FUTURE OF CARE: Care England chief highlights ‘critical year’ for social care : Care Home Professional | Carer Voice

Care England CEO, Professor Martin Green OBE is correct that 2020 is a critical year for Social Care and the Budget on 11 March 2020 could go some way to solve some of the problems.

I have a petition ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’, which I feel concurs with Professor Martin Green OBE comments. please see link


My own family and many other families rely on Social Care to help us look after our relatives who have major needs relating to care.

We all have, over the years, done what we can to help manage these needs of our relatives, but there comes a time when the needs exceed what we ourselves can realistically deliver, hence our, now, reliance on Social Care and without it our relatives needs will not be met.

If the crisis in Social Care is not met, this will then increase the crisis in health.

Please could you consider signing the petition and then sharing it.

Lack of funding for Social Care is a major problem and this leads to

  1. not only insufficient funding for all forms of Social Care

  2. a lack of people wishing to come into the profession due to the abysmal rate of pay

  3. partly causing a lack of quality of care being delivered in some areas and other problems

  4. causing stress and exhaustion for family members providing care to their relatives, due to the lack of Social Care

Please could you see if you could show your support by signing this petition and then sharing it wherever you can.

For more information I refer you to my web page


Please consider signing the petition and then sharing.


Source: FUTURE OF CARE: Care England chief highlights ‘critical year’ for social care : Care Home Professional | Carer Voice

Solving the crisis in Social Care

Social Care is just as important as Health Care, but does not receive the support is should do.

With this in mind please could I mention that the forthcoming Budget is an important opportunity to address the crucial issue of funding for Social Care, but will it.

Boris has promised, but will he keep his promise and even if money is made available will it be sufficient.

Boris has now mentioned it will take 5 years to get the funding, Social Care can not wait that long.

Boris needs to be told this is not good enough, so it is essential we keep the pressure on Boris and my petition ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care could be the means.

Please see below

We now have the New Year 2020.

However, if the ‘Crisis in Social Care’ is not Solved soon there will not be many more New Years for the care, required for persons in need of care, to be provided by Local Authorities due to their lack of funding. This will then have a much greater impact on health care provision, which is itself in crisis.

I have therefore created my latest petition, please follow the link


For more information please follow the link


This Petition needs You, please sign to show your support for you will not know when you or someone in your family will need social care.

Leaders vent fury over PM’s admission on social care delay : Care Home Professional

Leaders have reacted angrily to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement yesterday that it could take five years to form a social care rescue plan.

Source: Leaders vent fury over PM’s admission on social care delay
Care Home Professional

More of the same on social care will not be good enough leaders warn government : Care Home Professional

Care leaders have warned the government that more of the same on social care will not be good enough following yesterday’s Queen Speech.

Source: More of the same on social care will not be good enough leaders warn government   : Care Home Professional

Petition – Solve the Crisis in Social Care

We all know there is a crisis in Social Care and there is a promise of  a Green Paper, which currently, is down to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care , Matt Hancock.  If you care about Social Care these two gentlemen need to create action to solve the crisis in social care , hence the Petition – Solve the Crisis in Social Care. so please consider the following:

Dear Friends,

I just added the petition “Solve the crisis in Social Care”.

It would mean a lot to me if you took a moment to add your name because:

Just in Adult Social Care demand has increased by 1.6% since 2015-16, The Health Foundation report, 23 October 2018, https://www.health.org.uk/news-and-comment/news/demand-for-adult-social-care-services-has-increased-by-16-since-2015-16.

This is not taking into account the demand for Children’s Social Care and the increase in demand since 2018, but as stated in the report, ‘At the same time, growth in government spending has only seen a 0.4% increase in real terms and the 10,670 fewer people received long term social care support’, effectively a substantial decrease in funding.  This will and is having an impact on health care services and adds to the health funding crisis.

Until all social care is sufficiently funded for children and adults, be they elderly, disabled, or in poor health, health services will be substantially affected, and health funding will need to be increased to compensate, to some degree, for the substantial underfunding of social care.

