Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Vulnerable people have encountered ‘shocking discrimination’ during pandemic, says Mencap charity


This is greatly worrying, especially as the NHS has been told not to ‘blasnket’ using ‘do not resusitate; without the knowdge of the person or their family. This is very blatent discrimination against persons with disabilities, which to all purpose is illegal, but has anyone been arrested, let alone sentenced. This is extremely wrong and is in no way respecting choice.

Where is the equality, as no one should be more equal tham others. A life is a life an d disabilities should not be a poart of the process, for surely, this is a human right as well as being illegal.


Source: Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities | Coronavirus | The Guardian

In pretending that Covid is over, the UK government is playing a dangerous game | Stephen Reicher | The Guardian

Acting like the virus is no longer a risk undermines our trust in public health measures, says psychologist Stephen Reicher


This is so true, for by spreading that message hardly anyone is taking the care that we all should be doing.

COVID is spreading like ‘wild fire’ and because the current mutations are not viewed as causing serious COVID illness people are not concerned. However, anyone who does catch COVID, while not being seemingly very ill, they are always at risk of ‘long COVID’ whereby any such deterioration of declining health could be with them for the long-term, even creating disabilities that they will have to live with, maybe forever.

Also while not classed a creating serious illness, it is very easily transmissible, so many are catching COVID.

As well, the vaccine programme is now not as successful as it has been for some who were vaccinated are not coming forward to be revaccinated as they can’t see why when these mutations are not classed as serious. This is causing any immunity that they did have to wane and eventually they will have no immunity.

While many were vaccinated, many also were not and this maybe by their own choice, but there are some persons who by no fault of theirs were not able to be vaccinated, either they were at risk due to conditions they already had, or they had very strong needle phobias and therefore never are vaccinated for anything and not able to have any blood testing done.

This Government by implying COVID has gone are failing in their ‘Duty of Care’ to the entire population of the UK and this should be put right and they should be forced to recommence the strong messages about COVID.

But due to the antics of Boris Johnson, especially in his irresponsible behaviours around ‘No. 10 Parties, he has created condition where many are distrusting anything anyone says.

He needs to be made accountable for his lack of attention and his total unreasonable behaviours.






Source: In pretending that Covid is over, the UK government is playing a dangerous game | Stephen Reicher | The Guardian

£11.8bn of taxpayers’ money lost to fraud due to flaws in Tories’ Covid support schemes | Morning Star

Average of £420 per household lost, the equivalent of more than a month’s worth of food.


Yes, taxpayers money was lost to fraud, but if forward planning by many previous Governments had been in force in the preceding years there would have been no need to spend this money in the first place. Lets hope lessons have been learned, but I have great doubts that they have been.

Source: £11.8bn of taxpayers’ money lost to fraud due to flaws in Tories’ Covid support schemes | Morning Star

Liz Carr Calls For Theatres To Host Facemask-Only Performances | Same Difference

Actress Liz Carr has suggested theatres consider hosting separate performances of shows for audiences who still want to wear facemasks or socially distance. The Silent Witness star won best support…


I completely agree with this suggestion and not only for Theatres for there are many, especially those auto-immune, needle averse and more people, so surely they too should be able to enjoy life more, rather than still stay at home.

But was the withdrawal of the facemasks mandate wholly due to the vaccine success, which is currently on the wane, as people believe COVID is no more, or is it really a Government or Boris ploy to offer something to the public to put him in a better light and detract from No. 10 Parties, in other words a PR exercise.

It is after all just how devious he is.

As to COVID, it has certainly not gone as hospital admissions show and the belief it has gone and no facemasks and even social distancing is a way that this highly contagious COVID virus is being spread.

Yes, it is milder than previous variants, but another variant could be easily the reverse and while being mild it has no baring on the effects of ‘Long COVID’, which can be and is very serious and can be very long term.

Do not believe the Government hype and still be very extremely careful.


Source: Liz Carr Calls For Theatres To Host Facemask-Only Performances | Same Difference

Covid: React study finds latest wave ‘may have peaked’ in young – BBC News

It is all well and good saying just ‘live with COVID’, but for some COVID is still very serious and, if people are not taking COVID seriously this creates very worrying concerns for those of us who have many health issues.

Yes, the current variants may be mild, but they are very contagious and who is to say that the next or next variant will not be as mild and still contagious. So, while living with it, please be a responsible persons and do not discard and ignore COVID as you could be responsible for allowing COVID to be caught by the people who will become very serious ill or even die from COVID.

