Lessons From COVID-19 Now Public Health Emergency Is Over | Time

The emergency may be over, but there are valuable lessons to be learned


Well, for some they believed it was over some months ago, for others they believed it was never on, while for many it is not over and may be never.

For like influenzer, COVID-19 is not going away and will be with us for many years, maybe for ever, so many people are still be causious, especially people who are autoimmune.

I do hope ‘lessons have been learned’, the dreaded phrase I hate to hear, for from what I see lessons are never learned no matter what the lessons are.

Is it because people are unwilling to learn, are unware of what needs to be learned, or complete indifference. The later is what I believe many Governments come under and this is extremely worrying for the next pandemic will not be that far away and on top of that we have climate change, which could or could not be a factor to the next pandemic.

Also in the equation is finance for many governments are never willing to finance for any future and many are not willing to finance for the present and certainly didn’t for the past.

No matter how you look at it, the outlook is not good for many of us, whether we know it or not.


Source: Lessons From COVID-19 Now Public Health Emergency Is Over | Time

Top scientists warn ‘the next pandemic is coming and we’re not ready’ | The Independent

Sir John Bell and Sir David King among leading scientists to argue UK is no better prepared than it was in 2020, as new variant in India causes concern


It is very concerning to hear this for we were not ready for the initial COVID-19 pandemic due to lack of planning and more concerns of costs of providing all that was required. It was clear what would be required as an exercise was conducted some years earlier, but it was costs which were the priority and not preparedness. This lead to many millions being spent urgently to obtain required resources much of which was found to be unsatisfactory and therefore unusable.

So, effectively more was eventually spent than the supposed earlier savings made.

To say we are now in a similar situation beggars belief as we, to a large extent know what is coming and what could well be required.
It is said many times that ‘lessons will be learnt’ but really they never are, learning lessons will save money in the long run and will avoid unnecessary deaths and much more, but it appears that costs are still a priority over lives.

What a shambles and so much incompetence, it is well time that accountability was also a priority and those in government who continue to be incompetence suffer the costs, and not the innocent UK population.

What about human rights are they not taken into account and if not why not?

We all do deserve better.


Source: Top scientists warn ‘the next pandemic is coming and we’re not ready’ | The Independent

‘Burning shame as Brits from all sections of society were left in Covid’s crosshairs’ – Anna Morell – Mirror Online

All Covid support has gone, but there are still shielders – disabled people who know their underlying conditions put them at too great a risk from Covid to venture out and reclaim a fully lived life now


COVID-19 was and perhaps still is viewed as a once in a lifetime situation, but over the years there have been many instances were pandemics could have occurred Bird Flu, to name one and there is influenza, which is a form of COVID, where vaccine is available each year for those who are seen to be at risk and for those in some of the emergency services.

When the COVID-19 vaccine became available, yes, certain groups were deemed to be in need of the vaccine, but not those with Learning Disabilities, (LD), even though many are deemed eligible for the influenza vaccine. Then when they were included for the COVID-19 vaccine, at first it was only those with certain conditions and not all.

You may say that sufficient information was not available, but was it for it is already known that persons with LD, have a life expectancy of on average 20% less to those who don’t have LD, and this is from the LeDeR programme. The resulting reports are sent to the Department of health & Social Security so there is no way that the department can say they were not aware of the information. Perhaps it was decided that persons with LD were not considered to be a sufficient priority as they were deemed to be not important enough, who Knows, perhaps this will come out in Matt Hancock’s WhatsApp messages, but who knows.

This is a disgrace and shows that this Government and perhaps any government don’t really care about anyone, other than themselves and those who they seem to believe to be important.

Source: ‘Burning shame as Brits from all sections of society were left in Covid’s crosshairs’ – Anna Morell – Mirror Online

Biden Says We’ve Broken COVID-19’s Grip On Us. Is He Right? | Time

Soon, COVID-19 will no longer be declared an emergency in the U.S. Here’s how public health experts feel about that path forward


While this is being said in America it is true in many other countries too, so no one should be complacent, for although current COVID-19 variants are not that severe no one knows when one or more could be so.

So anyone who is anywhere near having a not-so-good immune system always needs to be aware of their own health and avail themselves of all vaccines available to ensure their immune system is always as good as it can be.

Source: Biden Says We’ve Broken COVID-19’s Grip On Us. Is He Right? | Time

COVID-19 and the Vaccination Programme

It is viewed that the COVID-19 vaccination programme was a huge success, especially initially, but it appears now that there has been some reduction in the uptake in coming forward for additional vaccinations. As it is shown that the vaccine did produce a good rate of immunity to catching COVID-19 and if caught passing this onto others, over time this immunity will decrease and continue to decrease.

