My family has been shielding for two years, no free Covid tests will shrink our world even more

Without the lifeline of free lateral flow kits, we wouldn’t have been able to let a plumber in or accept help from close friends. Now, we may not be able to


Trishna Bharadia is not on her own in feeling this way as there are many more such families, which this Government has cast aside as though they do not exist, but I know that they do, as I am one of those families.

Over the last 2 years I have been limiting my outings from home to only essential medical appointments, as I also m auto-immune due to my arthritis medication and also respiratory problems made worse by catching COVID in January 2022. I caught COVID from one of my daughters carers, as my daughter requires 24/7 care and has at least 1 carer every second of every day. The carer was not lacks, but only knew she had COVID from a lateral Flow test a day or so after she visited my daughter, who also caught COVID and she has not been vaccinated as she is needle averse and due to her learning disability and autism is unable . due to her lack of capacity to understand how important it is to have the vaccine and completely unaware about COVID. In having COVID I was also entitled to have the free anti-viral tablets from my local hospital which I did receive.

The carers are still entitled to free Lateral Flow tests and test a few time a week. I am also entitled to free lateral Flow tests but have been unable to obtain any kits over the last 4 weeks and now waiting for my delivery of such kits as promised under the Government directives. It is now the 5 April 2022 and still not received any of the kits and there does not appear to be any means to obtain any, except waiting for the expected delivery. I have received 4 COVID vaccines being 1 more than is usual 3 plus a booster and now waiting for my 5th which is now due, so hopefully I will hear more sometime this month.

I am feeling forgotten by this Government so I fully relate to Trishna.

The public are being mislead by this Government into believing that COVID is now no risk, which is so far from the truth. Hospitals are still being flooded by COVID admissions while being short of staff who have caught COVID. However, it is currently true that the numbers of admissions requiring critical care are much less than before, due to the current Omicron variant being somewhat milder than previous COVID variants, but is much more virulent than other variants.

However, there is now another variant deltacron of which little is currently known, so it could be as virulent as omicron and not as mild, so could be easy to catch and could cause more critical illness, but who will know as there is virtual no Lateral flow testing throughout the UK, except for health and social care staff and those who are more susceptible to catching COVID due to the vaccines immunity wanning in many of the population.

As Trishna says these are very worrying times for those who have been shielding, even if they continue to do so.

This Government appears to be unconcerned, especially as Boris is more concerned about escaping No. 10 Party fines and keeping his job as Prime Minister.

Source: My family has been shielding for two years, no free Covid tests will shrink our world even more

Covid cases to slump this winter, say scientists

Modelling seen by Government predicts falling infections even without implementation of ‘Plan B’ restrictions


This is a gamble by the Government and in taking this route they are gambling with the lives of the people of England, surely they should not be doing so for who is to say the model is correct.

If it is not then it will be too late to implement Plan B and the Government will again be responsible for innocent deaths, for even waiting a few weeks some innocent deaths will occur.

The Government are playing with lives and should not be doing so.

Source: Covid cases to slump this winter, say scientists

Covid-19: Silencing health workers, researchers, and journalists caused unnecessary deaths, says Amnesty | The BMJ

Governments are causing unnecessary covid-19 deaths by trying to silence healthcare workers, journalists, and researchers, Amnesty International has said By clamping down on freedom of expression they have damaged peoples’ ability to access accurate and timely information to help them respond to the global health crisis, the human rights group said in a report Silenced and Misinformed: Freedom of Expression in Danger During Covid-19 .1

Simultaneously, big tech has amplified the reach of inaccurate and dangerous information.“Communication channels have been targeted, social media has been censored, and media outlets have been closed down—having a dire impact on the public’s ability to access vital information about how to deal with covid-19,” said Rajat Khosla, Amnesty International’s senior director for research advocacy and policy.Authoritarian governments like China, Nicaragua, and Russia have enacted new information …


Here the UK has not been mentioned as in reality the UK Government is not censuring medical professionals, but is just not listening to them.

In the earlier part of this COVID pandemic, the last 12-18 months the UK Government couldn’t mention enough that it was ‘following the science’, in other words following the views and opinions of scientists and other medical professionals.

However, now there is no mention of following the science, and that is because the UK Government is not following the science, the recommendation of scientists and health professionals, all or most are requesting the return of mandatory face coverings, social distancing and even return to working from home and not solely relying on COVID vaccinations, including the booster. As they are effective in  many instances, they should not be totally relied upon, as this UK Government is doing. For there needs to be a mixture of measures.

In doing so, this UK government is providing a false sense to the UK population that the COVID problems are gone, when they are still very much with us.

In the early days and in some instances not early days of the COVID pandemic the UK government made many grave mistakes and with hindsight they are now apparent. So, this hindsight should now be part of the process, but it appears, yet again, that lessons are not being learnt. But, in fact the lessons are very rarely learnt if they ever are.

I would go as far as to say, this UK Government is acting criminally incompetent and their inactions have to be legally challenged.

Source: Covid-19: Silencing health workers, researchers, and journalists caused unnecessary deaths, says Amnesty | The BMJ

Tara Bostock’s Family Call For Research Into LD Covid Death Rates

I agree wholeheartedly that persons with Learning Disabilities and also Autism should have been and now need to be given an increased priority to receive the COVID-19 vaccines.

In fact there is a petition, Prioritise vaccinations for people with a learning disability.

Persons with Down’s Syndrome have now been included in Priority 4, whereas some others with Learning Disabilities are now in Priority 6, but not all and therefore they will be vaccinated according to their age.

A further consideration is for persons with Learning Disabilities who have an aversion to needles and therefore can’t have the vaccine by injection. But currently there is no alternative, however, I do believe that 2 forms of Nasal Spray are now being tested within the UK.

Since May 2015 there has been the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) programme. This programme is showing that persons with learning disabilities, (LD) mortality is 20% less than persons who do not have learning disabilities. All deaths of persons with LD are, currently, referred to the LeDeR programme and research is ongoing, so why did the Government take this into account, when forming the priority groups and not wait until the situation was specifically mentioned to them, as NHS England are aware of the programme as it is funded by them.

I do wonder, if the lack of attention to persons with LD is not by accident by this and previous Governments and that there is an underlying motive.

Same Difference

The family of a woman with Down’s syndrome who died after contracting Covid-19 are calling for more research into how the virus affects people with disabilities.

Tara Bostock, 51, from Barlestone in Leicestershire, died despite having self-isolated, her family said.

Research has found people with learning disabilities are more likely to die from Covid.

Ms Bostock’s family described the death rate as “astonishing”.

‘Appalling loss’

Ms Bostock – described by her family as “a joy to be around” – lived with her sister and was waiting for a vaccine before she died on 21 January.

Her relatives said she was “the most beautiful, loving person”.

Niece Rebecca Barnes said people with learning disabilities needed to be vaccinated faster.

“I completely understand the elderly are very vulnerable,” she said.

“They need to be looked after, but there are other people that need looking after as well.

“The figures are astonishing [concerning]…

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