You, may be ‘all right Jack’, but not others.

Just because this Government is not concerned, as they are more concerned about money, than the health of the nation and the NHS, it does not mean you should follow their bad examples.

We are not all multi-millionaires or even billionaires, who can afford to live with COVID, but the majority and certainly those who are seriously at risk of COVID are nowhere near able to afford life at the best of times, let alone having to live with COVID.

Source: Covid: React study finds latest wave ‘may have peaked’ in young – BBC News

My family has been shielding for two years, no free Covid tests will shrink our world even more

Without the lifeline of free lateral flow kits, we wouldn’t have been able to let a plumber in or accept help from close friends. Now, we may not be able to


Trishna Bharadia is not on her own in feeling this way as there are many more such families, which this Government has cast aside as though they do not exist, but I know that they do, as I am one of those families.

Over the last 2 years I have been limiting my outings from home to only essential medical appointments, as I also m auto-immune due to my arthritis medication and also respiratory problems made worse by catching COVID in January 2022. I caught COVID from one of my daughters carers, as my daughter requires 24/7 care and has at least 1 carer every second of every day. The carer was not lacks, but only knew she had COVID from a lateral Flow test a day or so after she visited my daughter, who also caught COVID and she has not been vaccinated as she is needle averse and due to her learning disability and autism is unable . due to her lack of capacity to understand how important it is to have the vaccine and completely unaware about COVID. In having COVID I was also entitled to have the free anti-viral tablets from my local hospital which I did receive.

The carers are still entitled to free Lateral Flow tests and test a few time a week. I am also entitled to free lateral Flow tests but have been unable to obtain any kits over the last 4 weeks and now waiting for my delivery of such kits as promised under the Government directives. It is now the 5 April 2022 and still not received any of the kits and there does not appear to be any means to obtain any, except waiting for the expected delivery. I have received 4 COVID vaccines being 1 more than is usual 3 plus a booster and now waiting for my 5th which is now due, so hopefully I will hear more sometime this month.

I am feeling forgotten by this Government so I fully relate to Trishna.

The public are being mislead by this Government into believing that COVID is now no risk, which is so far from the truth. Hospitals are still being flooded by COVID admissions while being short of staff who have caught COVID. However, it is currently true that the numbers of admissions requiring critical care are much less than before, due to the current Omicron variant being somewhat milder than previous COVID variants, but is much more virulent than other variants.

However, there is now another variant deltacron of which little is currently known, so it could be as virulent as omicron and not as mild, so could be easy to catch and could cause more critical illness, but who will know as there is virtual no Lateral flow testing throughout the UK, except for health and social care staff and those who are more susceptible to catching COVID due to the vaccines immunity wanning in many of the population.

As Trishna says these are very worrying times for those who have been shielding, even if they continue to do so.

This Government appears to be unconcerned, especially as Boris is more concerned about escaping No. 10 Party fines and keeping his job as Prime Minister.

Source: My family has been shielding for two years, no free Covid tests will shrink our world even more

Covid travel restrictions have ended in the UK – BBC News

So now not only no travel restrictions in the UK, but for England no restrictions whatever, although some may exist for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is extremely worrying for some in the UK, including myself, as I am in the autoimmune category and have been isolating since COVID and still am in many respects. While I have had 4 COVID vaccinations and waiting for my 5th within the next month. While my daughter is unable to be vaccinated as she is needle averse and due to her learning disabilities and autism does not have the capacity to understand the importance of being vaccinated.

COVID is still well with us and hospital admissions have started to increase, due mainly, I believe to the belief of many that COVID is no more. While the Government is still providing guidance to everyone to take care, this is, apparently, being ignored by many in the UK, so increasing the risk of COVID being spread and person who are vulnerable being at even more risk.

It is my belief that wearing of face masks should never have become non-mandatory in England and still are in health and social care areas , but many are unaware of this and become extremely agitated when requested to wear face masks in health and social care setting.

Even more worrying is the removal of free Lateral flow tests at the end of March 2022 and so should still be available, but are not over the internet as when making requests you are forever being told that slots are not available.

Also the requirements to have PCR tests when you may have COVID is no more so many could be around with COVID and do not know they have COVID, thereby increasing the risk to infect others.