Many reasons for this could arise, being reactions to the vaccine, some reluctance to invasion by needles, time availability to attend for the vaccination and while not the UK, it could be the costs involved in purchasing the vaccine and also availability and further costs of a medical professional to undertake to give the vaccination.

So should more be done to alleviate some of the above for there could be other means to have the vaccine, being nasal sprays, tablets and even patches. There are some projects which are being researched, but not with the same urgency as with the original vaccines.

I believe there should be for nasal sprays, tablets and patches would, more than likely not need to have a medical professional for its administering, which could be so much better in ways of time, availability, especially in many other countries and much more easy to transport.

Some of the original vaccines had to be kept at certain very low temperatures, which caused the need for a least being kept in a refrigerator and with some, even in a freezer, which could well be difficult in some countries, especially where there is a great need for transportation over large distances. This would not, be to a large extent for these other forms of providing the vaccine.

But not everyone can be vaccinated by injections, some have severe needle phobias and while some forms of needle aversion therapies are around, they may not be readily available when required or even successful. Also the injections had to be in limb muscle, invariably the muscle at the top of a persons arm, but a considerable number of persons may not have such limbs available, but we all have mouths and noses, so tablets and nasal sprays could be accessed by more than can be injections.

I feel these other forms of providing the vaccine are much better than the vaccine, especially the nasal spray which will when taken go directly into the nasal passages and then down to the throat, where the COVID-19 infections generally around, so the vaccines start to work much quicker, the upper arm muscle.

But, the urgency and amount of finance and time are not being given to these other forms than were to the original vaccines. While research is being conducted in many areas, by not being viewed in the same urgency much is being lost in bringing COVID-19 under control to a greater degree.

We all need to understand, that COVID-19 is to be with us for the long term and all is needed to ensure we can all live with it, so much more still needs to be done.

End mass jabs and live with Covid, says ex-head of vaccine taskforce | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Dr Clive Dix says we should treat the virus like flu


To some extent I do agree with Dr Clive Dix, but to do this all factors need to be equal to those of flu.

With flu other countries are not barring people from going there or requiring flu vaccinations to be taken.

As to the administering of COVID and flu vaccinations all are not equal, as with COVID there is only the injection process while with flu there are both injections and nasal sprays. While for the flu the nasal sprays are usually only given to children as they do not have the injections offered to them. But, there is an exception for some adults and these are for adults with learning disabilities and/or Autism who are averse to needles. For these persons the children’s nasal sprays are available and while not as fully effected as the injections they do offer some protection, which is better than none. However, currently for COVID-19 there are no nasal sprays, although I believe some are in the process of being research as are tablets and patches.

There are some nasal sprays which are said to be effective to COVID, but on investigation there generally offer no more protection than for the common cold, which is a very, very mild form of COVID, no way as virulent as the COVID-19 and the various variants.

To help some persons with learning disabilities who are needle averse there is some needle aversion therapies, but these are generally only to combat the actual needle injection and not any other reactions. For with some people the needle aversion is from past experiences where they did have needle injections for say, operations and the resultant outcomes of the operations are what is really the cause of the needle aversion. So, it is very unlikely that the needle aversion therapies will be effective in these instances, so until nasal sprays, tablets or patches will be available, these persons with needle aversions will remain unvaccinated.

So, currently all is not equal and will never be until the researches are complete and nasal sprays, tablets and patches are made available.

In fact if they were available they would be easier to administer than injections, as they would not normally require a suitably qualified person to do the administering which needle injections require. This would be of great advantage in many developing counties for not only would they be easier to administer, could well be self-administering, thereby no need to purchase to vaccine, but there would be no additional costs for a qualified person for the administering and more than likely no temperature storing requirements or not as extensive.

So to make all equal, patches, tablets and nasal sprays have to be universally available for everyone and this should be well before mass jabbing is stopped.

Source: End mass jabs and live with Covid, says ex-head of vaccine taskforce | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Ministers put off Covid decisions on restrictions and mandatory masks for two weeks | The Independent

Holding back on restrictions comes as some experts and the Labour Party have called for measures to be introduced


So, this Government is considering on the implementation of Plan B including the reintroduction of mandatory face covers, reintroduction of mandatory social distancing and possible working from home.

This is while many , scientists, the Labour Party and many others who are saying Plan B have already been introduced. Who is correct, who knows, but this Government has been proved wrong in many instances over the last 2 years, in effect, only right once, that being the vaccine programme and even that is beginning to wane.