It is not only causing distress and concern for persons in need of care, but also affecting their families, whose own health will be deteriorating due to the lack of Social Care and who in time will also need social and health care

I am a Family Carer and can see this happening for a considerable number of years for my own adult disabled daughter and how it has affected my own health and that of my wife.

But funding is but one element of the Social Care Crisis, as good quality care is also a casualty, not only due to the increasing demand for social care, but the substantial lack of persons wishing to enter the caring profession.

Here the lack of a wage/salary which matches the responsibilities, which need to be undertaken, the length of shifts, the number of unsocial hours, the care required in relation to the degree of disability and need and others.

Austerity cuts to local authorities are partly to blame for some areas of this crisis, which has impacted on the funding available for social care, where the need is increasing, the lack of workers in social care and the increases to the National Living Wage.

These problems relate to the whole area of care, be it in relation to Care and Nursing Homes, Supported Living, or Home Care.


Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in.  Together we can reach heaps of people and help create change around this important issue.

After you’ve signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others.  It’s super easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter:


SERVE YOUR COUNTRY and get treated like this: At least 13,000 hero soldiers left HOMELESS

The Government takes what it wants, then disregards the rest, be it people’s lives, natural resources, in fact in any aspect it can.

This is nothing new as we did the same with the colonies centuries ago and still do, in one way and another.

This is disgraceful in regards to resources, but even more so when lives are at stake.

Will it ever end, I fear not.

Hunt refusing interviews as NHS cancels all non-urgent ops and outpatients

In spite of public anger over the absence of Transport Secretary Chris Grayling today as a major increase in rail fares was announced, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has refused requests for interviews as news broke that NHS England is telling hospitals to cancel all non-urgent operations and outpatient appointments for the whole month of January.

This is far from the first time that Hunt has gone ‘AWOL’ – or hidden – during an NHS crisis.

Last winter, as the NHS struggled through the 2016/17 winter crisis, Hunt disappeared for weeks before finally emerging to give a weak interview to the BBC in which he stated there were ‘no excuses’ for the NHS disaster – before making a list of excuses and blaming all kinds of things for it.

Except himself, of course.

Now, as hospitals all over England are told to cancel thousands of operations for a whole calendar month – on top of cancellations already made in December – the Department of Health (DH) has,


Source: Hunt refusing interviews as NHS cancels all non-urgent ops and outpatients

Sanctioned for not being able to sign on on bank holiday Monday. Tears, frustration and rain.

The poor side of life

Today’s demo started rather hurriedly and to be honest I didn’t know if I was coming or going. This feeling was amplified because it was cold, rainy and my daughter was a bit fed up. understandable of course. But she soon settled down into our usual routine and all was well.


We are seeing a lot of new faces due to Stalybridge Jobcentre shutting. They don’t know us and what we are doing, and we don’t know them or their situations either. So we have to start from scratch, which at times isn’t easy.  But it’s a whole lot harder for them.

I started a conversation with a man who had been previously attending Stalybridge Jobcentre for his appointments. The first thing that he said to me was that he couldn’t believe how rude the front desk staff are at  Ashton Jobcentre, and how rude some of the advisors are also…

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Disillusioned island GP claims NHS 24 is ‘desperately failing’ patients after witnessing catalogue of errors : Daily Record.

At last someone telling it as it is and using real examples. No distant telephone centre will be as good as a real GP and Dr Frank Teunisse is quite correct as these telephone services are not there to benefit the patients. They are there to, supposedly reduce the pressures on hard working GPs and also to save money, mainly the latter.

To work for the benefit of the population of the Uk we need to have an effective and efficient NHS and local social services for both need to work in tandem with each other and one can not exist without the other, so the Government needs to stop creating cuts and fund these areas sufficiently and let them be managed by the persons who know what they are doing, not some non-proficient persons who only wish to make cuts.

We all need to be bombarding the government, the Prime Minister and the respective Ministers with our complaints and grievances, if necessary on a daily basis.