This Government has abandoned their ‘Duty of Care’, that is, if they ever did have such duty or act as if they have, hence the Party moods which many in Government may have been partaking in which was then illegal, so we are still awaiting the MET investigations and possible convictions.

All of this is causing myself and many others to be extremely worrying, perhaps, even more so than the even the Ukraine situation and the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia and their allies. Causing so much destruction, deaths, injuries and displacement of Ukrainians.

This Government is appearing, to be rightly concerned about Ukraine and the Ukrainian population, but not about COVID and the spreading of COVID. So apparently, totally ignoring vulnerable persons in the UK, but that is nothing new for this Government and many previous Governments.

There are warnings that new COVID variants could arise and, apparently there is one already being Deltacron. Then headlines such as the one from the Daily Mail, being ‘Professor Doom strikes again! Chris Whitty says there’s a ‘HIGH CHANCE’ that a Covid variant worse than Omicron will emerge in next two years‘, where the comment  Professor Doom implies ridicule and some may not take on the important message from England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, who has many times made more sense than the Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP, who, is apparently mainly concerned with Parties and not COVID.

I know who I will listen too and it is not the King of Parties.


Source: Covid travel restrictions have ended in the UK – BBC News

Jeremy Hunt calls for massive boost in UK defence spending

Writing for The Telegraph, former foreign secretary says peace comes from strength, not luck, as Russian invaders close in on Kyiv


Defence spending will always be controversial as when does defense spending become offence spending. It is true that the UK does need to live within its means, but defense is one of many areas that need spending increases. With those others having a much bigger concept of saving lives rather than deaths.

No matter how you look at it defense spending will always involve the loss of lives, especially when armaments, be they for defense or offense will cause deaths. Yes, defense spending will, hopefully save lives, but eventually the armaments will be used causing deaths and if not deaths, very extensive injuries.

But, as I said other Government spending will save lives and if not spent or there is insufficient to spend, then deaths will occur.

One of these areas is Social Care and the other is Health and while there has been increased spending in health, but never enough, the extensive shortfall in Social Care spending is scandalous and has been for many years due to inactions of all previous Governments. Now there is supposed action, but again not anywhere near enough and what there is, is more than likely to go on health and very little on Social Care.

This major shortfall in Social Care spending, is and has , in fact has been for many years, more than likely since 1948 and well before. But in the last 12/13 years has been considerably more.

But it looks like spending will be increased in defense, possibly at the expense  of social care and social care should never have been kept short, no matter what other callings there have been on Government spending.

What should be done is not starting at what money is seen to be available, but what is really needed and then all has to be done to get that spending, not just today, but for every day. There  should never, not ever be a shortfall in social care spending.

Yes, defense is important, but so is social care and that should never be forgotten and never ignored, which it has been for as long as there has been social care.



Source: Jeremy Hunt calls for massive boost in UK defence spending

Boris Johnson says scrapping Covid isolation requirements is ‘moment of pride’ | The Independent

Boris Johnson says scrapping Covid isolation requirements is ‘moment of pride’


It is not and never will be a ‘moment of pride, but will be a ‘moment to escape parties’ especially if the name is Boris.

No, now is not the time to remove all COVID restrictions and to end free COVID testing, as all of this will escalate getting COVID, but as no one is testing there will be no record of persons having COVID, just hospital admissions and death rates will increase.

But, Boris and his cronies are no concerned as their prime concern is creating diversions from the parties scandal.

Even a war in Ukraine would be a diversion, sp COVID escalation and a Ukraine war would be what Boris and his cronies will wish for and then they hope No. 10 parties will be out of the media attention.

I do appreciate that we need to ‘learn to live’ with COVID, but to do so there has to be a willingness to learn, but currently that is no so, only to create a belief that COVID has gone, which it certainly as not.



Source: Boris Johnson says scrapping Covid isolation requirements is ‘moment of pride’ | The Independent

Boris Johnson accused of playing ‘fast and loose with people’s health’ to placate Tory backbenchers | The Independent

Prime minister accused of playing ‘fast and loose with people’s health’ in bid to quell rumblings within government and among Tory backbenchers


This is certainly ‘fast and loose’ for it is not just to ‘promote favours’ from Tory backbenches, but to divert attentions from No. 10 Parties, but unliked Tory Backbenches the public is not so easily fooled.

As usual Boris is showing no care and attention, but purely self interest.


Source: Boris Johnson accused of playing ‘fast and loose with people’s health’ to placate Tory backbenchers | The Independent