.

Or are we now so reliant on technology,that no one is prepared to do the right thing or are we just scared to challenge as this could cost someone their job.

There are too many rules and regulations that the openning for use of intuitive is now closed.

What a World we now live in.

Burglar stabbed to death – pensioner, 78, arrested after intruder enters his London home

What is the UK and its forces of Law and order coming to.

These 2 persons broke into a 78 year old pensioners home, not invited in, with at least one armed with a screwdriver. They were not there to do DIY, there sole intent was to Burgle the home and to inflict harm to anyone who got in their way.

The pensioner was clearly defending his own, his self and his wife and he should be held up as a hero, not a criminal. If burglars do not wish to be harmed or killed then they should not enter another’s property and in course deserve all they get.

Yes , the money allocated to police has been drastically cut by the Government forcing them to restrict their law enforcement, but when a criminal gets harmed they are there in force and common sense is not used.

It is clear that the prime offence was that created by the 2 burglars and not the vulnerable 78 year old pensioner. What should have occurred is that a statement should have been obtained from the pensioner, he should have been assessed for harm, both physical and mental and not be ‘ initially arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm but re-arrested on suspicion of murder. He was in custody at a south London police today’.

The ‘Law is an Ass‘.


Didn’t our police forces make it clear some weeks ago they would NOT be investigating burglaries? Now a pensioner has defended himself and his property against TWO intruders, he is being made out to be a criminal. If he had been beaten up or killed a senior police office would be standing before the cameras lamenting that a poor vulnerable pensioner has been killed in his home.

You can’t have it both ways. Either investigate burglaries and have more patrols on the street OR tell us what steps we can take to defend ourselves and property since our law enforcement agencies are unable to do so.

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An invader who threatens a 78-year-old man with a screwdriver. Obvious self-defence. Any jury would take only a minute to find him not guilty of whatever he is charged with.

HerbertClamp – > LordPeregrinePenworthy
We have Sir Ringo…

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Today the Clocks went back!!

This twice a year farce should never occur and should be stopped immediately.

This whole explanation of children going to school in the dark and the farmers problems with the milking of cows only adds to the farcical situation.

If there is really a problem with children going to school in the dark, why is it not a problem with them coming home in the dark, especially when, in many cases there are now breakfast clubs at schools and also many extra activities at school after schools officially close for the day.

Instead of causing the whole of the UK to go to the expense in time and money to alter the clocks twice a year, why not change the times of school and may be have schools at weekends to cut down on the time at school during the day. What should be considered with schooling is not just the children and the school staff, but also their parents. These days many parents both the father and mother have to work and how many employments will be geared around school times. The whole picture needs to be considered not just a certain portion.

Then we come to farmers, can cows tell the time or do they just rely on is it dark or light. Also with many dairy herds now in closed quarters do they even see the light of day or dark of night. It will be another burden on farmers, but surely they could milk cows at different times of the day, especially as most milking, now is not by hand, but by machinery.

But, no we have done this ridiculous system of changing the time twice a year, surely now, with a modern thought process it is time for a change for the better for the UK as a whole.

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Today the Clocks went back!!

What an absolute farce. I now don’t quite know what the hell the time is. Every time I look at a clock I have to ask myself if it has automatically updated itself or not. Some do and some don’t. I have to go around in the same muddled state that the country was in when we went decimal. Some measurements are in old and some new – some in pounds and ounces and some in kilos, some in old pounds shillings and pence and some in newfangled pence. So what is the time in real time? Did we go forward or back? Do I take an hour off or do I add it on? And how does that now line up with other countries?

Supposedly I got an hour extra sleep. Not that I noticed. I woke up and checked the clock and my…

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DWP ‘threatened to dock terminally-ill woman’s benefits’ if she paid for her own funeral

Common sense, not at DWP

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a window with DWP department for work and pensions written on it

A terminally-ill woman was told by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that she risked being charged with an “offence” and would lose part of her benefits if she used an insurance policy windfall to pay for her own funeral.

DWP bosses told Sue Smith that spending the £3,700 in advance on her funeral would be seen as “deprivation of capital” – deliberately spending her savings in order to maintain entitlement to benefits.

Smith, from south Devon, had contacted DWP after being told about the £3,700 refund, because she wanted to be sure that she did not fall foul of any regulations if she spent the money on paying in advance for her funeral.

But when she approached DWP, and made it clear that she was terminally-ill, she was told that she could lose part of her employment and support allowance (ESA) payment – she has estimated that it could have cost her about £15 a week – and could even be seen as committing an “offence”.

Smith, who uses oxygen 24-hours-a-day, said she felt “threatened, hurt and distressed” by the warning, and was now at her “wit’s end”.

Smith said: “I expected them to agree that it was a good use of my own money.

“I could understand it if someone was given £100,000 from a lottery win or inheritance, blew it on a Ferrari, and then went back to DWP and said, ‘Sorry, I’m skint now, I want my benefits.’

“But this is not the case with me. Surely they need to rewrite the rules so there is clear provision to allow someone to pay to bury themselves once they are terminally-ill.”

Smith was told in May 2014 that she had between 12 and 18 months left to live, as a result of emphysema and other health conditions, and had an end-of-life care plan put in place by her local hospice, which involved making her will and funeral arrangements, and tidying her financial affairs.

She spent nine years with the Royal Navy, and then ran her own successful business for 15 years.

She became ill in 2001 after becoming injured in a chemical incident, but carried on working for another seven years.

Smith said: “If you can’t spend your own capital on your own burial, there is something seriously wrong with the regulations.

“I intend to fight on as best I can, but any little thing that causes anxiety and stress affects my breathing and tires me out more.”

After Disability News Service approached the department about her case, a DWP manager phoned Smith and told her that she could cash the cheque and spend it on her funeral.

Smith said she now wanted this position to be written into ESA regulations so that if someone is terminally-ill, they have “the automatic right to spend a lump sum within reason on their funeral”.

A DWP spokeswoman said: “Income-related ESA takes into account all of a claimant’s available capital, including any policies or assets that can be cashed in.

“This is to ensure that there is provision for those with limited funds of their own.

“A decision-maker looks at each case on its own merits to decide whether any capital asset should be taken into account. These decisions carry a right of appeal.”

She added later that Smith had been advised “in general terms” that if she went ahead with her plans “without seeking advice from DWP it may have an impact on her ESA claim”, and that paying for her funeral “could be considered deprivation of capital”.

She said that Smith was “given general advice and then provided with specific guidance on her individual circumstances”.

But when asked to clarify whether Smith was or was not originally told definitively that she could not use the money to pay for her funeral, and that to do so might be considered an offence, she declined to comment further.

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