EU executive says ‘significant’ differences in Brexit talks – Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union’s executive said on Thursday that “significant divergences” persisted in its talks with Britain on their new relationship from 2021.

Britain left the EU in January and is in a standstill transition period with the bloc to give the two sides time to forge a new relationship on everything from trade to security.


Source: EU executive says ‘significant’ differences in Brexit talks – Reuters

David Starkey issues brutal analysis of ‘bizarre’ Supreme Court ruling against

Remainers have been pushing to not leave the EU since David Cameron came up with the Referendum and maybe for many years before.

When the Referendum result was announced, not leaving the EU should have been off the table, with only leaving with a deal or no deal the options.

To then, for remainers to campaign for no deal to b e off the table, was and still is illogical, except to ensure a deal is put forward which while saying it is a deal to leave when in reality it is not, in fact a deal in name only, such as the May deal. But then the remainers would not vote for that because it was adeal to leave.

Say I was the EU and looked at thr turmoil in Westminster where remainers are blocking leavers every move, would I offer a good deal to leave, yes, the answer would be NO.

For the EU can see that, if the remainers win, there will be no deal option, in effect the best card to play for leavers. In fact, they would see that the worst option for the EU would be a deal and the best to remain, which as I stated before should not be an option after the 2016 Referendum.
Leavers are arguing about democracy, but by their own actions they are showing democracy does not work, well only within their own terms.

Remainers should in fact withdraw and leave all decisions to leavers.

If the referendum in 2016 had gone the other way then the above would have been in reverse.


David Starkey insisted the speech Lady Hale gave before the ruling appeared closer to one given at a ”hustings” rather than a judicial debate.  The language was verging on the political – it was political.

GW: The Cabal on both sides of the pond are becoming increasingly desperate.  They are now pulling any sort of trick & pressing any button they can find.  A good example of this is Jesse Philips’ irrational explosion in HofC.  She needs anger management classes & perhaps she should not even be there if she can’t control her emotions.  These people are thinkings with their feelings rather than with cold hard intellect.  Any way you look at it (((they))) are thwarting the democratic process & I guess deep down it is getting to them.  Their shadowy masters are jaagging their strings pretty tightly now & (((they))) are choking.

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(LUXEMBOURG) #Brexit Deal Or NO Deal But our PM Boris Johnson should not be humiliated or cow-tow to these EUROCRATS who want only a deal on their terms and its time for ‘ Bulldog Spirit ‘ and NOT mealy mouthed comments from Brussels #AceNewsDesk reports | Ace News Services

Source: (LUXEMBOURG) #Brexit Deal Or NO Deal But our PM Boris Johnson should not be humiliated or cow-tow to these EUROCRATS who want only a deal on their terms and its time for ‘ Bulldog Spirit ‘ and NOT mealy mouthed comments from Brussels #AceNewsDesk reports | Ace News Services

Fox says would be surprised if EU refuses to renegotiate Brexit terms – Reuters

CAIRO (Reuters) – British trade minister Liam Fox said on Tuesday he would be surprised if the European Union did not agree to attempts to renegotiate the country’s exit deal, and that it was up to both sides to avoid a no-deal exit.

Prime Minister Theresa May, who failed three times to get the deal approved by parliament, has said she will resign on June 7 and several of those vying to replace her have said they plan to seek changes to the agreement.

“If the EU doesn’t want to negotiate any changes – which I think would be unfortunate and I think would be quite surprising – then I think that of course does increase the chance of a no deal exit,” Fox said during a trade visit to Egypt.

Fox was in Egypt after Bombardier, which has a manufacturing base in Britain, was named as the preferred bidder for a 3 billion euro ($3.35 billion) monorail in Egypt.

Britain is due to leave the EU with or without a deal on Oct. 31, and the EU has repeatedly said its position is not open for renegotiation.

But, Fox said: “It’s in everybody’s interests that we try to find a compromise agreement that enables us to leave with stability, with predictability for our European partners as well as for the UK itself.”


