Trump, May and ‘fake schmooze’: today’s front pages | US news | The Guardian

Trump, May and ‘fake schmooze’: today’s front pages

With his incendiary interview and attempts to repair the damage, Donald Trump’s UK visit left a trail of havoc – and the papers try to reflect that

 Trump leaves London after wreaking diplomatic destruction

 Trump takes war on ‘fake news’ to UK


Source: Trump, May and ‘fake schmooze’: today’s front pages | US news | The Guardian

Daily Mirror owner in talks to buy Express in UK newspaper shake-up

LONDON (Reuters) – The publisher of Britain’s Daily Mirror is in talks to buy rival titles the Daily Express and Daily Star, raising the prospect of a fresh round of painful restructuring in the embattled newspaper industry.

A deal would bring together tabloids from the opposite ends of the political spectrum as the industry struggles to cope with declining sales, with readers and advertisers shifting online.

Trinity Mirror (TNI.L), which has over 260 national and regional titles including the left-leaning Daily Mirror, had been in talks to take a stake in a new company that would include the titles of billionaire publisher Richard Desmond.

It said on Friday it was now in talks to buy all of Desmond’s Northern & Shell assets, which include celebrity magazine OK! as well as the right-leaning Express and Star.

It did not give a potential value for the deal. Desmond, who made his name publishing specialist magazines, including adult titles such as the British edition of Penthouse, bought the Express titles in 2000 for 125 million pounds.

Analysts said a deal could herald more restructuring in an industry which has gone through years of upheaval and layoffs.

“In terms of operations, having a bigger print base is helpful because



Source: Daily Mirror owner in talks to buy Express in UK newspaper shake-up : Reuters

Culture secretary will raise issue of hate crime with newspaper editors : Guardian.

Certainly something needs to be done, for there should be zero tolerance on all forms of Hate Crime. The media can play their part to diminish this and to try to change peoples attitudes. However, the Government also has a role to play and they themselves should show in their comments, actions and legislature that Hate Crime will not be tolerated. A first would be to set out their views on record on how non-UK residents will be treated post Brexit and not leave it to the racists to decide.

Nye Bevan and Nostalgia for the Era Before the NHS: My Response to a Critic

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Last week I received a comment from Billellson criticising me for stating that Aneurin Bevan was the architect of the NHS. He also stated that we did not have a private healthcare system before the NHS, and although some charges were made, they were in his words, not so much that people would lose their house.

Here’s what he wrote.

“Nye Bevan, the architect of the NHS, was also acutely aware of the way ordinary women suffered under the private health care system that put medicine out of the reach of the poor.”
Aneurin Bevan was not the architect of the National Health Service. The NHS was a wartime coalition policy, for the end of hostilities, agreed across parties. The concept was set out in the Beveridge Report published in December 1942, endorsed by Winston Churchill in a national broadcast in 1943 and practical proposals, including those the things the…

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