So, this Government has been guilty of many instances of dithering and this could well be another. For any dithering causes much pain and suffering to the population of England and leading to many deaths which should not have occurred. This current dither could well mean the same.

Should dither be abandoned, many will say yes and I do agree, for no deaths should ever be contemplated. and dither to any degree will cause deaths.

This is complete abandonment of certain parts of the English communities, communities who are extremely vulnerable in many respects, but certainly to catching COVID.

The hindsight’s, which this Government should have learnt from all the instances over the 2 years appears to have not been learnt, is this by choice or not? Neither being ideal and the former should never be so.

How will this Government be brought to account for there past and continued dithering for heads should roll and some should have rolled much earlier.

COVID, is still well with us, but the actions of many in England appear to show that they believe it has gone and there are still too many who still believe it has never been here.

I feel face coverings and social distancing should never have been withdrawn and maintained to be mandatory, but I would go even further, I would fine anyone who has no good reason not to comply and also hold the establishments who are allowing the non-compliance financially responsible, so they should also be fined and if not then complying be forced to close.


You may so, what about Human Rights and I would say what about Human Rights. For to put some restrictions in place will mean the  that some Human Rights will be affected, but, then to not do will also affect some Human Rights, here the protection of others and especially the vulnerable has to be the priority and not the rights of those not complying.

Source: Ministers put off Covid decisions on restrictions and mandatory masks for two weeks | The Independent

Covid cases to slump this winter, say scientists

Modelling seen by Government predicts falling infections even without implementation of ‘Plan B’ restrictions


This is a gamble by the Government and in taking this route they are gambling with the lives of the people of England, surely they should not be doing so for who is to say the model is correct.

If it is not then it will be too late to implement Plan B and the Government will again be responsible for innocent deaths, for even waiting a few weeks some innocent deaths will occur.

The Government are playing with lives and should not be doing so.

Source: Covid cases to slump this winter, say scientists

Covid-19: Silencing health workers, researchers, and journalists caused unnecessary deaths, says Amnesty | The BMJ

Governments are causing unnecessary covid-19 deaths by trying to silence healthcare workers, journalists, and researchers, Amnesty International has said By clamping down on freedom of expression they have damaged peoples’ ability to access accurate and timely information to help them respond to the global health crisis, the human rights group said in a report Silenced and Misinformed: Freedom of Expression in Danger During Covid-19 .1

Simultaneously, big tech has amplified the reach of inaccurate and dangerous information.“Communication channels have been targeted, social media has been censored, and media outlets have been closed down—having a dire impact on the public’s ability to access vital information about how to deal with covid-19,” said Rajat Khosla, Amnesty International’s senior director for research advocacy and policy.Authoritarian governments like China, Nicaragua, and Russia have enacted new information …


Here the UK has not been mentioned as in reality the UK Government is not censuring medical professionals, but is just not listening to them.

In the earlier part of this COVID pandemic, the last 12-18 months the UK Government couldn’t mention enough that it was ‘following the science’, in other words following the views and opinions of scientists and other medical professionals.

However, now there is no mention of following the science, and that is because the UK Government is not following the science, the recommendation of scientists and health professionals, all or most are requesting the return of mandatory face coverings, social distancing and even return to working from home and not solely relying on COVID vaccinations, including the booster. As they are effective in  many instances, they should not be totally relied upon, as this UK Government is doing. For there needs to be a mixture of measures.

In doing so, this UK government is providing a false sense to the UK population that the COVID problems are gone, when they are still very much with us.

In the early days and in some instances not early days of the COVID pandemic the UK government made many grave mistakes and with hindsight they are now apparent. So, this hindsight should now be part of the process, but it appears, yet again, that lessons are not being learnt. But, in fact the lessons are very rarely learnt if they ever are.

I would go as far as to say, this UK Government is acting criminally incompetent and their inactions have to be legally challenged.

Source: Covid-19: Silencing health workers, researchers, and journalists caused unnecessary deaths, says Amnesty | The BMJ

Covid Plan B: Sage tells government implementing measures now will reduce need for tougher winter restrictions

Sage scientists told the Government restrictions such as enforcing masks in some public places and encouraging working from home is helping drive down Covid infections in Europe



This makes perfect sense as Sage is saying it as it is, but is the Government or more essentially are Boris and/or Sajid and even Rishi, we will wait and see. However, I do hope the wait is not long as COVID waits for no one. and by waiting pain and suffering and even deaths will occur unnecessarily.

But then that is Government for you.

Source: Covid Plan B: Sage tells government implementing measures now will reduce need for tougher winter restrictions