BBC reporter Sima Kotecha cancels live broadcast in Leicester after being subjected to racist abuse | Daily Mail Online

BBC News reporter Sima Kotecha was in Leicester preparing a live reaction piece when she was racially abused by a man who shouted ‘terrible things’ at her and her production team.

Source: BBC reporter Sima Kotecha cancels live broadcast in Leicester after being subjected to racist abuse | Daily Mail Online

Dozens reported killed in suspected Syria chemical attack : NBC News

Syrian opposition activists and aid groups said Sunday that dozens of people had died in a suspected chemical weapons attack on the city of Douma.

President Donald Trump described the attacks as “mindless” in a series of tweets on Sunday morning and, in an unusual criticism of the Russian president, said that “President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price to pay.” Though Trump had last week expressed eagerness to get out of Syria, a White House official said Sunday a military response remains on the table.

The alleged attack occurred late on Saturday amid a resumed offensive by Syrian government forces after the collapse of a truce with the Army of Islam rebel group. Douma is the last rebel stronghold in eastern Ghouta, a region that has been subjected to an intensive bombing campaign by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, which are backed by Russia.

The 10-day truce between the two sides collapsed over a disagreement regarding the evacuation of the Army of Islam fighters from the city. Violence resumed days after hundreds of opposition fighters and their relatives left Douma toward rebel-held areas in northern Syria.

Both the Syrian and Russian governments denied any involvement in the alleged chemical attack on Sunday.

The State Department says it is monitoring reports of the possible chemical weapons attack.

Fury as students ‘openly boast of voting TWICE’ for Corbyn’s Labour – rules review called : Express.

Should this be true, then moves need to be made to ensure that one vote by one person is maintained and this could be done by asking for national Insurance numbers when registering to vote or allow everyone 2 votes. Another way could be to ensure that every voting card carries a picture of the official voter, but this would discriminate against those voters who do not have photographs and will not get round the postal vote problem. But do not use this as an excuse to withdraw postal votes as this is a bonus for those will mobility problems.

With regards to husbands voting for their wives and maybe adult children, then this is more complicated, as this could be done through postal votes and the signature , which should be a check, may not always be, as the husbands could apply by them signing as their relative.. Even fingerprint will not work for postal, as the husband could just implant the relatives fingerprint, but still not allow them to vote.

Anyone who is eventually found guilty of any of the above, should permanently lose their right to vote in addition to any other punishments.

Currently I cannot think of a way, but more than likely there will be.

Aren’t humans devious creatures.


THE government has signalled that it will review election rules after an MP claimed students are openly boasting about voting twice in the election.

Amid concerns that Labour support was boosted by illegal double voting by students and abuse of postal voting, Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom told MPs there was a need to “investigate” abuse of the democratic process.

Ms Leadsom was responding to a concern raised by Wellingborough Tory MP Peter Bone who said that boasts by Leftwing students of voting where they went to university and in their home constituencies had been posted online.

He said: “It has been brought to my attention that people can be registered to vote in a general election in two places.I am registered in London and in my constituency.

Student voteGETTY

Election rules review after students ‘openly boast of voting TWICE’ for Corbyn’s Labour

“However, a number of students are bragging…

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