Source: Fox says would be surprised if EU refuses to renegotiate Brexit terms – Reuters

After EU poll disaster, Britain’s main parties gird for no-deal Brexit battle – Reuters

After a punishing night when acrimonious divisions over Britain’s departure from the European Union were plain to see, contenders for the leadership of the governing Conservatives said the results were a demand to deliver Brexit no matter what.

Taking a different tack, the opposition Labour Party said a public vote – a new national election or second referendum – was the way to reunite the country. It pledged to make sure any new eurosceptic Conservative leader would not take Britain out of the EU without a transition deal to help protect the economy.

But with Farage’s Brexit Party, which prefers a no-deal Brexit, capturing the greatest number of votes for seats in the European Parliament, closely shadowed by a group of fervently pro-EU parties, Conservatives and Labour were under pressure to commit clearly to either side of the debate.

Almost three years since Britain voted narrowly to leave the EU and barely two months after the originally planned departure date, lawmakers remain at loggerheads over how, when or even whether the country will quit the club it joined in 1973.

For the Conservatives, who will name a new leader by the end of July, many of the would-be successors see the European vote outcome as proof they must seek a cleaner break with the EU, with several saying they would leave without a deal – a move some senior pro-EU Conservatives regard as foolhardy.

For Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, pressure will mount to embrace a second referendum without qualification – something he has said would be needed to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

But what is clear from a vote which many used as a protest is that Brexit – which forced Prime Minister Theresa May to say she will resign on June 7 after failing to deliver Britain’s departure – risks shattering the election prospects of both the main parties.

Former foreign minister Boris Johnson, the favourite to replace May as party leader and prime minister, said the election message was “if we go on like this, we will be fired”.

“We can and must deliver. No one sensible would aim exclusively for a no-deal outcome. No one responsible would take no-deal off the table,” Johnson, who was also London mayor, said in his regular column in the Telegraph newspaper.


Source: After EU poll disaster, Britain’s main parties gird for no-deal Brexit battle – Reuters

Juncker sends DESPERATE letter to MPs in last-ditch attempt to win Brexit deal support

This is about tim, but is it too late.

All along the EU have been of the opinion that the UK will not leave the EU, buoyed up by the unrelentless campaign by remainers to overthrow the 2016 Referendum result.

The Remainers have and will not ever respect the referendum result and are clearly no respecters of democracy.

If, as is more than likely, Mays deal is not supported then No Deal is the only alternative. In no way should there be any approach to remain in the EU.

If there is another referendum, which I feel there should not be then the only two options should be No Deal or if possible a renegotiated Mays deal, with the proviso that should it not be possible to renegotiate then the fallback is no deal.

If another referendum is forthcoming and remain is one of the questions then I see no point in voting as the leave vote will be split, giving an advantage to those who do not respect democracy, the remainers.

Should it come to pass that we remain in the EU, then I see no point in ever voting again, as if a referendum can not be respected why should any other vote be respected.

As to lies being made, I would says lies were made by both leave and remain and in effect lies are made in every election, for do we really believe what is stated in any Manifesto.


On Monday, a letter from Mr Juncker is expected to try to reassure MPs the Irish backstop would keep the UK in a temporary customs union if it needed to be triggered. Mr Juncker and Mrs May are currently exchanging letters ahead of Tuesday’s vote to try to determine what can be done to help the deal pass through Parliament. One option that has been discussed is the possibility of the European Commission making additional pledges to conclude a trade deal with the UK by the end of 2021 in a hope to ease Tory fears the backstop could become a permanent arrangement.

GW: That EU Irish Backstop fillip has now been rumbled hence the ”desperate letter”

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Breaking: May’s legal advice confirms UK can only exit with EU’s ok | The SKWAWKBOX

Theresa May has published information on the legal advice the government received on the implications of her withdrawal ‘deal’ with the EU.

Two sections of the information made available are likely to spell the end of her career and probably of her government.

Page 26 of the document spells out that the agreement has no firm end date or ‘any provision for its termination’ – and that the UK has no power to extricate itself from the agreement without the EU’s agreement:


Source: Breaking: May’s legal advice confirms UK can only exit with EU’s ok | The SKWAWKBOX